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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 13 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

'Ever the provocateur, Beck wasn't satisfied with merely blasting Gingrich on Fox News last week. Not only did he paint the former House speaker as a liberal-in-disguise, but Beck also went as far as to insinuate that any tea party adherent who backs Gingrich but loathes Obama is a racist.' - Article

And yet:

*'Fox Host Glenn Beck: Obama Is A "Racist" - Huffington Post - 07/08/09

'When Fox's Brian Kilmeadeon pointed out that many people in Obama's administration are white, so "you can't say he doesn't like white people," Beck pressed on. "I'm not saying he doesn't like white people, I'm saying he has a problem," Beck said. "This guy is, I believe, a racist."

It appears that EVEYRONE is a racist to Glenn Beck.

And that Mitt Romney and Glenn Beck share the same faith...

would have NOTHING to do with why Glenn Beck is against Newt Gingrich...



David King
Layton, UT

It should be pointed out that from all indications, Mitt Romney is a good father and husband, and from all indications is light years ahead of Gingrich in that category.

But politically, are they not very similar? At the debate, when asked to give a difference between himself and Newt Gingrich, Romney paused for a few seconds and then pointed to his opposition of mining for minerals on the moon, one of Newt's stranger ideas. I understand Romney was trying to make Gingrich look a little wacky for his moon mining idea, but wasn't there any other difference he could point to? Something more substantive and more real that is closer to the minds of Republican voters that he could set himself apart with? I fear there is not. And that is his biggest problem.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

QUICK, hand me a tissue Stu, I'm about to cry, then sip on my diet coke, there, I'm better now says Glenn Beck, over his icon Mitt Romney, that the GOP in the south hates. Today I heard Glenn Beck the most prominent Constitutionalist Tea Party (aka Koch Brother's created group), voice in AM talk radio and pay for view GBTV, independently targeting RINO presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich. ALL THESE RINO's are Self-serving. Self-aggrandizing. Anti-conservative. Anti-principled. Hints of corruption, hypocrisy, and bizarre and destructive behavior. TELL ME, what's new. I been saying this for years. Did they take the hint?. These are all "BLINDERS" folks, to keep you from learning about these truths, before the Republican National Convention will be held in Tampa come Jan. 2012. " Chinese President Advises Navy To Prepare For War And Iran Readies Its Missiles, Is $250/barrel Crude Oil Near?." "Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, India Readies for War with China". While China's nuclear capabilities are far less than those of the U.S., the strategy is to threaten unacceptable damage on the enemy, America and Europe. Are ya'll ready for WWIII and to glow in the dark?.

My truthful views.

Springville, UT

Regardless of their differences (Newt vs Mitt), I would still choose either of them over Obama - hands down.

And, no, Pagan - my choice has nothing to do with race and/or religion.

...sigh, moving on now to the obituaries column...


Right now Newt is the lamestream medias' flavor of the month.

The lamestream media will be doing anything and everything they can so that Obama doesn't have to face Romney in the general election.

Personally, I think Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, or Michelle Bachman could beat Obama as long as the Republican party got behind them.

Newt doesn't have a chance though of beating Obama. I see it as the "old" RINO's just trying to hold onto power! Some of the "good old boys" just aren't too happy with the upstart tea party members!

Bluffdale, UT

the only one you could trust would be Huntsman, or Paul. one is to quiet and the other though I like a lot that he says is too off the wall.

Burley, ID

In 2012, I want a candidate who doesn't let their beliefs change sides every time the wind blows. Someone who will follow through on what they say; instead of telling us what we want to hear during the debates only to go back on their promises after they are in office.

To me, that's either Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann. Unfortunately, neither one of them is being portrayed by the Main Stream Media as electable.

The media makes Paul come off as a nut job, eccentric old man and Bachmann as weak and uninformed. Neither of which are true.

I hope Iowa sends a shock wave through the Republican Party and gives the nation a real choice by voting either Bachmann or Paul as the winner.

I don't want Mitt or Newt to win the Republican nomination because their policies aren't going to be all that different from one another.

Just because someone calls themselves a Republican doesn't mean they aren't going to be progressive and liberal in their policies. To me, Newt and Mitt are "Obama Lite."

Ex-Pat of Zion
Lititz, PA

if you view the primaries as training (conditioning) for the general election, then the right's foment "maneuver" has been well honed. Problem is, saturday night at the fights is not everyone's idea of entertainment. Independents (I hope anyway!) are more cosmopolitan. If the election is to be decided along party lines with RESULTS the criteria, then neither candidate has much to hang their hat on. The next selling point is ideology ... which is a wash. The next measure is integrity. It is this measure that will sink the candidate from the right still in possession of a political pulse.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT


Your back handed slaps at Mormonism are getting old and worn out. Please try to find a new dog to smack around.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Pagan | 11:43 a.m. " you any anybody else who has taken the MSM bait about Beck should go to Glenn Beck's website and watch the videos embedded in the article "What could Glenn never say on cable news? A takedown of the progressive wing of the GOP establishment".

If you, or even the reporter who wrote this article bothered to do even a small bit of research, you would understand that Glenn was making a very pointed comment towards the Tea Party.

Durham, NC

Newt or Mit vs Obama will be really interesting. It will be two guys not nearly as conservative as they are positioning themselves versus a president that isn't nearly as liberal as he has been cast. It has all the makings of a great train crash rushing to the middle.

Should be fun.

Cedar Hills, UT

Normally I respect Beck's opinion but I personally think he is off in the weeds on this one. Ok so Newt isn't Ronald Reagan or George Washington - WHO IS???? Glenn seems to be saying that he would never vote for Newt - REALLY? NEVER? So that implies if Newt is the GOP candidate then Beck will vote for Obama?? No - obviously not but what I am hearing Beck say is that he simply won't vote. Not voting because you don't have the perfect conservative is the same as casting a vote for Obama. I wonder if Beck understands that at the end of the day there may not be a black and white choice - only a shade of grey. In WWII we ailed with Russia (whom we hated and didn't trust) but we did it to defeat the greater evil of Adolf Hitler. Sometimes you have to compromise rather than just set on the side and do nothing. Doing nothing is the WORST of choices some times. It made a a hard swallow to vote for Newt but to defeat the greater EVIL of Barack Hussin Obama - you have to do it!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

'It should be pointed out that from all indications, Mitt Romney is a good father and husband, and from all indications is light years ahead of Gingrich in that category.' - David King | 11:59 a.m. Dec. 13, 2011

I agree with this.

I would ALSO point out that a 'good father and husband'...

ALSO describe, President Obama.

The 'anyone but Romney' campaign in the Republican party is hurting the Republican party.

JUST LIKE the 'anyone but Obama' mentality from the Republican party leads too...

a 'family values' canidate, on his third wife or...

Mitt Romney.

Huntsville, UT

Who cares what Beck & Savage have to say. They're both nothing more than bolviators hawking whatever will earn them the most $$.

Neither of them have anything worthwhile to say/hear.

Cedar Hills, UT

I listened to Glenn this morning and some of the soundbites from Newt are a bit disconserting. Loves FDR. Loves Wilson. Bought in on global warming and thinks bigger government is the answer to all our woes. Hmmmm, sounds an awefull lot like the current occupant of the White House. No thanks!
Ps. how bout' A Bachman/Santorum ticket? I wonder who the DNC media machine will choose for us to vote for this time around?

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

I just have to ask, are LDS proud of Glenn Beck and the way he presents himself?

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

@ Iket

"the only one you could trust would be Huntsman, or Paul. one is to quiet and the other though I like a lot that he says is too off the wall."

What part of Paul's stance on Constitutional obedience is "too off the wall" for you?

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Jonathan Eddy said: @Pagan
"Your back handed slaps at Mormonism are getting old and worn out. Please try to find a new dog to smack around."

Perhaps your looking for something not there? I re-read Pagan's post and can't for the life of me see anything about mormonism, so how did your comment even get posted since it had nothing to do with the article?

Anyone who listens to beck with any regularity is seriously lacking the ability to discern entertainment from information useful to making an intelligent decision.

Murray, UT

If you don't take the time to really look/listen to Beck yourself instead of listening to what the media or what you hear 2nd hand you have no idea of what Beck is really about. He calls out the right and the left and hasn't endorsed Romney. He would take Romney over Newt, but would rather have a true conservative. But Romney does have the best chance to beat Obama. And Obama may not be as mush of a liberal as a Socialist that want to "change" our country.

Salt Lake City, UT

Now I thought we were being told for months by conservatives that Obama is so unpopular and such a bad president that anyone could beat him. Whatever happened to that? Have conservatives suddenly realized that the people really don't like the conservative agenda?

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