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Published: Thursday, Dec. 15 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT

for once kevin o' connor made a good signing

Farmington, UT

We don't need more shooters.... we need more makers....

Cedar Hills, UT

I love the signing but I do have one problem with it. Why did yous sign him for just one year? Typical Jazz to sign a player, get him playing at an All-Star clip then just let them go to a big market team. Lame. But maybe Howard has a break-out year with us and likes the direction our club is going in and wants to stay aboard. But I do love the signing. Now we have 3 former All Stars on the team with 2 others with the potential to be an All Star(Sap and Jefferson) and a stable of young guys, I love the squad we are putting together but I understand we as Jazz fans need to be patient.

Cache, UT


Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

Maybe Bell + Howard = One decent player.

We can only hope. I'd like to see Hayward and Burks play shooting guard and CJ only play when he isn't being a chucker.

Kaysville, UT

Played a total of 18 games last year??? Injured? Boozer??


Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

I honestly don't understand this.

The Jazz already have Hayward, J.C. Miles, Raja Bell so there is no need to play Howard at the 3 where the guys already can play that position.

The Jazz are playing for nothing this year. The Jazz are not making the playoffs, they not winning the NW Division, they are signing a guy for absolutely no reason.

Again here are my predictions for the playoffs for the West...

1. Thunder
2. Lakers
3. Mavericks
4. Spurs
5. Grizzlies
6. Clippers
7. Blazers
8. Nuggets

The Jazz have done nothing to improve. They have Okor back, but he is a non factor. If they cant even make the playoffs with half a season with Deron Williams, there is no way they're making the playoffs without him for an entire season.

The Jazz have no dominant go to guy like almost every other team in the west.

Lakers have Bryant (maybe either Howard or Gasol)
Spurs - Gino, Duncan, TP
Blazers - Aldridge
Thunder - Durant
Twolves - Love
Clippers - CP3, Griffin
Mavs - Dirk
Grizzlies - Gay, Randolph

This is a pointless move for the Jazz...

I'm starting a petition to move the Jazz to Seattle......they're more deserving

sandy, UT

maybe because Howard would only sign a one year deal. He lets the Jazz take a chance on him, knows he will play hard and in a year is making double what he signed with the Jazz for. Worst case scenario is he signs next year for the same amount. Which would you do?

Lehi, UT

The Jazz have the making of a team that might just creep up and knock teams out. KOC showing that he wants to win now, thank you for that btw. If JH is healthy, WATCH OUT, dude can play ball! The Jazz are stacked and looking good on paper. Let's see what we do when we take the court. I will be at ESA on Saturday to see what kind of product is running out on the floor this year. The potential is there,

WELCOME JH, lets go back to the Finals.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I simply hope his knee is 100%. If it is, this is a fantastic signing. I'm not apposed to the 1 year contract for that reason, in fact I think it's perfect. If it goes well and Josh wants back then great. If he doesn't want back we still come out a winner ... the guy who doesn't want to be here will probably never work out anyway.

Sandy, UT

@ Portland Trail Blazers

Considering its C.J. Miles (not J.C.) and Okur (not okor), I'm going ahead and say you have no idea what you're talking about.

But I'll agree somewhat. Why don't we take some of that super star money we got from the nets for deron and spend it on a play maker. Tell me right now who is going to make plays on the jazz? Who is the starting point guard? Who is the leader of the team? I can't answer any of those questions.

Things aren't looking up for the Jazz.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Portland Trail Blazers -

What in the world makes you think Raja Bell can play the 3 spot?

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

@Portland Jail Blazer. Stay with your beloved ones, we don't need or appreciate you commenting on ours! In other words get lost!

Syracuse, UT

@Portland Trail Blazers | 6:13 p.m. Dec. 15, 2011
Sandy, UT
Funny for someone who is Blazers fan, Seattle would still have a team, if they would've built a new stadium, but Seattle was to cheap for that, and it is really funny how you care about the Jazz so much. Oh Well!

Ivins, Utah

I'm glad the Jazz just did a 1 year deal. This guy has a lot to prove before he deserves any long term contract. There is a good chance he will never get back to his all star potential. He also has a history of being a head case, and not respecting the American flag. If you don't respect the flag get out of my country!!

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

This signing pretty much defines Miles & Bell's roles as bench warmers, injury replacements, or trade bait just like it should be! We "finally" have now got the quality & depth to contend soon.


@TrailBlazer. Ha you putting the Clippers at #6 in the West discredits everything else that you said. Chris Paul by himself was a playoff team! Now add in a taste of Blake Griffin! They will be better then the Lakers, Spurs, and Memphis!


wow, you are ALL wrong. The Jazz made this signing because they are under the tax for the first time in 10 years and it isn't a strong free agent class. They signed Josh Howard because he's a cheap one year bench spot to add to the roster while Corbin works on the main focus of our team. Howard isn't going to take minutes from Hayward or Burks, Howard will fill the role on the bench for this short rough year to help this team grow a bit and we can have the money to offer better free agents next year. He's just a filler for this season. Jazz know we aren't going for a deep playoff run so they are just making best use of the time and saving the money until we can make better signings.

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

Portland Trailblazer.

How is Brandon Roy doing? Oh yeah, he's retiring.

How is Aldridge doing? He has a heart problem from the sound of things. Too bad for him.

How's Oden? Out for another season according to team president Larry Miller.

Sonics are dead. They let Durant and Westbrook skip town. Like they deserve another team to ruin.

willard, ut

The Jazz will be a playoff team. They might even win their division and be 3-4 here in the west. I think Denver is going to turn some heads; it will be real close between Utah, Denver, and OKC for the division.

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