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Published: Saturday, Dec. 10 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

Beatdown begins in 2 minutes. Can't wait to see this circus.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm going to consider anything better than a 20pt loss a "win".

Layton, Utah

Beatdown city, the new name of the Huntsman Center.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Re: atl134 Of course you'll "consider" it a win... too bad it won't show up as a win in the books. The boys on the hill won't have many true wins this season so you should just get used to it.

Lynchburg, VA

So far the Utes are working extremely hard! Go Utes, keep fighting for those rebounds and hopefully the shots will start falling! Go Utes!

Iowa City, IA

What is going on with the refs?!! What a crock. Call a game refs. Utah is driving out of control, flopping all over the place, and you're calling touch fouls on BYU! C'mon PAC 12 refs, at least call if square.

Layton, Utah

Just wanna give my props to the announcers on the radio, they aren't referring to the Utes coach as Coach K.

Phoenix, AZ

BYU flat
Utah brings A-game
Result - BYU up by 11.

Layton, Utah

My Elders quorum team could beat the Utes by 100.


Dribble around until the time clock is under 5 seconds, launch a shot and miss. Brilliant.

Marysville, WA

Whether football or basketball, PAC refs are incapable of calling a fair game. Remember Utes, when you used to complain about that? That said, the Cougs are playing flat. Hope they heat up soon.

Minneapolis, MN

Tell you what...Utah had a game plan and has stuck to it...it's worked on the defensive end, but the problem is they're so putrid on offense...33 points in 37 minutes won't win you too many ballgames.

For the Utes, chin up... Portland is coming.

For the Cougars...bring on Baylor.

Overton, NV

Utah acting like it was a close game at the end...not because they wanted to play hard till the end; not because their coach wanted them to work on anything; but just so they wouldn't be held to under 40 points.

Putrid offense from both teams, but BYU still won. A win is a win.

Nephi, UT

Well, that's six in a row. Great moral victory for the Utes, though. On a positive note things should get easier for Utah when they start PAC regular season. Home losses by the PAC to the MWC, WAC and WCC in eighteen hours. Conference of champions indeed!

Provo, UT

Congratulations to BYU for another win over the utes! Congratulations to the utes for scoring a season low, WAY TO GO!

Afton, WY

Nice win atl134. Looks like you're in for a great season.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Nice win over a Pac-12 powerhouse. BYU (WCC) 2-0 v. Conf of Champions. I didn't see the end of the game - did little brother score more than 38??

Orem, UT

Six in a row. Mark it down.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

BYU is 2-0 against the Pac 10.2; more wins than Utah will have in that conference

Utah is an embarrassment to the state of Utah and the Pac 10.2

Utah will not win another game this season...

go BYU!

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I don't know why we save our worst for the Utes. Shot terribly, did not rebound all that well, mediocre point guard play (Cusick made it tolerable). Davies still struggling, not sure why. Finals next week, but we better play a TON better against Baylor or they will run us out of the gym. Love Hartsock.

South Jordan, UT

What an ugly style of basketball the Utes play. When your goal is to just hold the ball to make the game look closer than it was, you get a brand of hoops that nobody enjoys.

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