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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 13 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

I'm really confused about what this article was about. It didn't really state what happened with Coach Wong, just that the community supports him.


Could you have been more vague if you had tried?

Perhaps a poster could explain what this was all about since the reporters have utterly failed.

Lehi, UT

To try to answer the first two comments, I understand that behind the scenes the superintendent and the principal wanted to remove Coach Wong from his coaching job at Timpview because he spear-headed fund raising which far out-stripped other organizations and the other Provo District high school in providing amenities and facilities to improve their respective programs.

When this was learned by the community, it angered and upset a number of high profile people who have supported Timpview, and a move was on to meet the Board of Education at their meeting to show support for coach, the school, and the program. It wasn't long before the Provo District took down their facebook website because of the confusion it was causing. This caused even more anger and suspicion that something was not kosher and so people wanted to know what was going on. That resulted in a standing-room only attendance at the Board Meeting.

If this is the end of the problem, all is well and everyone should benefit from the discussion and decisions made...IF this is the end!

The Big One
Salt Lake City, UT

reading the other comments it is good to know I'm not the only one who has no idea of what that article was about.

Murray, UT

I'll try. A new principal is chosen from out of state by member(s) of the School District, this guy was hand picked because of his ...... style.

He comes in all full of himself and decides he's going to change Timpview to more accurately represent, well, him.

This includes downgrading Timpview Football. He then tells everybody that all money raised for Football will be distributed evenly across every other club and sport at Timpview. Single donors who give large sums of money SPECIFICALLY to build improvements to the field and weightroom. (so very cool that someone spends their OWN money on improvements at a PUBLIC High School IMO)

ANyway, new guy wants to move all the weights out of the new room and make it another classroom. Typical myopic "educator" pushing his own agenda.

Tells Wong he can either like it or be replaced.....

Any questions?

podunk utah

Here is my take on it, Mr. Wong, not being your typical public employee (ie bureacratic, worried about preserving your job vs. excelling at it, imaginative, born leader) decided to be out in front as a leader looking to create something special for the kids at his school. (a great thing)... the bureacrats (school district employees) look at this and his success and say wait a minute, somebody excelling, thinking outside of the box... whoa buddy this is the public sector not the private sector... reign it in.

Kinda like Orwell's Animal Farm... kinda makes you wonder

Murray, UT

Totally agree that this ISN'T the end of this 'battle'.

Those at the District/School that have 'lost' this one will just wait in the shadows for their next opportunity. Look for this issue to be revisited often in the future.

People REALLY need to look and see who is behind this stuff and make a change in upcoming elections. School District Elections are FAR more important to us locally than any Presidential election ever is as far as direct impact.

The dumb part of this is it's not like School Districts are so rich they can pay for every school's desires. You would think they would welcome the fact that people in the community are directly enriching the opportunities/experiences of every kid that goes there for the foreseeable future..... at NO cost to the District.

Wow, talk about a win/win

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, that's 3 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Springville, UT

Something that appears to have been overlooked is the possible Title IX violation of a sport or booster club fundraising excessive amounts of money at the expense of the other activities.

Murray, UT


I am sure all teams, and regular classes of gym, are welcome to use the weightroom. The Turf on the field is also used everyday by gym classes. (since it isn't real grass it's even able to be used MORE)

This is NOT a limitation of access, no Title IX violation here.

Now if you want to be mad that every team doesn't get new jerseys every couple of years then tell the other teams to feel free to fundraise and buy them for theirselves.

Novel concept, eh?

Springville, UT


Looks like you have never read the Title IX rules on fundraising. Has nothing to do with limiting access.

Lehi, UT

Springville: Just FYI from google search: Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 is the landmark legislation that bans sex discrimination in schools, whether it be in academics or athletics. Title IX states:

"No person in the U.S. shall, on the basis of sex be excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal aid."

Huntsville, UT

Helping others is true Christianity.

Lee Corso
American Fork, UT

What is going on in provo my friends? First Jake Heaps transfers and now this? My heavens, how does the superintendent there try to tarnish and ruin the reputation of one of the greatest teachers of young men that Utah county has ever seen? He must have been cut from his high school football team and is now wanting revenge. From my good friend's there at BYU I hear that Coach Wong is one hard working, honest amigo who has busted his tail to change the landscape at his high school and has successfully done so. So why haven't others in the state worked this hard to create local support and raise money for their schools I wonder? So cool to see that things apparently worked out. Back to the gameday truck for me and a nap...

Lehi, UT

I love it SLCGuy and podunk utah! You hit the nail right on the head; contrary to the soft approach I took.

Many educators try to do more than the establishment will allow with their own funds or their own ideas and are squelched by the administrations because the administrations are "threatened" by the educator thinking outside the box as Coach Wong (and many others) do. Many times we are told to sit in the corner and keep out mouths shut and not fight city hall, but that's not what life is all about. If there aren't a few "rebels" who can think for themselves, we'll all turn into robots and wear grey clothes and live in similar circumstances as too many third-world citizens do. The person who is willing to try to make life better for himself/herself will help everyone around him/her. Kudos to SLCGuy and podunk utah!!!


RD1025, how is the success of the football teams fundraising in any way limiting what other clubs or teams at the school receive? If these boosters want to give money specifically for football so be it, it's not like they would've given it to the girls softball team otherwise.
Good for Coach Wong, he's a great coach and leader for the young men at Timpview, is fair with them and is a good man, what kind of people must they be to want to get rid of him?
It takes a little man (or people) in big shoes to try and take down someone as good as Coach Wong is, it's too bad this new principal and committee members seem to feel inferior and that it's necessary to pull someone down to thier own level to make themselves feel validated.


Three issues here, other than whether Coach Wong is a good guy or not or has done a lot for Timpview High. That really shouldn't be the focus here. And there's nothing wrong with the citizens (or an audit or investigation) wanting to know the facts.

1) Did he use all the money raised by the football program for its intended purpose, or were there some careless or questionable expenditures?

2) Did Timpview High and Provo School District have clear guidelines in place on fundraising and expenditure of donated funds?

3) Does Timpview High and Provo School District need better guidelines and policies to ensure more accountability for funds raised by athletic programs?

And don't think it's a good idea for any school, district or program to just have free reign to raise money for anything and everything, and or the freedom to spend money without accountability. Even Wong admits that.


I'm still trying to figure this out...thanks to the very poor reporting.

It's being suggested here, by posters, that Randy Merrill wants coach Wong fired for raising more money for THS football than the rest of the district.

That charge begs a lot of questions that would be better answered by a reporter than a poster. However, since the reporters are not doing their job, the posters are filling in for them.

Here are my questions:

1) What are the fundraising figures?
2) What is Randy Merrill's agenda?
3) Was coach Wong accused of any wrong doing?
4) How are the donated funds managed and accounted for?
5) Has the fundraising been on the up and up? For example, are rules being followed? Are donors being misled...told that the donation is for the school only to have the funds directed at the football team?
6) Can a position on the football team be bought?

While it is nice that donations are made to THS football and that the benefit spills over to other areas, it is troubling that donors don't equally support academics. I can also see how the "money for football" could lead to corruption.


The District again is trying to exercise their control over anyone they can. The new principal at Timpview will lose everything accomplished at that school if he isnt careful. Not all students go on to college for solely academic reasons, some actually go on to make successful careers in sports. So why not have facilities to help them if at no cost to the District? Maybe the District should promote the coach or make him superintendent, he will probably do a better job with finances then they do. If someone was to donate some money for a building strictly for science or even for music, do you think anyone would complain? What about donations to the Provo City Library? Should the city have insisted that the money be distributed among all city departments instead? About our local universities (public and private), dont they use fund-raising to help support their various programs, including sports? It is just getting ridiculous in the Provo School District. I find it refreshing to hear of people willing to give back to their community, but they shouldnt be told how to do it! Lighten up Provo School District before you are replaced.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Ok, so here's what happened...

#1 The former Timpview principal was forced into retirement before he wanted to.
#2 The Assist-Principal, who was very popular, was rejected by superintendent Randy Merrill in favor of the new one, from Oregon. The rejected Assist-Principal goes on to become Alta High's new principal.. So nice call Provo!!! Guy wasn't "qualified" enough for your school yet was somehow qualified for one of the best jobs in the state at Alta?
#3 As soon as the new guy takes over, he is bullied by superintendent Randy Merrill to intimidate and bully coach Wong. He threatens to fire coach wong unless all money raised by the football team is turned over to the district office. Gee, so so Mr. Merrill can give himself a pay raise or build himself a new office?
Coach Wong has and continues to give, money raised in football to other sports. Buying uniforms, equipment, and even raised $200k to fix a safety issue on the field that the district didn't want to fix.
#4 Coach Wong refuses, and the district takes legal action to have him removed.... The community catches wind of this, and shows up last night.

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