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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 6 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Ted H.
Midvale, UT

I agree Jake has acted like a little kid, but I disagree its all about playing time. Had Jake redshirted next year, he would almost have been guaranteed the starting role for 2 years.

Wherever he goes, he'll still have to fight for the starting job after sitting a year. Why would Jake think his prospects of starting in 2013 would be any better elsewhere as opposed to byu? I think it has very little due to playing time(for the reasons I state) and a lot more about ego.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Very insightful article! I couldn't agree with you more. It contained a lot of the same thoughts I've asked myself. I guess the only question I have about reading some of the articles coming out of the DN now is why didn't this same level of article come out before? This article would have been entirely appropriate when the "transfer" option was initially thrown out there. Now these "post-decision" articles by the DN just seem to be piling on before Heaps can even get out of town.

Marysville, WA

The more I read and think about the last two years, the more I am over Heaps. He has talent, but has shown no feel for the college game. Did the coaching staff have to make promises to start him early in order to secure him? If so, they won't be doing that again.

I'm really tired of the fans who evidently have never played the game and who are blaming everyone but Jake for his situation. In the broader popular culture, celebrity and entitlement count more and more. In life and in sports (and especially in football, where if one guy really blows it, the whole team suffers), entitlement is toxic. If you need celebrities, go read about the Kardashians.

GO Cougars!

Ry Guy

Come on. If any of us were in Jake's situation we would do the same thing. #1 BYU's offense is not suited to Jake's abilities. #2 It is obvious the coaching staff doesn't like him. let him go somewhere where the coaching staff does like him. He is a kid! The dude is still a teenager. Of course he's not going to have the same maturity as a grown man who is a returned missionary. I personally think he acted quite reasonably. I never heard one bad thing said about the University. I didn't see constant complaining when he got demoted.

I do think it is ironic Doug Robinson uses Riley Nelson as his example.....a guy who himself transferred to find a better situation. BYU fans didn't seem to mind that Max Hall didn't "tough it out" at Arizona state when he didn't win their starting job.

South Jordan, UT

So Did Riley "tuck tail and run" by transferring from USU? Now you praise him for being a warrior when he did the exact same thing Jake is now doing? Reality is that sometimes the program doesn't fit the player and it is in everyone's best interest for the kid to move on... You're obviously just trying to get readers here...

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Wish Heaps the best but I have to agree with this article.

I watched one of the best QB's back up McMahon and never play. Royce Bybee. He was not only a great QB but a good man too. Can't say the same of McMahon who was a loose cannon. A good QB but not the best example. Royce would have done as well I am convinced with the program that was in place back then.

I agree a year off to mature and start the next 2 would have been a good choice. Now it is a crap shoot and he may just sit behind another depending on where he goes. Could have a new QB come up and have a steller year at his next stop and then what take him out for Heaps. No coach is going to do that. One earned it the other expects it.

Hope it works out for all parties involved but like a Mr Olson a few years ago we know how that ended up.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Re: Ry Guy "He is a kid! The dude is still a teenager." I couldn't disagree with you more, my friend. The dude is married, a full-fledged husband. I'm so tired of reading all the "kids" statements. Now the real question is whether he's a mature young married. The answer to that is a resounding no. Dude is going back to his QB "coach" who's doing no favors to Jake-- simply stroking his ego more and more.

Nampa, ID

Really Doug? Are you serious?

Jake would not have played too much in this system, that's why he's transferring. Why should he stay in a sytem he cannot excel at? The kid hopes to go pro, not just learn life lessons.

Doug, you're dreaming if you think kids play college football to build character. they play college ball to hopefully go pro or pay for an education. The kid can play. He showed it under Anae. He just can't play under Doman's system. There's nothing wrong with him trying for some other school that will help him excel.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is laughable how Cougar fan has magically transformed. They enjoyed Jake's press conference and told us all how he would win the heisman and lead the Cougars to the National Championship. Now they say that he overdid things, his press conference was embarassing and he needed to be humble, he was imature and too full of himself.


Over the Top
Rigby, ID

Doug, your article is spot on!

Highland, UT

I personally don't care that he has left but Robinson made some good points. For one what makes Heaps think he will have a better opportunity elsewhere? He has to sit out a year whever it is he transfers to, so long as it is D1, so he won't be playing any sooner than if he stayed at BYU. That reason wouldn't make any sense.

I think this must have much more to do with the rumors we have heard about him simply not being liked by a portion of the other players. I don't know him so I can't say what sort of person he is and everything I have ever seen of him would indicate he is a good, respectful, kid. But if the team itself simply won't get behind him then he probably realized he would never have the success he needs to get to the NFL.

It's too bad. I never like to see people fail but this may be the best for him of course it is his decision. I wish him luck.

In the meantime BYU is loaded at qb with more coming including the #2 ranked HS qb this year. Looking good.


Doug you're wrong. Ry Guy you're right. And Doug you got what you wanted - a story that will bring plenty of attention and comments. Good job.


Duckhunter they are not loaded with QBs. Even if they were it would not matter. BD can't coach QBs and the offense. Not anymore than BM can coach defense and the team.

Chandler, AZ

This article, and all of the others like it, have failed to report on the real story. Playing time is a quick and easy excuse and makes for lazy reporting. It is easy to say Heaps left because he lost his starting job, and yes, you would have to agree that if he was still the starter he would not be transferring, but this obscures the point. There has to be more to the story than just playing time. Look what has happened with BYU coaches this year. BYU has three new offensive coaches this year and Heaps bore the brunt of their learning curve, which seems to still be going. I mean, quick case in point, is that it took Doman 3-games to figure out that he should be up in the box to be able to call plays. Heaps started those 3-games and had to deal with that.

I'm not making up another excuse, but just saying that there are two sides to every divorce and none of the articles that I've seen have looked at the other side.

Riverside, CA

Well said Doug. Finally an opinion piece on this topic I agree with. I've thought about McMahon/ Wilson situation throughout this whole soap opera. Heaps would have had the job his junior and senior years. System, shmystem. Wilson, McMahon and Young were all very style qbs but they all fit into the "system." Heaps just needs to mature.

Cedar Hills, UT

Dumb article. Comparing apples to oranges. Heaps was one of the top freshman in the country coming out of high school and Nelson ... well I'm still trying to figure out how he earned a scholarship at a divsion one school. Of course any top talent isn't going to waste away behind some Tim Tebow look-a-like in Riley Nelson and all because his offensive coordinator doesn't run a traditional pro-style passing attack. There is no secret that Doman hasn't spoken to Heaps for months so why would Jake want to red shirt a year at BYU knowing full well he can't get along with the offensive coordinator. Heaps got along GREAT with Brad Anae. Heaps is making the right move and if he were my son I would tell him to move on ASAP!!! In two years we will most likely see Jake starting for a team in a BCS conference and setting all sorts of passing records. BYU will be a long forgotten memory.

Tempe, AZ

I agree with Ted H. (might be a first).

There is more to this than playing time. Even though Doman brought in a new system, Heaps knows the offense, the nomenclature, the BYU way of doing things such as practice, preparation, team rules, etc. What's more he knows the coaches, players, the campus, the area. To boot, he is in a good environment, getting a good education with a new wife.

Why, then, would he leave this situation, knowing that he will have to sit out a year and re-learn all of these things with unceratinty as to whether the situation will be any better UNLESS there is something more to his transfer than playing time?

And confirming this theory, I have a source inside the team that speculates that there is more to it than playing time. The source said that when Bronco told the team about the transfer he spent very little time on the topic and very few people on the team seemed to care. Hmmmm......

That being said, I do believe Heaps will be successful in the right situation.

Utah Girl
Vernal, UT

Best of luck to you Jake, wherever you go. Sometimes things just don't turn out like they should, or could in one place, but you achieve success somewhere else. You have a lot of talent and ability, and I wish you the best.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ patriot
Who's Brad Anae? Do you mean Robert Anae? In two years we will have heard the last of Jake Heaps and his aspirations for the NFL. It was not Doman that caused Heaps to throw interception after interception. Face it, he has a great arm and was a fantastic high school quarterback but lacks the intangibles to be a great Div. I QB. His record speaks for itself. He plays well against patsies and chokes under pressure. I wish the kid luck but the reality is this article is spot on.

American Fork, UT

Thanks, Doug. I wish Jake had the perspective to work through this--I believe it ultimately would have been to his advantage.

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