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Published: Friday, Dec. 9 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Go Cougars! Man we will totally win the national champs with this here schedule.

Hayden, ID

What is sad is all the meaningless banter on this blog! My dad can whip your dad. Can not! Can too! So very childish! Grow up and get a life!

Highland, UT


You are probably correct about Hawaii but like I said there are things that make a game with a team 'good' other than just the quality of the team. Playing Hawaii is "good" for BYU for multiple reasons. One would be a better recruiting presence in Hawaii which BYU needs. Another is just that they have played each other for many years, it is something of a rivalry, and that makes it a "good" game to schedule. I would actually compare it to playing Utah St. which I consider a "good" game for some of the same reasons.

One of the things that some BYU fans and the obvious utah trolls like howie don't understand is that you simply can't play Texas followed by Alabama followed by Oklahoma followed by USC followed by Notre Dame followed by Wisconsin followed by LSU followed by Boise St followed by Penn St, followed by Nebraska followed by Stanford followed by Oklahoma st. No one can play a schedule like that and survive it.

Schedules need to have a balance which is what most teams try to acheive. BYU just needs to upgrade the bottom of the schedule and they are.

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

I thought the Cougies were slamming the U for playing Washington St., and now they are embracing them as an opponent?

I agree. Hypocrisy.

O-town, UT

I think the schedule is getting better for BYU in the future, but it will always have the November scheduling problems as most of the nation is in conference play. The big teams in the big conferences will only want to schedule a one-time home game or some neutral site game, or maybe a two-for-one. If BYU wants to play up, they will have to schedule these teams, but I am kind of thinking they don't want to since they have turned down a chance to play in a BCS conference twice.

I don't want to hear anything about the TV deal--that is a lame excuse. BYU isn't close to declaring bankruptcy. They don't need the money, and no team in the nation in a conference gets exclusive rights to rebroadcast games. BYU prefers the money and to pick their own schedule. They don't want to compete on a national stage--that's fine. It would have been nice to see two BCS teams in state, but they made their choice.

Here's hoping Weber State (with Smith) can cover the spread down in Provo next year, or pull off an upset! Have a great day everybody!

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

Luv 2 troll U

Works both ways. U guys say that BCS opponents are stacked with 'superior athletes' and that the only way to a BCS bowl is through a stronger SOS or AQ conference. So here's BYU scheduling a game with a BCS opponent over a WAC one and you cry foul.

Which is it?

Competitive ability comes and goes but a BCS opponent is a BCS opponent, right? Superior athletes?

Oh, I forgot... you lost to Colorado. No wonder you're confUsed.

Who's hypocritical and commenting on a BYU story?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"BYU just needs to upgrade the bottom of the schedule..."

Upgrade the bottom of the schedule?

With who?

BYU's November schedule will always feature the WAC and the MWC/CUSA.

There are no other teams for BYU to play in November because major conference teams are not going to interrupt their November conference schedules to play BYU.

BYU's scheduling is what it is, and it isn't getting any better.

Utah on the other hand has perpetual home and home schedules with some of the most storied programs in collegiate history.

Highland, UT


I don't care about utah's schedule and am pretty sure it isn't the subject of this thread. But since we're on the topic what was so great about utah's November schedule this year? I don't remember them playing anyone all that great and do remember them losing, at home, to one of the worst teams in the country that month.

But that said why is the Novemeber schedule so much more important than any other month? Yes I realize utah trolls like yourself have latched onto that talking point to try and use it as a way to bash BYU but I really don't care what month they play who in.

I care that they play a balanced schedule with a couple of top name teams, several good matchup type teams, a couple of "tune up" type games, a couple of rivalry or local interest games and at least half of the more interesting games at home. I don't care what month any of them are in.

BYU is an independent and as such what they do is going to be different than almost everyone else. That is ok with me.

Nephi, UT

Howard, I am dissing the fact you think Utah has such a great bowl game. Did I say anything about next year's schedule? Didn't think so. Fortunately for you, of the five possible bowl opponents for Utah, Georgia Tech is the ONE you might have a chance to beat.


Ute fans dissing BYU's schedule again...sigh....this really gets old. If the Ute fans want a dose of reality...go on the national boards of college football and read what fans from California to New York say about your team. And last but not least always remember this one fact....You have a pair of former Cougars who know alttle bit about putting together champions who coach your team. How ironic is that. At least you love those two Cougars. Go ask Chow how irrelivant that 1984 National Championship team was.


Wow, WSU.. Is that exciting?? Again we will be taliking about the 2017 schedule...? Pretty weak, the Cougs should have staid put in the MWC instead of making this mess.

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

17-14 Hurts DOESN'T It?

Hypocrisy for commenting on a BYU story? The door swings both ways by your definition:

Utah basketball article:

17-14 Hurts Don't It? | 11:59 a.m. Dec. 10, 2011
Springville, UT
Beatdown begins in 2 minutes. Can't wait to see this circus.

"Competitive ability comes and goes but a BCS opponent is a BCS opponent, right? Superior athletes?

Oh, I forgot... you lost to Colorado. No wonder you're confUsed." (Never mentioned I was confused, check my comment again before posting).

Colorado is BCS opponent too, so it doesn't matter what their record is.... right?

It seems that Colorado is more fitting for a rival than byu would ever be, 7-10 Utes in favor from the last 10 years?
54-10 in LES? Rivalries shouldn't be called rivalries when the record is 7-10, but rather called a "beat down of little brother".

Why bring up Colorado? I didn't say anything about Colorado. I just mentioned that BYU fans had a hay day telling us we beat WSU when they are a "cupcake" and now BYU schedules a "great team" that goes by the same name.

Which is it?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"But that said why is the Novemeber schedule so much more important than any other month?"

You can't be serious, Mr. Duckhunter. Along with bowl season November is the most critical month of the college football season.

November is when conference championships are determined. You may recall that Utah was in the PAC 12 championship race until the last November game of the season. Conference races create interest in college football.

November is when rivalries are played. I know you watched Utah play its new rival Colorado. You mention that game more than any BYU game this year.

So while November is the month that most of college football is focused on conference races and rivalry games, BYU is on the shelf playing meaningless WAC games and literally invisible on rivalry weekend.

So if you are okay with BYU being different, as in irrelevant in November, then you and the collective Cougar Nation should be very happy.

As for balance, a few decent teams in September and the cup cakes of the WAC in November is not balance.

Highland, UT


Well we'll just have to see how future schedules pan out but it makes no difference to me what month a particular game is played in. Yes I did watch utah play colorado, I enjoyed it very much. According to BYU's 2013 schedule they play Notre Dame in November and from what I hear the long term series with Boise is supposed to be played in November after the 1st couple of years. Hawaii in November is just fine as well. But really it doesn't matter to me, it seems to matter a great deal more to utah trolls like yourself. But the funny thing is that as "irrelevent" as BYU's November schedule supposedly was they were still on ESPN for both games as well as the Hawaii game which happened the 1st weekend of December. Seems like they still manage to get on national tv somehow. Once again that works for me.

North Las Vegas, NV

Who had a better year, Oklahoma State or Iowa State? According to a few ute fans, Iowa state since they won the game between them, who cares about the entire season. Yes, the beat down that byu got from utah was bad but if we go by the entire season, byu had the better year. If you dont beleive me check your precious bcs rankings that has byu at 32 and utah at 49. And for good measue, tulsa, the bowl opponent that utah fans bash on are 40th, 9 spots ahead of utah.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


It certainly seems that the Utah/Colorado game was more satisfying for you than any Cougar victory this year. The interesting thing is that your enjoyment of Utah/Colorado simply reinforces the irrelevance of BYUs 2011 schedule.

But whatever...

As for Notre Dame - When you agree to a 4 for 2 deal, I guess they would agree to come to Provo in November once in a while.

As for Boise - Don't be so sure that the Big East will release them from conference competition to play BYU in November.

As for Hawaii - November or December, it is still the WAC.

As for ESPN games in November - ESPN broadcasts of championship poker and the national spelling bee still don't make those relevant events.

The truth is that if a program is not relevant in November, it simply can't be relevant at all.

Sandy, UT


Numberwise, you're right.

Just as Boise St can do it, so can BYU. Play cupcakes and beat them to go undefeated a few times (BYU still can't do this) and just wait for teams above you in rankings to lose. If you go by strength of schedule, it's a different story.

Seattle, Wa

Howard S. | 10:09 p.m. Dec. 9, 2011

"But whatever... Utah has a date with Ga. Tech of the ACC in the Sun Bowl ($2.0 million payout)...
BYU has a date with... (I can't remember)... in the...(insert third tier bowl game here).
I'd rather be in Utah's position.... and so would the Cougar Nation."

Utah's $2.0M will be split amongst 12 Pac-12 Schools after expenses are factored in. Utah fans need to be VERY grateful to Oregon & Stanford, which secured 2 BCS bowl invites--one of them being the $17M Rose Bowl. With the other bowl games factored in, the Pac-12's 7-team bowl revenue pot will be $30M this year. Less $10M estimated for expenses (by the LA Times), each team in the Pac-12 will be awarded $1.6M as their share of the bowl revenue.

BYU will get to keep all of it's bowl money after expenses and all of it's TV revenue for this year--which puts BYU on top of Utah $$ wise for the year in total. That will not be the case going forward once the Pac-12 TV deal kicks in and Utah becomes fully vested.

Orem, Utah

This article is all about B.Y.U's schedule and I don't see any mention of Utah's PAC12 schedule. To all those trolls who trump their new found AQ status in the PAC 12 that could very well change in 2014 if the BCS decides to eliminate AQ status and only sponsor the National Championship. If that happens then the only relevant teams to the BCS will be number 1 and number 2 which most likely wont include Utah or my beloved Cougars.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah


"To all those trolls who trump their new found AQ status in the PAC 12 that could very well change in 2014 if the BCS decides to eliminate AQ status and only sponsor the National Championship. If that happens then the only relevant teams to the BCS will be number 1 and number 2 which most likely wont include Utah or my beloved Cougars".

The elimination of the AQ status will make things even worse for BYU as far as bowl games go. If AQ status goes away, the 4 major BCS bowls (Orange, Sugar, Fiesta, and Rose) will align themselves with their conference of choice. BYU can only play for the bowl game they have contracts with. Utah can play for the Rose Bowl if they win their conference. I'm not saying it will be easy! But, the Rose Bowl is what Utah has going for them. If the BCS only controls the National Championship Game. Utah would have a better shot at the title game due to their conference affiliation, but they still would have to go undefeated. For BYU it will be a lot harder due to SOS reasons (see Boise State).

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