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Published: Thursday, Dec. 15 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT

I wouldn't be surprised if he was encouraged to leave. He wasn't any good anyway and had no chance to ever start, which is really saying a lot considering utah's abysmal qb record and situation. I'm sure he wanted to actually play and they probably wanted the scholarship open. This shouldn't surprise anyone at all and is especially funny considering all the hype about him from utah "fans" last year.

Odessa, TX

If you can't beat out John Hays for the #2 spot, how good can you really be anyway? He had plenty of chances with the Utes. I can't say that I'm really sad to see him go. The Utes will be loaded at QB next year anyway.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I would like to wish hime luck at Riverside. Hope he has success and happiness there.

I'll bet the first two posters can think of some things I am thinking about their comments. No Class!

Mike W
Syracuse, UT

"This shouldn't surprise anyone at all and is especially funny considering all the hype about him from utah "fans" last year."

BYU fans definately know all about over-hyped quarterbacks!!!

Hayden, ID

Never mind what coach Whit has to say about him leaving, we all want to know what Hedgehog and Chris B have to say!

Pocatello, ID

Isn't Shreve the kid that punched his high school coach? I'm wondering if he didn't like the option coaches gave him of changing positions like half of Utah's qb's end up doing.

Orem, UT

I with the young man well. Play baseball, son...your joints will thank you when you get old!

From what I've seen of Hansen's talent, Shreve made a good choice if he wants to get time on the field.

Bountiful, UT

I thought this was a questionable recruit the minute I heard he punched a coach in high school. I am surprised he lasted this long. Coach Chow was constantly commenting about how good he could be if he could focus on football. I also know the Utah baseball coaches said the same thing about how good he could be if he focused on baseball.

Layton, Utah

Mike W

Except Heaps actually started and played in games, he may not have been the next Steve Young like some were projecting but there is no doubt he could easily be the #1 QB up on the Hill. Heaps wasn't hurt after every play and no doubt has more skills than Hays. Like any Ute fan wouldn't want any decent QB on the roster rather than Hays and Shreve. just look at the "hype" already surrounding Hansen. Which may be deserved as I have seen him play and he is the real deal.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT


Yes, he's the one who was arrested for assaulting his coach. Stay classy!

Springville, UT

Good luck Tyler. Glad you had that Ute experience.

Now that the pleasantries are dispensed with...

ha ha, ho ho ho, he he he, boohoo, and bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

As both programs say goodbye to their prized back-up QBs it's nice to know that there is 'balance in the universe'

clearfield, ut

Maybe him and Heaps can go to Iggy's in Cali and hold a press conference and talk aboout how great they were in HS and win a National title together.

CO Ute

SammyG - how in the world did you come up with Shreve as the prize backup QB. Kid never played a down and was redshirted for a reason. While I wish him well at his new college this isn't a big loss for the Utes. He had his chance to get on the field this year and for whatever reason it didn't pan out. Move on and free up the scholarship because he probably wasn't going to get on the field next year either without moving to a new position.

CO Ute

Duckhunter - if you thought it was especially funny considering all the hype from Utah fans, you must have needed a straight jacket when another school lost its QB. I don't recall a press conference for an announcement from Shreve nor do I recall any claims of a Heisman or national championship. You sure seem to get a lot of joy from the misfortunes of others and you seem to post on every Utah article with an opinion on everything/everyone plus always have some inside knowledge about every situation. Kind of sad really.

South Jordan, UT

Good luck Tyler.

Duckhunter 54-10
SammyP 54-10

Springville, UT

@CO Ute

Excuse me, you were not around when the Red / White game was played this year nor when camp was in session.

Come back after you do your 'resurch skool' stuff and rejoin the conversation.

On the floor laughing hysterically.

One last question...

How's life in Colorado as a Ute fan amongst all those Buff fans? Enquiring minds want to know!

Springville, UT

Forgot to mention...

My Ute flag has been lowered to half-mast.

Sandy, UT

Smart to know where you are going when you leave rather than announcing you are leaving than finding out you overplayed your hand.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

DesNews how about mentioning somewhere that Star Lotulelei has been named the winner of the Morris Trophy.

Frisco, TX

Who is the back-up QB for the bowl game?

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