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Published: Friday, Dec. 9 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"But no those certainly aren't great teams by any stretch."

So where are all the great teams ringing Tom Holmoe's phone off the hook for a chance to play BYU?

Highland, UT


You can only schedule 12 per year. But of course even you realize most games are scheduled several years in advance, we'll see them as they sign the contracts.

Iowa City, IA

Announce? I thought this was already a done deal, just needed the date settled.

Anyway, I agree with duckhunter about his "good" team assessment, with maybe the exception of Hawaii. The Rainbow warriors have generally not been a good mainland team. I would have put them in the "Idaho" category.

Of course, that is next year and we haven't even finished this one.

I do find it ironic that some BYU fans have chosen to bash Utah's bowl opponent and then gone on to tout how awesome it will be to play GATech next year. Do they have some sort of awesome recruiting class coming in or something?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"You can only schedule 12 per year."

Riiight... It must have been tough to turn down LSU, Alabama, Oregon, and Stanford because there just wasn't room on the schedule... especially after signing San Jose, NM St, and Idaho.

Nephi, UT

Yes, Howard we know Utah has a date with #45 Georgia Tech from the mighty ACC, the only BCS conference that just might be worse than the PAC 3 top to bottom. We're all jealous.

Nephi, UT

Howard, funny you should mention the only Pac 3 teams you didn't play in your post. Aren't you glad you didn't play a real PAC 3 schedule? You wouldn't have that great bowl matchup to brag about if you had. You will never get a better opportunity to play in the PAC 3 championship not playing Stanford or Oregon or even have to beat USC and you still couldn't do it! Brag about your Pac schedule when you play (or beat) the best teams.

Eugene, OR

Go (Pac-12) Cougs!

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ 17-14 Hurts Don't It?

"You lost to the Buffs, I know it still hurts but... get over it".

You lost to the Utes 54-10, I know it still hurts but.... get over it!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Dissing Georgia Tech?

Isn't that the same Ga. Tech match up that BYU announced with such rejoicing and fanfare?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@17-14 Hurts Don't It?

It must be a sad existence when the highlight of your football season is Utah's misstep against Colorado... can you say "little brother"?

Holladay, UT

Just think.....Jake Heaps could play for WSU and Coach Leach and actually throw for 350 yards in a 35 to 10 win over BYU in 2013!! WOW!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"You will never get a better opportunity to play in the PAC 3 championship..."

Whatever Utah's PAC 12 championship opportunities are, they are infinitely greater than BYU's.

BYU, however, does hold the distinct honor of being the 2011 unofficial WAC champion... soooo... you do have that going for you... which is nice.

Salt Lake City, UT


I'd agree for the most part, except USC even without Barkley is probably going to be better than Notre Dame. This year Georgia Tech and washington are fairly evenly ranked... I do like Georgia Tech's prospects for next year a bit more than Washington's so I won't say you're wrong on that one, I just would not be too surprised if they were even.

The important thing is the part you got right that almost nobody else seems to acknowledge... BYU and Utah are fairly evenly matched despite all the 9-3 vs 7-5 and the 45-10 claims.

@Howard S.
"BYU has a date with... (I can't remember)... "

Tulsa. You'd remember if you actually paid attention to college football seeing as Tulsa is ranked higher than Utah, Georgia Tech, and BYU. They went 8-4 with their 4 losses being to teams that when they played them were in the top 10.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Yes, Howard we know Utah has a date with #45 Georgia Tech from the mighty ACC, the only BCS conference that just might be worse than the PAC 3 top to bottom."

It's pretty obvious that the ACC is worse than the PAC-12. Oh and you forgot about the existence of the Big East, though in fairness they shouldn't even be a BCS conference.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

@ atl134

"Tulsa. You'd remember if you actually paid attention to college football..."

Is that the same Tulsa of the non-BCS CUSA with a strength of schedule ranked 60th as compared to Utah's 37th ranked SOS?

Chris from Rose Park

@CougFanin TX - I like what he says. I agree for the most part. I feel like the schedules are relatively even. I think being in the PAC 12, the Utes are able to play more established and prestigious schools. Has Cal been great in the past? Yes. Is Boise St. better now? Yes. Does playing Arizona St. sound better than playing Hawaii? I think so.

I'm excited for the future. I am a Coug fan through and through and I'm hoping to have great schedules in the future. This November was boring, it was. Was it worse than the MWC? Somewhat. I think the future looks much brighter. I've accepted the fact that as long as we are independent are November schedules will have WAC teams; I would hope to get the service academies in the schedules (they don't always have the best records but I think it would be fun to play them).

By the way, there will always be Utah people that bash on BYU as well as BYU people bashing on Utah. I wish it wasn't so. I think it's fun to trash talk but only when there is a common understanding between the two parties that it's just for fun. Disrespect for either side is poor behavior. A dislike and disagreement is fine if that is what someone feels, but a lack of respect is never warranted.

I am curious, why were there two pages of comments at this article posted at 4:30 and not a single comment on a Ute article about the bowl game posted at 6:30?


I commend BYU scheduler for getting another PAC12 team in 2012 schedule. As next year schedule is better than 2011, in that they have six good games teams from BCS conference in: Utah, Oregon State, Washington State, Boise State, and Georgia Tech and well known independent in Notre Dame. I wouldn't have scheduled these five teams: Weber State, Utah State, New Mexico State, San Jose State, and Idaho. Playing them does nothing in helping BYU advance in the weekly poll ranking as this year 9-3 season showed that. I would only schedule Hawaii as 13th game if played in Hawaii. Playing a team from a BCS conference far outweighs playing a team from the MWC, WAC, or C-USA conference. We kid ourselves if we think those teams are at the same level as a team from the BCS conference when judged by the coaches and/or sports media pollsters.

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

@Howard S

The Colorado Buffs Co-won an NC in 1990 and have been playing big boy conference football since the Utes were in diapers.

In fact you should probably think about changing the Ute diapers now. It's been two weeks.

Springville, UT

@Chris from Rose Park

"...why were there two pages of comments at this article posted at 4:30 and not a single comment on a Ute article about the bowl game posted at 6:30?

Well Chris, that's a really good question. Stay on here long enough and monitor enough stories and you will quickly discover the answer you are seeking.

In the end you will find that there are simply more BYU 'fans' than Ute fans. Perhaps you can contact someone at a 'resurch skool' to help validate that for you. I would.

The sports program that has more national relevance is usually the one that garners the most 'fans' for and against it. It also helps to have a 'religious affiliation' that adds that welcomed 'lightening rod' effect to attract funny commentary and critical analysis necessary for sports columns.

I hope this helps you in understanding the well documented disparity between BYU and Ute stories on the DNews.

It also must be pointed out that the vulgarity well documented on the Trib site would explain why not too many BYU fans comment over there. Over here things are a little more civil. Hope you noticed the difference.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

So hilarious yet predictable to see the regular BYU faces (Ducky) posting comments about next years schedule that contradict everything they tear down about Utah's schedule.
There's not a shred of credibility left for you guys, you've spoken out of both sides of your mouths far too many times.

Cougfanintx -
Nice try.
San Jose St - Colorado +
Notre Dame - USC +
GTech - Washington - even or Washington but not GTech.

Everything else was accurate.

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