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Published: Monday, Dec. 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Rise and Shout
Ogden, UT

Blueprint for getting a raise at the U: Go 7-5 and make sure one of your wins is the BYU game.

The 12 pac south is down, way down this year. Dr. Hill will likely regret this decision when USC is no longer banned from postseason play and ASU, Arizona and UCLA improve just enough to work the utes every year.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Pete in Texas -
You wrote; "Your beloved Utes lost to Colorado. Colorado? And he's getting a raise?"

I won't question your own right to question whether Whitt deserved a raise, but keep this in mind; though Colorado had a terrible record this year, they had the 18th rated strength of schedule. Add to that a TON of injuries to their starters this year.
That loss was a bad one for the Utes no question, but they never should have overlooked them in the first place...they weren't near as bad as their record. Same could be said for the rest of the bottom half of the Pac 12 and other strong conferences ... tough schedules usually = misleading records.
A 3-10 PAC 12 team is probably about equal to a 7-6 WAC team.

South Weber, UT

@ AZnewser
Kindly remember that some of those wages are paid through endorsements, TV appearances,endorsementas and the fact that the Utes get a big cut of the 2 million + from the Sun Bowl.
Not all are state funds are financing this raise, as better than 40 % are from outside sources such as the contract/ endorsement from Under Armor.
Also the bonus was included in the contract to include bowl appearances.
Again not all is generated from state funds.
Now Bronco does not have to reveal his income, but I imagine Holmo will try and keep up with the Whitt on the hill,

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

First, BYU will pay decent wages to its coaches, but doubt they will ever be part if the wage escalation going on. Whit does 2 things very well - (1) he gets his teams very prepared against BYU as he understands every Ute fans dream and (2) he gets into a discussion every year with some school seeking a coach enough to go get another pay increase. We should expect a number of these in the coming years.

Bountiful, UT

Rise and Shout - didn't Bronco get a new contract last year after a poor season and a loss to Utah?

Tooele, UT

As a die hard BYU fan, I congratulate Coach Whittingham on getting a raise.

Perhaps the 2011 regular season didn't finish the way Ute fans would have liked, but a 7-5 season with a trip to the Sun Bowl to play Georgia Tech on CBS is pretty good for your debut in the PAC 12.

But with a bigger salary comes greater pressure to perform.

I believe Coach Whittingham is still in his honeymoon period as the Utes head coach moving to the PAC 12, but let's say by 2015 the Utes still haven't reached the Rose Bowl or even the PAC 12 Championship game. Let's say they lose one or two games against my BYU Cougars and maybe a few bowl games too.

In a nutshell Ute fans, where do you expect to see the Ute football team in three, maybe four years?

As for the Ute comments ending with the phrase, "Hang in there Band of Lil Brothers!" I want to personally thank those who have posted this.

We may be rivals, but we are still brothers. We come from the same state, and breath the same mountain air.

Ute fans, I love you, brothers!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Rise and Shout -
"Blueprint for getting a raise at the U: Go 7-5 and make sure one of your wins is the BYU game."

Actually, blueprint for getting a raise at the U: Coach in 2 BCS games in a 4 year span, have programs such as Tennessee and Penn State after you (among many others) AND ... beat your rival at their place 54-10.

Does that clear it up for you?

Sherwood, OR

So here is how the PAC-12 South worked out:

ASU goes 4-5 in conference, takes 3rd in the South (tie-breaker over Utah), and embarasses itself at the end of the year. Result: FIRE THE COACH!!!

UCLA goes 5-4 in conference, takes 2nd to represent the South in the conference championship, and embarasses itself at the end of the year. Result: FIRE THE COACH!!

Utah goes 4-5 in conference with the easiest of all PAC12 schedules, takes 4th in the South, and embarrasses itself with a home lose to Colorado to end the season. Result: WE BEAT BYU!!! Give Whitt a raise!

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Pete in Texas

The reality is you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Chill out! You sound like a jealous little brother.

"You want to talk reality, but you shrug off the number of conference championships that you've won compared to your "little brother".

Reality is you need to get your facts straight. Utah has won more conference titles than BYU 24-23, Look it up! Football was played prior to 1972.

"You want to talk reality beating your own chest saying you beat BYU this year, but you shrug off losing to the worst team in your own conference".

Again, refer back to my last comment. You Y fans parade behind other teams that beat us when you failed to get the job done. Yes we lost to Colorado and I do recognize that.

Yes BYU will make more money this year, but next year our 50 percent share will be about equal to your ESPN deal. 2014 and beyond Utah will be making up to 30 million a year including the Pac-12 networks, Conference title game, and bowl money.

No need to call you until reality of your facts are correct.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

ClarkHippo -

Nice post, props for rising above the garbage that gets thrown around ... and that's me admitting I get caught up in it at times as well, which I always regret. You're a classy BYU fan.

Go Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey Orgonian. The Utes went to a BCS game this year. I mean last year. Well, maybe 4 years ago, but who cares. So the Utes lost to the mighty Colorado Buffalos. WHO CARES? Didn't Colorado win a National Championship last year or the year before? Whit is the best coach in the country. Pay him like 20 million and it would still be a bargain.

Tooele, UT

@Oregonian 12:28

Don't forget however, this was Utah's first year in the PAC 12.

If the Utes had finished with say a 4-8 or 3-9 record, I don't think Coach Whittingham would be getting a raise. But I also don't think he would have gotten fired either.

Even though many die hard Ute fans were predicting an undefeated season, with a win in the BCS Championship game:

"Mark It Down!"

"Write It Down!"

Dr. Hill and Coach Whitt were more realistic and knew this would be a season of adjustments.

I may be a BYU fan, but my hope is the Ute athletic program doesn't invest everything in its football team and ignore men's basketball, thinking somehow it will fix itself.

An honest perspective tells me Utah's football team is stronger and going in better direction than BYU's football team. (BYU's 2012 season is going to be tougher than 2011. Fewer cupcake games for sure)

But as for men's basketball ... well ... congrats to Coach Whitt for getting a raise.

Ute's R Gr8
Sandy, Utah


I know, isn't football beautiful?

Utah by 44

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The "free market"! (Does the Y business school teach this - or the "united order"?) That is why coach Whit got the raise. Both the U and others understand how good of a coach Whit is. Therefore, schools such as Tennessee, Penn State, Arizona State, and others (?) want coach Whit! Utah felt it necessary to reward coach Whit for his achievements and to keep him here. Plain and simple - the free market.

This is something the Y's program does not have to worry about.

Ogden, UT

Yes, let's give raises to coaches who have a winning record, like Kyle had... a few years ago, but not this year. $300,000 raise for doing what?

Cedar Hills, UT

seems like s weird time to give a coach a 500k raise - economy is on life support and 9% unemployment and university tuition continuing to rise so give the coach a big HUGE raise? 2.2 mil per year! Really? I am think what U students think when they see their tuition going up and up to support Coaches salary.

Tooele, UT

@motorbike 12:32

Thanks for the compliment. I admit I've thrown a little mud in my day as well, but from now on, when it comes to comments on message boards such as these, my philosophy is, I'll just pretend I'm sitting down to dinner with my older sister and her husband and we're talking sports.

My older sister is currently a student at the U of U and she and her husband are die hard Ute fans. After the 54-10 game, she called me on the phone and asked if she could buy me an apple, cherry or blueberry turnover.

What a sweetheart!

I love BYU football but my sister and I are super close so we don't take the rivalry too seriously. After the BYU/Utah basketball game this past weekend, I thought about texting her some funny message, but I thought better of it.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Ha Ha Ha Ha ...no comment!!!

Go Trojans!

Centerville, UT


The program is (or will be) bringing in about 15 times as much as Whitingham is getting paid. That's not a bad investment, is it? Whitingham makes that University money. Learn the facts. People who make a lot of money are generally well worth it.

@Y Grad Pumping Gas

"Now I know who Coach Bronco wears a grey T shirt!"

And soon you will be able to learn how to write a sentence that makes total sense!

Pete in Texas
Copperas Cove, TX

Motorbike, you seem a sensible fellow, so I'll keep it civil with you:

Truth be told, I like Whittingham. He seems a good man and I gotta respect what he's done for the program. In truth, I like what Ron McBride started way-back-when and I'm satisified that Whittingham will keep the ball rolling. I'm 40, so I remember football back into the 70's. It's nice to seem Utah getting national respect because that legitimizes who BYU's been playing all these years. Utah has stepped their game up immensely from back then and I congratulate them for it. However, due to the fact that I can show some respect for the Utes as a gentleman, I gotta tell you that them giving him a raise after this year's record seriously shocked me. I mean, could you see that coming? A couple of posts said it correctly, the extra money could have gone to other areas of the school. Whit didn't need extra rewards after going 4-5 in his own conference. Nobody was going to come beating down his door to get him to coach their team. Not sure why he needed a raise with that kind of record.

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