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Published: Saturday, Dec. 10 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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salt lake city, utah

Is byu really playing at 10am on a friday?

Clearfield, UT

Three bowl games matching 6 and six teams. What a joke. Counted 11 six win teams in bowls. Unbelievable. ASU in a bowl with six wins. It's time to scrap this antiquated bowl system and invite the top 16 teams to play for a national championship. The Beef O' Brady bowl. Can't wait for that one. Not.

Go Aggies. If anyone deserves a bowl invite USU does.

Clearfield, UT

How did I miss 6-7 UCLA in a bowl. One more indictement of the ridiculous bowl system. A bowl game should be earned. A reward for an excellent season.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Boy TCU...Boise State...and Southern Miss really got left out in the cold this year. Someone should have seen the discrepancies and at least replaced (7-5) Nevada with either (10-2)TCU or (11-1) Boise State up against (11-2) Southern Miss. This is a real good example how conference alliances with Bowls really interferes with logic and sensibility. Instead we wind up with 3 badly misaligned bowls instead of probably only one...depending on how Louisiana comes out in the wash. If they were to match L.Tech. with AZ State they would of at least brought some of the logic back. Hope some day we end these conference bowl alliances. They're the biggest problem in College football.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Sorry that's Louisiana Tech...

Provo, UT

Boise lost two games by a combined four points (one of those in OT) but have been relegated to the Vegas Bowl twice while VA Tech goes to the Sugar Bowl, the same VA Tech team that lost to Clemson twice this season, the same VA Tech team that Boise beat two seasons ago. What is funny about all these BCS conferences is that when they do play Boise they can't actually beat Boise including Oregon twice, Oregon State, OU, VA Tech and Georgia this season.

I agree that's it is a time for a 16- team tournament which invites the champion from all conferences that play the highest division of football. That would be 11 conference teams and five at-large programs. Heck, you could keep some of the bowls, like the NIT in basketball, for other deserving programs that didn't quite make the tournament but as also suggested above, end the conference tie-ins and use common sense and logic to create interesting bowl match-ups.


UCLA really ? With a 6-7 losing record in a bowl game that is all jacked up.

Stanford & Oklahoma State should be playing for the national crown, they are the schools with the best records in the Nation.

Provo, UT


LSU hasn't lost a game. Bama has the same record as Okie State and Stanford, not that either isn't more deserving per se but just stating a fact. Further, Houston and Boise State also have one-loss or basically identical 11-1 records. One could further argue at Boise has much more of a consistent winning record in this decade than all of those progams, even Bama.

Cedar Hills, UT

It's time to put a lot of these bowls to bed. Get rid of them. When teams with 6 & 6 records get invites to bowls we have to many bowls. Even the teams with 7 & 5 records shouldn't qualify. Oh, and then you let a bowl invite UCLA with a losing record. It's time for a playoff system!!!

the boonies, mexico

Scrap these no-nothing bowls and the teams that play in them. Nothing more than the greeds trying to jerk the last dollars out of fans pockets. What a sham. It's December and basketball time, enough of football!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

"Is byu really playing at 10am on a friday?"

rickski13 - they really are.


As a fan I desire that BYU be able to play the best teams in the respective sports and hopefully win and in turn earn the respect of opposing teams, sports media and college pollsters. This 9-3 season in a PAC12, Big12, Big10, SEC, Big East, or ACC conference would have had a top 25 ranking by the different pollster rankings and playing in a better (payout and competition) postseason bowl than this one. Playing an independent schedule that had a majority of the schedule of teams from MWC/WAC conference didn't get BYU any respect this year beyond playing on ESPN network. Hopefully BYU scheduler upgrades the future schedules so a majority of the games in the year are from teams in those PAC12, Big12, Big10, SEC, Big East, or ACC conferences. BYU should win against is CUSA opponent, but being ranked in the final postseason rankings probably won't happen regardless of game outcome.

Portland Beavers


First off if byu would have played a PAC-12, Big-12 scedule they would not have been 9-3. The play in those two conferences is so superior to what the y played. You guys had your chance to get into a better conference didn't get an invite though. True you have a better schedule next year but that is about as good as it gets. Nobody can play you after Sept.

Tooele, UT

Here are some new rules I would like to see in regards to the college football post-season.

- Get rid of one-third of the bowl games. The only people interested in bowl games between two teams with 6-6 records are the fans and students from those schools.

- No college team can be bowl eligible unless they have a winning season. (i.e. UCLA)

- Include a four team playoff with the two semi-final games played the week after the conference championship games. That way the semi-final losers can still play in a bowl game.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Portland Beavers

"First off if byu would have played a PAC-12, Big-12 scedule they would not have been 9-3."

If BYU had played Utah's schedule, the Cougars might very well have been 10-2. With the exception of USC, there's not a team on Utah's schedule that the Cougars wouldn't have had a very good chance of beating.


As BYU alumni and Cougar club member, I recognize this season, Utah football is better than BYU as it was clearly shown in BYU loss at home against Utah. Likewise playing in a PAC12 caliber conference, instead of being an independent, gets more recognition from sports media and college coaches who do the weekly rankings.Y fans kid themselves if they think playing a schedule where the majority of teams that are primarily from MWC/WAC is weighted the same as playing the teams from the PAC12 conference. The weekly pollster rankings show otherwise that difference regardless if BYU wins against the MWC/WAC opponent and had a 9-3 season prior to a bowl game. Didn't BYU go independent of MWC because it wanted to be eligible for a BCS bowl and BCS caliber conference which in turn would mean more sports revenue and recognition for Y sports? Texas has ESPN contract and is still in the Big12. I would think ESPN wants BYU in a BCS caliber conference instead of being independent and playing a schedule like this year.

Sandy, UT

Riddles in the Dark,

Where's your proof?

The only proof I see is a big "L" next to every team that has a winning record on the Cougies' schedule.

Highland, UT

@portland beavers

1st of all noblepromise is one of your fellow utah trolls. He has about 50 other screen names including kosta fesenko, articuno BYU, duckhunter hunter, officer coolguy, slcBYUfan, and a whole bunch more I won't bother listing.

He uses the supposed BYU fan screen names to say idiotic things in hopes that utah trolls like yourself will then answer him. Obviously he is accomplishing his goal with you.

With his noblepromise screen name he posts basicly the same thing every time in halting and broken english. His topics with that screen name are always about BYU playing a weak schedule, how much better off they would be in a bcs conference, how the teams they play suck, how they will never be ranked because they play these weak opponenents from these weak conferences, etc.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re:Riddles in the Dark

BYU beat one team in a bowl (USU).

BYU has record inflation. 1-3 vs Bowl opponents (they beat USU).

Not all football team are Idaho or Idaho State.

Highland, UT

@uncle rico

utah beat two bowl teams (BYU and ucla which actually has a LOSING record) and they beat only one team (BYU) with a winning record.

utah has record inflation. 2-3 vs bowl opponents (they beat BYU and the pitiful ucla).

Not all football teams are arizona and colorado, oops utah lost to colorado, at home.


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