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Published: Friday, Dec. 9 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Love it! Earl brings back great B Ball IQ and not to mention the Early-Oop to Evans

No U Won't
Reality, UT

Like Earl, but would rather have Ronnie Price than Jamaal Tinsley.

Sakshay Chaturvedi87
Noida, India

Earl is the man !!!

Sakshay Chaturvedi87
Noida, India

I hope Devin Harris remain fit for the whole season and we don't need to play Jamaal Tinsley !!!

Sakshay Chaturvedi87
Noida, India

Rip Hamilton is just being waived, the Jazz should use the amnesty clause on Raja Bell and sign rip. He would give them the outside shooting they so desperately need to open up the middle for the bigs! !!! Jazz Do this !!!!

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

This Jazz roster is shaping up to be representative of a middle to upper lower eschelon collection of players. Earl Watson is a good journeyman player for the team. I'm glad he is back. What I'm worried about is who is in front of him, starting. I know defense in the league is overrated, but does the Jazz have any position players that can match up or even play team defense against other playoff bound teams? This worries me, if anyone seriously thinks this rendition of the Jazz has any chance whatsoever of contending for a playoff berth.

Centerville, UT

I like this news and Earl, but I agree, I'd much rather get Ronnie Price than Jamaal Tinsley.

Cache, UT

Ronnie Price is better than Tinsley. I am glad Watson is back.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

The day has been saved!

Get rid of Tinsley and with this Watson re-signing I will forgive you O'Conner. I never want to see Tinsley in a Jazz uniform.

Getting Watson was nothing short of essential because there is absolutely nothing out there let alone anything better from a PG standpoint.

Roosevelt, UT

Earl is the man. He can be thrown in anywhere and will be steady and deliver the goods.

KOC might be earning some of his millions with that signing. Then I read Keith McLeod has been invited to camp...come on is he bringing Ostertag?

Hope Ronnie finds a good home but glad it is not with the Jazz. He is a poor shooter in a game and a worse passer. Not a good equation for a pg.

Temecula, CA

Good move, Jazz. Welcome back, Earl. The Jazz are set for one year (until next year's draft) at point guard if, and only if, the Jazz use Burks some there backing up Watson. I think that as long as Burks and Hayward are on the court at the same time, one of them can always get it up to the front court.

Columbia, SC

I really don't understand signing Tinsley. Maybe he was the only player the Jazz brass could watch during the lockout and they got hooked (although his d-league numbers are really bad). It's hard to believe that there isn't another free agent PG who brings more to the table than Tinsley (personally I think Price is one of them). Arenas was just amnestied by Washington which means we could get him really cheap. Not sure if he's the best fit for the team, but he's gotta be better than Tinsley.

Any word on AK yet? It looks like he won't be a Jazz man (sad) but I'd still like to know what happens to him. I still think he would be a great addition for a couple million a year. He's had a great summer in Russia.

Chandler, AZ

Arenas??? Please no. I'd rather they play with 4 on the court than sign Arenas.

Richfield, UT

Glad to see Earl back, but i'm sure this means the end of Price, even though we all will miss the excitement Ronnie brought I think it's for the best, Tinsley is a true point guard and a better shooter. I hope he Corbin keeps the Jerry's no headband rule, it makes Tinsley look like a dork.

Pocatello, ID

I love Ronnie Price and the energy he brings when out on the floor but it seems like his pg skills hadn't developed like the Jazz hoped they would. If only he were 4-5 inches taller he'd be a true 2 guard. Just a tweener imo. Too bad. He's a Utah guy now. I believe he married a girl from Utah and makes Utah his year round home now.

Sandy, Ut

Nice sign, very necessary to proceed to have a solid vetern familar with our system and players. Ronnie Price can't stay healthy... how many times did we suffer an injury to dwill or Devin only for Price to get hurt a few games later?

West Jordan, Utah

Man I echo multiple comments made here. I am happy about Watson being back, but Price is the far better choice over Tinsley.

Watson and Price together give me security in case Harris gets hurt.

As back ups, Watson is steady and Price is the energizer. Both are needed at different times.


when espn ranked 500 NBA players, i honestly expected Ronnie Price to be #500.. i really did.. he cannot shoot, he cannot pass, and he fouls more than any guard in the nba (per 48 min).. look it up.

There is no argument made for keep Ronnie Price on this roster.. don't even try.

Watching, UT

The Jazz need to try to get A.I. Andrew Idgudola. Energetic, explosive, good defender. Pg's are the floor general, setting up plays and ball distribution. Our front line this year is beastly.... All I can say is bring it on!

Sandy, UT

I love Earl & trust him 100%. No worries at all with him as the PG backup. He's a great guy who can run the floor, loves it here and actually wants to stay. Definitely a keeper.

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