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Published: Saturday, Dec. 10 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Cusick was the difference maker today. It's funny, but BYU has struggled at the point guard generating more points than last year, but still BYU generates some fairly dominating scoring in spurts.

I hated the start time, 1200? that is like what Monday Night Madness used to be only on the other side of the clock. I thought the refs were consistently inconsistent, but for both sides, which played in Utah's favor since BYU wasn't able to find a rythmn.

I would like to challenge the Utah media to please, please find out why Jiggy was suspended indefinitely, but then suddenly brought back for the BYU game? If roles were reversed, and a BYU player was brought back so quickly for a rivalry game, the flies would be all over that story.

Highland, UT

It was a very booring game. Credit utah for that as they simply played to keep from getting blown out by 40. Their strategy succeeded although it couldn't have done anything to impress recruits, fans, the media, anyone. Bleh.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Actually Ducky, I was impressed by what Utah did today. So while the slow down strategy was boring for most, it was definitely smart of Utah to employ. People tend to forget that Majerus played boring ball as well...seemed to have served him well.
Utah is undersized and are lousy shooters. Slowing it down will be their only way to find a couple of wins, which will still be difficult.
But to show how wise it was to approach the game this way; if Hines hits even one 3-pointer as he usually does, if Washburn doesn't get into foul-trouble in 2 seconds and if Jiggy doesn't go 1 for 6 from the charity stripe ... you then have a chance in this game...and against a good BYU squad.
I'm not saying all those what-ifs matter now ... BYU is the better team. But the game plan was solid and the Utes showed more effort and discipline than they have all year.
For Ute fans, as ugly as it may still be, progress was finally made today.

JD Tractor
Iowa City, IA

Hartsock got mugged the entire first half. It wasnt' tough defense, it was dirty basketball, there's a difference.

Big Pappy
west jordan, utah

Sloppy game but another win for BYU. I don't think that the Utes are going to win many games this year. They are pretty bad. The Cougars played awful and still won by 19. I've heard that Jordan Loveridge is hedging on going to Utah. That would be a shame. Unless he inrolls at BYU of course.

hi, UT

If having to choose between a team with an all-star or a team of several and varied contributors, I enjoy the later. Hence, final record not withstanding, 2012 is more enjoyable to watch than 2011.


This is not an indication that Utah basketball will improve. The only reason the team fought harder today was because they were playing BYU. Duh!! Obviously the strategy was not getting blown out by 30-40 pts and it worked. However, losing by 19 pts is still a blow out. It ain't looking pretty for the Utes....

Eagle Mountain, UT

JD Tractor. I agree the officials were a little lenient to those guarding BYU's bigs but BYU simply was not hitting from the outside so the U defense was able to play tight. Utah dictated the pace for the first half but BYU, even though they played ugly still won in a blowout. Credit Utah for at least part of the reason the score was low and closer than it probably should have been.

Prairie Dog

61-42. 61-42. A beatdown, and I'm lovin' it.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Big Pappy -

You're funny. You may want to check those sources of yours. Jordan Loveridge signed his letter of intent already. You do realize what that means right? Pretty sure he doesn't want to sit out next year. And it would make all those pro-Ute tweets he's been sending out seem awfully strange.

West Jordan, UT

@ motorbike

I too believe Loveridge honors his letter of intent. But there is a P.S. at the bottom. He insists the U now sign fellow Jaguars Jaden Jackson as well as Jordan Pryor and hire Scotty Briggs as the interim coach. He wants a few wins next year. Check out WJ's scores. That's how U can play winning BBall.

sacramento, ca

what a pathetic coach...you guys lost before the game even started...any coach that plans a game around holding the ball as long as possible as to not give it up to the opponent should be fired. i'm actually more mad at that, really pathetic coaching.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

My obsevatiom on the game is much like those who have commented,With one additional comment. BYU needs to work harder and smarter to get the ball into the post.I know Utah was trying to prevent that and did a good job but they had opportunities but didn't recoginize them or not looking for it.It is better to hit the post as he is moving into postion not after he is there and the defense has time to adjust.They had oportunities to get it in but need work on recognizing and being more creative in doing so.I like the balance we have this year and I believe they can be a really good team.

rock springs, wy


Let's see if I got this right. Jordan Loveridge, a high school senior, is dictating who his future coach will be--not the newly beloved "Coach K,"--but also who his team mates will be. Sounds like a winning formula to me!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Seasons best effort by one team against..the worst effort put forth by the other and the Utes still lose by 19... If that's a measurement of having a huge margin of success...then by all means... keep telling yourself while being 1-8...that things are really on the mend. U is becoming Spin U... in a big way.

And future FYI for 54-10...Try to live in the present dude...you're the one grasping and holding onto the only thing you've got to see you through the rest of the year. Most of us know and fully accept that Heaps, Bronco and Doman and obviously the entire team didn't take Utah seriously. Utah deserved the win...It's really no big deal. The Cougs moved on and got better. But did Utah??? I'll leave that to you to admit or deny. I predicted a 9-3 season...but even I didn't foresee the loss to Utah. I had my 3rd losing pick at Hawaii. Football is football...and hugely different from any other sport due primarily to the fact... that the ball isn't round!!!

Eagle Mountain, UT

No current High School seniors have signed LOI's. Many have committed to certain schools but they are not allowed to sign until after the current season is completed. The high school football seniors are not allowed to sign LOI's until February. The basketball seniors can't sign until April.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

TJ - "No current High School seniors have signed LOI's. Many have committed to certain schools but they are not allowed to sign until after the current season is completed...The basketball seniors can't sign until April."

That's weird...I wonder what he signed in November for the Utah coaches? Was that just an autograph party? And why did they call that week the "early signing period."

LOL - At least we all now know how these transfer rumors begin.

Just having some fun TJ, anyone could make that mistake. But rest assured, Jordan Loveridge has indeed signed his LOI.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ motorbike

I too believe Loveridge honors his letter of intent. But there is a P.S. at the bottom. He insists the U now sign fellow Jaguars Jaden Jackson as well as Jordan Pryor and hire Scotty Briggs as the interim coach.

No disrespect intended, but you've got to be kidding me, right? Do you honestly believe what you wrote?
If the Utes could finagle a spot for Jackson I could maybe see that...but spots are already over-filled for next year.
As for the rest of what you wrote...I can assure you that you've been misled by someone who has no idea what they're talking about.

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU's win was ugly, glamorless"

True, but this wasn't unique to the BYU-Utah game. "Ugly and glamorless" could be applied to every Ute basketball game played this season.

It's apparent that the only mystery left in Utah's season is whether the Utes will actually win a game against a D1 opponent.

Baltimore, MD

Advice to Jordan Loveridge.

Grayshirt your first year of college.
Go on a mission.
Then see if Utah still has a basketball program when you get back.

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