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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 7 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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sandy, UT

Diagnosis-patient is thriving, unlike the failure to thrive and life support for the team on the hill. See you there on Saturday. Tickets shouldn't be too hard to get.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Nice win by the Cougars. Looks like the argument about best team in the state should be revamped to who has the best home court advantage. Probably USU has the best court advantage as long as the students are allowed to act without dignity or self-respect. For now the title of best team has to go to BYU. Once BYU found the basket on Wednesday night the game turned into an example of total domination by the home team.

Parting thought: Weber State, you need to get new uniforms. Those black rags you wore last night are ugggglyyyy!

Tyler McArthur
South Jordan, UT

Great job Cougars! Now it's finally time for Utah. Let's try to get more Cougar fans than Utes at the Huntsman Center on Saturday. Who's with me?!

Realistic Goggles
Alpine, UT

BYU looked really good tonight but I was very impressed with Lillard. Although he didn't put up great numbers, the guy is a baller and he deserves whatever praise he gets.

Frannie, WY

Dear Coach Rahe: Re: "They're big, they're strong, and they're old." We prefer "mature."

Highland, UT

I think that maybe Dave Rose should of had some more mercy on Weber State and actually should have started calling fans down from the stands to play.

Lehi, Utah

That game may have been more fun to watch than Fredette pouring in 40+ last year. To see the entire team shoot lights out and play suffocating defense was really fun. Austin is extremely impressive, 6'10, athletic, coordinated, and extremely aggressive. He's going to be a franchise player in the years to come.

Salt Lake City, UT

"they're old"??? Why don't you blame it on the biased WCC officials or that your team was suffering from jet-lag having to travel all the way down from Ogden?

are you going to complain about the unfair advantage that byu coaches who are returned missionaries have as well?


Boise, Id

This team is starting to come together and jell at the right time. It great to see guys like Zylstra and Nate Austin play well. Noah and Abouo have come to play every game if Davis can play more like he did tonight and continue to get better this could be a fun team to watch!


Coach Rahe BYU couldn't have anyone older than Darrin Mahoney, he's 25, maybe he's too old.

O-town, UT

@Whoa Nellie

I agree, the black uniforms have to go. They need to go back to their classic purple road uniforms.

To the rest: I don't know why you are bothered about the "old" comment, Rahe was just pointing out the maturity and delvelopment advantage. I guess the term length is the new word for height, but the Wildcats couldn't overcome that disparity.

Wildcats need Bullinger back ASAP, and Mahoney, Treznik, and Otis need to learn how to play the inside game against taller opponents, otherwise Lillard and Bamforth will be smothered.

Hopefully, they can regroup. I think both teams will make the tourney. Good luck the rest of the way.

Murray, UT

"They're old"? Eight or nine freshman on the floor is old? Why do these coaches persist with their pathetic excuses for losing to BYU? The jet lag comment makes more sense! Good one!

Glad to see these guys starting to jell. Fun to watch. And other than the downside of putting good money into the Utah coffers we ought to buy the place out on Saturday to watch the team put a REAL hurt on the mighty PAC 12.


Can't wait to see how the Cougars do against Baylor. That will be a big test and hopefully they do better than they did against Wisconsin.

"Old" players? That canard has been around too long. If it's such an advantage, what happened the year they won 1 game? Obviously, they were too old to compete.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Jimmer didn't have the answer to 6th players at USU student section when he lost that game in Logan. His advise was insightfull for our young team. Now we don't have to push too hard for our next oponent against our neighbor up north at Salt Lake. Do I hear Carlino being ready yet for next week?

South Jordan, UT

When I heard their coach say "They're big, they're strong and they're old." on the radio in the post game, it bugged me.

Then he went on to answer a reporter's question "what was your game plan" with something like "to have a full team" implying his excuse for losing was not that he got dominated by a much better team, but that he was "short handed."

Their coach sounded conceited, and very much the poor loser.

Bad form, coach. Bad form.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I, too, can't believe Rahe went for the stale "These guys are OLD" excuse. Here are the facts, coach: Average age of BYU starter = 21.4; average Weber starter = 21.6. Also, Weber State has 5 freshmen on their squad, while BYU has NINE. Finally, the oldest player on the court all night started for Weber State (Darin Mahoney, age 25). BYU opponents need a new excuse.


>"They're big, they're strong, and they're old."

That's what people say about me, but they usually replace "big" and "strong" with "slow" and "bald."

Highland, UT

It seems excuses are pretty common place at weber. If rahe is whining about missing Bullinger then BYU can just come back that they are missing Collinsworth so that's a push. But the truth is the better team is the team that can replace what they have missing and not skip a beat. With Bullinger gone weber had what to replace him? With Collinsworth out of action BYU just brings in Austin and he tears it up.

Better teams have better depth and BYU is obviously far and away the better team.

Oh and PGVikingDad nice job refuting the other one of rahe's whiney excuses. weber is older on average than BYU and had the oldest player on the floor starting for them.


Eagle Mountain, UT

Offense really came to life both inside and outside but I was most impressed with their defense. A few mistakes but very solid. I am looking forward to seeing them play Baylor now. This is going to be another very good year for BYU basketball.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

lost all respect for Rahe when he went with the "old" excuse. How about BYU players are just better than Weber players. And Rose is better than you.

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