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Published: Sunday, Dec. 11 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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Columbia, MO

BYU has some advantages in taking on Baylor. First, this Baylor team has played mostly home games. To go all the way to Provo with the high altitude should give BYU an advantage, especially if the Marriott Center is full of screaming fans. Baylor will come in without a full awareness of what awaits them. However, Baylor did travel to Chicago and beat a very good Northwestern team by about as many points as BYU put up on Oregon and Utah. BYU will have to come out quicker than they did against Utah, if they are going to give the Bears a run for their money.

Orem, UT

Go Cougs!

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks for being students first and athletes second. That mirrors BYU emphasis.

Frisco, TX

Winder had really been playing well, until the Utah game. I guess it's unreasonable to think a Freshman can perform at a high level in every game. Cusick was clearly the better PG on Saturday.

I am very excited to see how Carlino performs. Judging by his performance in the Blue / White game, I think we're in for a treat.

He seems to have Winder's ability to push the ball and drive to the basket, and Cusick's shooting touch.

I'm still disappointed about losing Collinsworth to surgery, but hoping he is able to make a full recovery this time so we can get him back on the court at some point. He's a very talented player.

Austin still has to be the surprise of the season. The kid plays with passion and intensity and hustles every minutes he's on the floor.

Orem, Utah

It'll be interesting to see what impact Carlino has on the team over the next few games. If he pans out as well as surprising Austin has, BYU should be a force this year. If not, we'll still be weak at point, not that Cusick or Winder are bad, but neither are great or consistent (yet).

Earlier in the season, before Austin showed up, I had my doubts about a 25+ win season. I'm less doubtful as long as Austin, Hartsock, and Davies remain healthy. I'll have NO doubts if Carlino turns out to be what they're predicting.

BYU could be a team with depth at every position, enough to keep on winning should one or two stars have off nights. Especially with BYU's aggressive defense.

Can't wait for the Baylor game.

However, BYU can't have their typical scoring droughts against Baylor and expect to win. Maybe Carlino can help with that?

metamora, IL

Win or lose, I'm excited for this game and the opportunity to WATCH it. Thank you BYUtv!

Frisco, TX

If BYU plays like they did against Weber State, we have a chance against Baylor.


BYU matches up well with Baylor and Baylor has not seen defense anywhere close to BYU's. BYU at home will hit the open looks while Baylor with struggle on the road to hit open shots. Baylor has one of the best forecourts in the nation.....so does BYU.

BYU wins and moves into the rankings this coming week.

San Diego, CA

Baylor has played only two good teams so far and neither at altitude (SDSU and Northwestern). If Carlino can score and dish out assists as expected, BYU should win a close and very exciting game. Nate Austin as a freshman is playing like an experienced sophomore. Very excited to see what he can do over the course of four years.

Iowa City, IA

Wow. Lots of Y fans predicting the win.

I like the confidence.

Fort Worth, TX

Best of luck guys, study hard then give it all you got!

Harwich, MA

Are we really supposed to believe that the "athletes" take school more seriously than sports? Virtually ALL the athletes are in school (there are exceptions) because they can run, catch, smash or throw something better than most. Athletes in virtually every college get a free pass with the exception of Prep Schools, Stanford and a mere handful.
I have to laugh when I read about "student afwheets", as they often refer to themselves.

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