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Published: Friday, Dec. 9 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Bloomington, IN

Rivalry games are always pretty exciting but I don't think it's going to come down to the last two minutes for this one. It will be nice to see how our backups do. Go Cougs!

Phoenix, AZ

I don't think it will come down to the first two minutes in this game. Hopefully BYU doesn't come out flat. However, it might not matter in the W/L column if they do, only the margin of victory.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Most people will think I'm nuts -- but I'm predicting an upset tomorrow night. The Utes men's team will beat BYU.

A couple of reasons, the Utes will be pumped to beat their hated rival. On the other hand, the team from Provo will completely overlook the Utes. The blue team probably didn't even practice for the game and will be in for a big surprise.

Coach K knows how important the rivalry game is. The Utes will come out playing harder then they ever have and beat the team from Provo. It will be epic.

Utes 49 BYU 45

Salt Lake City, UT

With so many new players and freshmen on both teams, it'll be interesting to see whether either team can match the intensity of years past.

Cal State's 31-point beatdown of the Utes may be tough to match with Jiggy back for the Utes, but, curiously, BYU has already beaten the Utes by 31 points a couple of times, just not in the SLC

1965 BYU 98 Utah 67, in Provo
1994 BYU 96 Utah 65, in WAC tourney

BYU nows leads the all-time series
BYU 127
Utah 125

Aurora, CO

I'm thinking first half score BYU 54 - Utah 10, but the moral victory that Chris B. will bring from this is Utah will come back in the second half with a three pointer to start the half. But still final score will be BYU 93 - Utah 41.

Not a hater just a realist.

sacramento, ca

byu 103 utes 36

Columbia, MO

Isn't it funny how Watkins gets reinstated from an indefinite suspension so soon after the utes get their worst spanking ever and BYU is coming up?

It's too bad Josh Sharp won't get to play after the ute coach and fans cried so hard when he decided to transfer to BYU and get out of a bad scene at Utah.

Highland, UT

I'm really interested to see what utah's "best effort" is?

Frisco, TX

How bad is the PAC12 at BB this year?

Idaho demolishes Oregons State today. This is the same Idaho team that lost to Long Beach St, Montana, and Eastern Washington.

Wyoming beats up Colorado.

Ute trolls continue to hype the Conference of Chumpions, but this could be a one team bid to the NCAA this year. The only good news is once they get into conference play, one of the teams has to get a win.

I'm glad BYU joined the much stronger WCC.

I know you can throw out the record most years when rivals play each other, but this year is the exception to the rule. It will be a Cougar blowout.

Paul, Idaho

Yea and the Vandels demolished them in Corvalis and Wyoming is 9-1. With all the braging of the Ute fans about the pac 12 how did a weak team like Colorado get in the conference?

che loco
Springville, UT

Cougs by 30+. This game is already decided.

Mcallen, TX

I Still Can't Say It ,

Somebody spiked your kool-aid.

Franklin, IN

Utah should just send a fax of surrender. I am one BIG Ute fan but this is a year for practice!!! Not games...but practice....in the words of the famous A Iverson...oh yeah!!!! And some recruiting! Oh...and a new AD!

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

Hey selway,

In defense of Colorado, they were involved in big boy conference football (Big 8 and Big 12) long before Utah even dreamed about playing in its two BCS games.

And wait for it... they were Co-National Champions in 1990.

Simply here for the money and it made sense to move since the Big 12 was imploding.

The real question is why did Utah get invited?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

I Still Can't Say It 9:20pm Dec 9 2011
Holladay, UT, said this:

" ...I'm predicting an upset tomorrow night ..."

If you tune in "tomorrow night" you might miss the "upset". The beat down will be played at 11am. Oh wait, there's always a re-run on BYU TV.

BYU - 104
utah - 38

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

I watched the news last night and only saw one station even report on this game. Funny how the local media only reports on the big "rivalry" game when it appears Utah has the stronger team. When the utes are in the tank, they report nothing. In fact Fox did a report about gymnastics but nothing about basketball.

Hilarious stuff.

It is sad how far utah basketball has fallen.

Good thing they are in the pac12. They might actually have a chance to win a game but I doubt it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah has not even covered a spread this year. With BYU a 22.5 point favorite, it looks like oddsmakers finally caught up to how bad Utah is (Harvard was only favored by 14.5).

rock springs, wy

@ I still can't say it

You have to be a DN plant. And, by the way, Coach K, at last report was still coaching at Duke. Learn how to spell Krystkowiak or find a new nickname.

Lehi, UT

Last time I checked, Vegas had BYU as 22 point favorites so I think an upset is highly unlikely. It's sad how far Utah basketball has fallen, but I have faith that they can rise up again in the next few years.

Phoenix, AZ

"The team from Provo" whatever, I wish we could call what is currently in Salt Lake a "team" How about if that hodge podge from Salt Lake shows up and brings their A game, they might just make it within 20 points.

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