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Published: Friday, Dec. 9 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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North Las Vegas, NV

its not just me or cougar fans that are saying the cougs had a better year. Its national voters. Look at the 3 major polls- the ap, coaches, and harris. All three say the cougs had a better year and they dont just go by won loss record although im sure that is part of it but they take into account everything like how you won or loss regardless.
Yes, byu had cup cakes on their schedule but they beat them soundly. Of the non bowl teams (ie cupcakes) they played they beat by an avg of 21.4 points. On the other hand utah beat non bowl teams by an avg of 10.2 points and actually lost to one. It gets worse if you look at how utah moved the ball against the worst teams they faced. In those games utah avged 308.6 ypg and the opponents actually out gained them 350 ydg. That is why anyone that is not a utah fan will put byu ahead of utah this year (once again look at all the polls)

Buena Park, CA

Cool, this gives BYU a legitimate chance for more Pac-12 wins next year than Utah will have.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"BYU's scheduling is what it is, and it isn't getting any better.

Utah on the other hand has perpetual home and home schedules with some of the most storied programs in collegiate history."

First of all, I guess you are right. I forgot that Howard knows more than Tom Holmoe. Tom Holmoe's visions of good programs we have signed deals with (such as Notre Dame and Texas) only exist in his mind. Thanks for setting us straight, Howard.

As far as playing historically storied programs, I took a look at ESPN's top 25 most prestigious programs. I noticed that Georgia Tech and Notre Dame, whom BYU play next year, are listed there, along with some PAC opponents that BYU has also recently played (and beat) such as UCLA and Washington. Let's not forget Texas. However, props to Utah for having a home and home with a storied program that BYU has not been able to schedule: BYU.

Highland, UT


You know ute trolls like yourself continue to try and propagate the lie that conferences won't let there teams play ooc after September. Only one conference (the pac12) has that mandate and even then only some of the schools in that conference are forced to live by that mandate. Mainly the bottom feeders with no clout like utah. Stanford and USC both play ooc in November but of course they are the big dogs and they get to make the rules for the bottom feeders like utah and exempt themselves from them.

But of course that doesn't apply to other conferences and none of the others, not one, mandates that. As with most things you ute trolls post here it is simply untrue.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Riverton Cougar

Neither Texas, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Washington, Utah, nor any major conference team will play BYU in November. Don't believe me? Look at the open dates on BYUs future schedules through 2015.

Occasionally Notre Dame may concede to a November match up with BYU, but for the most part BYU's November schedule will be filled with byes and WAC/MWC/CUSA teams.

A perpetually weak November schedule will prevent BYU from a respectable schedule that will earn them anything more than a third tier bowl game.

It is what it is... Cougar fans... get used to it.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"You know ute trolls like yourself continue to try and propagate the lie that conferences won't let there teams play ooc after September."

Okay Mr. Duckhunter, prove me wrong.

Please name one major conference team that has agreed to a November matchup with BYU.

Major conference teams simply will not interrupt their November conference races and rivalry games to play BYU. Look at the schedule.

You are correct that Staford and USC will play non-conference games in November... as long as the opponent is Notre Dame... but BYU is certainly no Notre Dame.

Weak November schedules = Collegiate football irrelevance.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"Neither Texas, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Washington, Utah, nor any major conference team will play BYU in November."

Trust me, that it more because of the conferences themselves. Utah would love to play BYU in November (although they are extremely glad they didn't this year). You make it sound as if nobody wants to play BYU. If so, it's because BYU is a good team and they want an undefeated November; they aren't willing to risk that for some out of conference opponent that they haven't established a rivalry with.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Riverton Cougar

"You make it sound as if nobody wants to play BYU"

The ACC, the Big East, the Big 12, and the PAC 12 all play Notre Dame in November, they just don't want to play BYU in November... its just not worth disrupting conference races and rivalry games to play BYU.

Since Mr. Duckhunter hasn't bothered to respond, I'll ask Mr./Ms. Riverton Cougar to name one major conference team that has agreed to play BYU in November.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Howard, your point is very shallow. You make it sound like teams not wanting to interrupt conference play is somehow a slam on BYU. Conferences are making it more difficult to schedule out of conference opponents in November, even for rivalries (we're glad you notice Notre Dame being the exception, but they have a lot more history than BYU does, so that's understandable). Besides, Georgia Tech could very well be scheduled in November, as could Utah in future years; Utah is the only team BYU has a long, current, and exciting rivalry with.

Anyway, it's not like Utah could get a quality out of conference opponent in November if they tried (besides BYU, that is). Tell me, what quality out of conference opponents have they been able to line up, or get a one-and-one deal with? Is Notre Dame coming to RES? No? What about Texas?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@Riverton Cougar

For clarification Riverton, Georgia Tech/BYU is already scheduled for October.

Beyond that, the point is that BYU will never have a quality schedule as an independent because its November schedule will always be comprised of byes and WAC/MWC/CUSA competition.

Oh, and one more thing... Utah doesn't need out of conference games in November because we already have a full schedule of games with BCS teams on a home-and-home basis.

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