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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 13 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

I wish Jake Heaps nothing but the best with his transfer, but history is not on his side. Most transfers have not come close to reaching their potential. But many QB's who fought through adversity, and stayed put have achieve true greatness - McMahon and Young for starters and Riley Nelson most recently. Someething tells me that if Jake would have put his ego aside and stuck around he would have had stellar Junior and Senior sesasons.

Instead of Heaps to look forward to, we have Munns, Hill, Olsen, Kuresa and Mangum - a pretty strong pipeline of talent.

Lincoln City, OR

Jake, in my opinion is making a mistake by leaving BYU....

I understand that he has to feel pretty beaten up by what has transpired this year but I know that if he had the internal strength to weather a red shirt year next year he would be the starter and a star at a school known for great QBs in his last two years of Eligibility... He knows the BYU system, he knows and even helped recruit the Receivers, and most of all he knows the coaches....

BYU would have made him famous in 2013 and 2014 and it probably would have made him a high round NFL draft pick in 2015.... Now, he is going to have to sit out a year and compete against a group of unknown recruits or existing roster players and he is going to have to adapt to a new system with a new group of coaches....

I wish him well but I really think that he has picked a much tougher road.

Buena Park, CA

I agree with omitting Heaps from this listing of "best of BYU quarterbacks that left the program."

Buena Park, CA


I doubt that "BYU would have made him famous in 2013 and 2014" because -- given Bronco's eagerness to start Nelson against Hawai'i and the QB pipeline that CougFaninTX listed -- I don't see how Heaps would have started another game at BYU. He fumbled his chance here as badly as he fumbled the ball into the end zone during the Utah game. His history obviates his future against the other QBs as a BYU starter.

Charlotte, NC


I think Jake knows exactly what he is doing. I think he knows that he will not play another down at BYU and this is why he is moving on. He knew that he was not going to win the starting job even after redshirting a year. He saw the writing on the wall. Quarterback is a unique position. Barring injuries, only one guy gets to play. Jake wants to play and I respect him for that. Sitting on the bench isn't what these guys are about.

Sandy, UT

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".


Payson, UT

Glad to see Jake leave. I can now watch a byu game and hope the quarterback does well. Riley is fun to watch and his Favre-like style brings in more wins than a straight drop back and pass routine brought in for Heaps.

Funniest thing...Nelson´s deep ball has been more accurate than Heaps.

the boonies, mexico

Who cares? It's basketball season.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

Todd Mortensen and Brad Sorenson could not play on the D1 level. Mortensen had no arm and had his shot. And saying Sorenson is a BYU transfer is a joke. He walked on to BYU and played for the scout team for one season.

Springville, UT

It's not too late to change your mind. Mistakes happen.

Time will tell if this turns out to be a good decision but odds are, especially after reading this article, it is not.

Good luck to Jake.

Time to move on, after all, this was his choice to make.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

I think that leaving BYU is not a good idea for Jake Heap. He gained tremendous experience while at BYU. If he stayed at BYU he would have red shirted next year. By transferring he has to sit out next season anyway.

Jake has a clear path to starting at BYU in 2013 and 2014.

As I understand it Jake planned to play at BYU for two years and then go into the NFL. There was no room for a mission. Jake was the big dog in high school. He had unrealistic expectations. It appears that he also has no patience.

Jim McMahon sat out his junior year after beating out Marc Wilson. Jim was clearly the better QB. Doug Scovill turned both QB's into amazing players.

I wish Jake nothing but the best. Perhaps he will learn many lessons from this and future experiences.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

It is not too late to come back Jake but you must redshirt 2012. You will sit one year with other Div I school but will have to battle other guys starting 2013 who are ahead of you - you know what I mean. Look at all those former BYU guys who have traveled were not so successful and you don't want that. Jake made a mistake leaving BYU but it is not too late. Is it you or someone else idea about leaving BYU? I hope Jake was reading this article that will rethink of what he is going to do. You think he is reading this, I don't know. Good luck Jake.

Salt Lake City, UT

If that is your pipeline of QB's that everyone is so excited about, better hang your hat on Hill now and Mangum in the future. Since we haven't seen them in meaningful action, let's hope they are up to the "hype". If Munns is so good, is there a reason he has been 4th on the depth charts for the past coule of years. Olsen and Kursea, really.............while good in HS, they are not even the best this state has produced in recent years.

Salem, UT

My unscientific take on what I just read is that while many have gone on to nice careers and stats at other schools and a handful have seen action beyond college the simple truth is that none have gone on to greatness- the hall of famers and NFL types have been at BYU and the coaches (not this group yet) have identified them and had them on the field- who knows maybe they missed on a couple and one of these guys would have been better but the overall picture says you have a 50-50 chance of doing much at all if you leave and a close to zero chance of becoming anything special- maybe Jake can become the N=1 that changes all of that- power to him if he does

Kearns, UT

You forgot about Eric Krysmarsic (not sure of the spelling). Heaps is too egotisical to stay at the Y.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Competition is a wonderful thing. College QBs should win their spot on the basis of achievement and should not be anointed. Some of the disappointment can be traced to the athlete's parents and their efforts to promote their sons by unrealistically shopping them around, hiring a press agent, etc. In general, coaches are better than parents at deciding on who starts.

Salt Lake City, UT

You have been measured and found wanting. Try elsewhere.


Jake Heaps leaves BYU for the same reason Riley Nelson left Utah State. However, I seriously doubt Jake Heaps will have the success Riley Nelson is enjoying.

Meanwhile, Jake Heaps was foolish to leave before the bowl game where he could have been a good backup for Riley Nelson who just might get injured (if history repeats).

Was there another good reason Jake Heaps left before the bowl game or was it just a bruised ego?


Perhaps Heaps realized with the Brandon Doman type of offense he would never reach his potential and likely not play unless Nelson was hurt. Coaching is not just to win games, but to help these young men reach their potential while playing Division 1. Sometime personalities do not mesh and maybe Heaps thought playing for someone else would be better for his particular talent. He did well enough when Chow was at still at BYU. It's hard to figure why readers would throw rocks at Heaps and lavish praise on Nelson who bailed out on USU.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

.... and never heard of half of these guys. Can't wait for the DN to come out with their Top 10 rankings of long snappers & team managers. These selfless dudes never receive any recognition. Instead of these nonsense-type of articles (how many "lists" can there be?), why not start a series of "where are they now" and get the readers and Cougs fans caught up on some of the BYU legends. DN could start with Eldon "The Phantom" Fortie, from my neck of the woods. His name is on the ring of honor at the stadium and his #40 has been retired, but few fans probably know much about him. He's lived a fascinating life since his playing days, and was recently released from the San Diego Temple Presidency. Let's get a Doug Robinson classic on the life and times of Eldon Fortie!

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