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Published: Monday, Dec. 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Sandy, Utah

@ Mark321

"Utah ran BYU out of there own stadium? No, BYU ran BYU out of there own stadium. Most of BYU's turnovers were self-inflicted and you know it. It would be a completely different game with Riley Nelson behind center now I hope you guys have a quarterback coming next year because it looks like Wynn may not be around, and with Nelson coming back next year with the toughness he brings to BYU you should be concerned".

No, Utah ran BYU out of their own stadium. Your team quit because they were losing bad! 2 of BYU's seven turnovers were self-inflicted, (Jake Hypes circus barrel roll and the doink off the kick returner's face mask),the other 5 were caused by the Utah defense. (Hype's fumble, Diluigi fumbles twice, Hypes throws a pick, Riley's fumble) How do you explain those as self-inflicted? Those were all caused by the Utah defense. I'm tired of hearing Y trolls excuses for their loss. Give credit were credit is due. Riley didn't do any better against us than Hypes did. Jordan Wynn will be back and probably starting and he'll pick apart your defense like this year.

podunk utah

I wonder if any mediocre profs up at the U are getting similar gifts from the administration.... doubtful

Ogden, UT

Utah may be in the market for a new offensive coordinator. Chow is apparently interested in becoming Hawaii's new head coach. lol I suppose the new OC won't demand the salary that Chow receives so Whittingham's salary may not be quite the burden it seems.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Nothing I wrote was wrong...I'm glad you're fine paying kyle $2.2 million/yr for being a middle-of-the-road pac12 coach. I don't care."

Oh you care... you care enough to post about 10 comments about it.

And by the way, you absolutely were wrong...you were wrong in your insinuation that I was trying to mislead by saying Whittingham coached in two BCS victories when I was most certainly not trying to mislead a single soul.
One last time for you...see if you can follow this; coached in, does NOT mean Head Coached in. You're simply hypersensitive to anything that could remotely be misinterpreted in an extra pro-Ute way.
And the fact does still remain that even had I wanted to say he "Head Coached" in two BCS victories, I could say it and it would be true. You should have walked away from that initial comment thinking I had taken the high road by simply saying "coached."
I'm done with this...you're way too blue to think straight.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Bluto -

You need to do your research. Pretty much everything you wrote is incorrect.
Do you realize that Utah's athletic budget is in better shape than most of the nation? They've been a model for how to financially plan for growth without dipping too far into debt.
This isn't to say they never finance anything, but most of their facilities have been built almost entirely with Donor dollars...you might take note of the names on the buildings. Those projects are always spec'ed out, road mapped and then fundraising begins. The ground never breaks until a certain percentage of the funds have already been found.
As for your awesome facilities down south and how BIG they are ... who cares?
BYU has a theory of making everything look good by being bigger. Meanwhile when Utah builds something they don't mind sacrificing size for quality.
Marriott Center - Large. Barn like feel. BLEACHERS!!! Seats too close together...my knees are in the people's heads in front of me. You can have it.
LES - reference Marriott Center above. You can have it.
Lastly, some of your tax dollars may go to the U... but little to none go to Athletics. Now my tithing...

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ironman -

Time to wake up. Your tax dollars are not paying Whittingham's salary. If they were, football would've been abandoned long ago.
ESPN, FoxSports, Under Armour, PAC 12 bowl revenue, merchandise sales, etc, etc.... are what pays Whittingham's salary.
And by the way, there's a lot of room for growth!


BYU fans bashing on Whit's reputation-

Give Utah coaches some credit. You know as well as i do that Bronco probably couldn't have done a good of job with this season as Whit did. I'm not trying to draw some kind of hostile reaction, but BYU couldn't beat a decent team this year with 3 good quarterbacks. To go 7-5 with a guy like Hays at the helm is an accomplishment, not to mention injuries to many other key players. Also, his past feats more than make this pay raise legitimate.

BYU fans who feel the extra 200k he's getting a year would be better spent somewhere else-

Don't worry about where your taxpayer dollars are going. There has been more construction and building renovations going on at the U of U campus lately than you could care to dream about. I would know, I have to find a detour around them to get to class every day. Do some research please.

Paul Revere
American Fork, UT

This raise, like those of many other coaches across the nation are way out of line. The rate of pay for D-1 football and basketball coaches in all the BCS conferences across the country is destroying Olympic sports at those schools. No coach is worth 2.something million dollars a year. Now before you Utes think I am a bitter Cougar, I am not. I am a bitter supporter of all Olympic sports. Major college basketball and football salaries are destroying sports like cross country, track and field, gymnastics and swimming and diving. In many instances, ADs take the monies needed to run these sports and feed their FB and BB programs. BTW most monies from the TV and BCS do not go to the general funds of colleges, they go to athletics. The U will not see tuition fees lower, and the college professors will not get paid anymore simply because you are a member of an AQ conference. College football and basketball are nothing more then highly paid professional athlete development programs. If anyone wants to watch truly dedicated STUDENT-athletes then support your local Olympic sports programs, or a D-2, D-3 school.

South Weber, UT

@ Mark321
Here's a little extra to prove your point.
Rushing Attempts 38 22
Average Per Rush 6.4 0.5
Rushing Touchdowns 3 0
Yards Gained Rushing 256 61
Yards Lost Rushing 14 50
Completions-Attempts-Int 16-31-1 30-56-1
Average Per Attempt 7.7 6.1
Average Per Completion 14.9 11.4
Total offense plays 69 78
Average Gain Per Play 7.0 4.5
Fumbles: Number-Lost 1-1 6-6
Penalties: Number-Yards 3-26 8-70
PUNTS-YARDS 3-146 6-279
Average Yards Per Punt 48.7 46.5
Net Yards Per Punt 35.3 36.3
KICKOFFS-YARDS 10-667 3-203
Average Per Return 25.0 15.8
Interceptions: Number-Yds-TD 1-20-0 1-5-0
Fumble Returns: Number-Yds-TD 1-57-2 0-0-0

Red-Zone Scores-Chances 2-4 0-2
Touchdowns 1-4 0-2
Field goals 1-4 0-2
Sacks By: Number-Yards 2-21 0-0
PAT Kicks 6-7 1-1
Field Goals 2-3 1-1

Las Vegas, NV

This is what happens when your program is relevant and your coach is wanted: Penn State, Texas Tech, ASU - just the schools (that we know of) that wanted Whitt this year alone!

What offers did Roscoe receive this year (besides the free turnovers)?

Great to be a Ute!! Go Crimson!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Well deserved raise for an outstanding coach.

Salt Lake City, UT


You mad bro? Take it easy and stop trying to shove down everyone's throat your slanted rhetoric. It's okay that Utah trumps BYU in many things, it's not the end of the world. I do realize that BYU has certain aspects that are 'better' than the U. But I don't base my happiness on being 'better' than someone or something else. Let it go man, you'll feel a lot better.

I agree that college football coaches are overpaid. But the athletic department is probably much more informed and savvy with the way things are done. Invest a couple hundred thousand a year more, and hope for a successful season that would return more in the end. That's how investments work.

I believe Coach Whitt is here to stay for quite some time. This is 'his' program and he has a lot of power and authority in how things are run. I don't see him passing this prime situation up for a questionable coaching job.

rock springs, wy

Let's see. Whittinghams team finishes 7-5, barely bowl-eligible, finishes somewhere in the middle of the PAC12, loses to the worst team in the conference and barely beats the third worst team and has the BYU game handed to him and he gets a big raise. Question is: If he gets beat by BYU next year does he give back the money? Also, does he get extra pay for calling for an onsides kick when he's up by forty? I'm one who hopes he never leaves Utah. He and they deserve each other.

Tyler, TX

I may be wrong, but it does look like the BYU juggernaut is headed down hill with a coach that cannot win the big games. Indy in the long run will fail. But perhaps the BYU Board knows something that most of us don't know.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

I love the PAC 12 envy seething from the Cougar Nation at the news of Coach Whit's raise.

The other great thing is that not only was Whit taken care of, but also the assistant coaches.

Big boy coaches in big boy conferences deserve big boy money.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

gchris -

"I'm one who hopes he never leaves Utah. He and they deserve each other. "

I agree, it's a match made in heaven! Thanks for the well wishes gchris, and I too hope Bronco and BYU stay together forever. I could really get used to 54-10, in Provo no less.

Long Time Ute

@Cougfan in TX

No taxes used for Coach Whit, all coaches salaries and player scholarships are paid for by money raised for athletic dept. (Crimson Club, Individual donations, Consessions, Sports property sales, etc. Coach Whit is now right in the middle of pay as far as PAC-12 coaches go. As far as this Ute goes he should be more toward the top.

Portland Beavers


Now going back to that Wyoming game is as funning as you thinking he is going to loose to byu next year. Utah right now is far above byu in football you cougar fans just have a very hard time saying so. The coaching at the U and especially the player talent is far superior to the y. The y had a very good season against a very week schedule, they did not play close to a PAC-12 schedule.

gchris, yes we lost to Colorado but you guys keep throwing that back at our face, we beat you by 44 pts. It's time to be quite about all that now, after watching PAC-12 football for a season, it is a totally different game. Until byu plays week after week of BCS football you will never, ever have an idea what it is all about.

And yes we do deserve Coach Whit.

Syracuse, UT

Howard S says "Big boy coaches in big boy conferences deserve big boy money."

Let's see how you feel in a few years after the u finish's at or near the bottom of the PAC 12 south year after year after year. I can just hear the u fans now. Time is so sweet when it bears out the way things really are. The u was a middle of the pack MWC team for so many, many years and now that they are in the "Conference of Champions", they will be at or near the bottom and still boast of their status but go nowhere....real fast.

West of I15, UT

@eddie "The u was a middle of the pack MWC team for so many, many years"

Wake up, the utes were never a middle of the pack mountain west team. The utes had two BCS wins with two undfeated seasons in the mountain west. Something the Y can never do, take this year for example. Perfect year for the Y to have their shot at a BCS game. They play the bottom half of the wac schedule, and get texas and utah who both have a down year. All that and they still can't make it happen, and get embarrased at home by their rival to boot.

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