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Published: Monday, Dec. 5 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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Glenwood, UT

BYUs back up QB is transfering......Ok. Bye.

Homer, AK

It saddens me that the coaching staff and particulary Bronco Mendenhall could be so inept at handling this situation. Good luck becoming an elite program with Riley Nelson. He's a great sparkplug for the short term, but Jake Heaps was the real deal and you let him down by first placing expectations so high that no one could possibly meet them and then abandoning him when he needed encouragement. Shame on you.

Salt Lake City, UT

Here comes the Cougar damage control squad. Dick Harmon's "article" rallying the troops will be next.


Torrey Ellis
Kaysville, UT

This situation is making me sick (We lose a 5 star recruit, story of Nelson's family in DH artice). Heaps was sorely mismanaged, and while I recognize that this is not just a one-sided coin, I think that the blame largely goes to the coaching staff.

Taylorsville, UT

A very good analysis.

Nampa, ID

Too bad the running game was non-existent until after Utah State.

Danbury, CT

Either Heaps was not able to raise his skills to D-1 level or BYU didn't have the coaching power to help him do it. I remember we ran Norm Chow out of Provo for running a "predictable" offense. Even Ty Detmer had a dismal senior year after showing loads of promise. Even in our best years, BYU has just been a solid mid-major, a few wins against name competition (outside Miami, no one in the top 10 not in the MWC or WAC). So I don't know where everyone is getting so surprised that we aren't in a BCS bowl. This is BYU.

I would be tougher on our coaches if any of these "star" QB's did something significantly better at a new school. Olson and the rest have all been mediocre at best. I think Heaps was overrated. Worse than that, he just doesn't play with heart or emotion. Not going after fumbles or trying to tackle an INT coming at him were signs he just wasn't in the game. Give me a Steve Young or a Riley Nelson any day over an emotionless player like Heaps.

Tempe, AZ

"Too bad the running game was non-existent until after Utah State."

Because the schedule softened up significantly after that game with the exception of TCU.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


"I think Heaps was overrated."

Seriously? You were one of the most vocal people around here saying Heaps would win a Heisman! Way to backtrack on that one...

Orem, Utah

Maybe the weak Pac-12 defenses won't scare him so much!

Cougar Alumni
Beaver, UT

Article;The Iggy's press conference is just the sort of thing that Bronco Mendenhall hates. Throughout my years of covering recruiting, the BYU head coach has made no secret regarding his utter disdain for the recruiting process and the hype assigned to prospective players out of high school.

If Bronco hates it so much, why doesn't he tell ALL recruits, you have a press conference say good by to your scholarship!

Bronco, start coaching and stop the fireside chats!

To the Y approach Holmoe and either fire him or get into an AQ conference and bring back what Coach LE built.

The IndyWAC and the Heaps issues are bad press!


Im so sick of hearing about how good heaps was in high school and how great of a arm he has. coulda should woulda... He hasn't won anything. Riley Nelson put up yards against TCU that no one has..... I can't believe anyone would want a kid that leaves just because he got beat out, that isn't a football player. Mendenhall and Doman love Riley because he is efficient and wins games and the team plays better because of him. BYU's Defense was great beginning the season and slowly lost its swag because of the pathetic offense lead by heaps. They are finally back because of the offense is led by Nelson

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

I feel bad for Jake and wish him the best wherever he goes. The notion of playing at Wazoo for Mike Leach is interesting. I would be a little nervous at the prospect of facing a Jake Heaps developed, but I'd LOVE to see Utah face him.

For those bad-mouthing Nelson, chirp away. I think he has the right stuff to get BYU into the top 25, even win some games against top 25 programs. Into the top 10? Well, right now, top 25 would look good. One step at a time.

Orem, UT

The proof is in the pudding and Heaps only gave us jello.

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV

Bronco didn't commit to Nelson after Utah St. For a few weeks, he was playing the "week to week evaluation" card.

Danbury, CT

@Brave Sir Robin,

I never said anything of the sort. I love BYU as a school but think the athletic programs have been a disappointment on the national stage.

We wear Blue
ogden, ut

Note to all Ute trolls and fair weather Cougar fans:
Stating your great because there is a title tacted onto your name, such as "PAC12" and" highest rated recruit," means nothing without actual results.
Every child knows the story,"the emperors new clothes" and understand how many believe something is there, when obvisiously there isnt . Just because enough people say it is so, we still can see theres nothing.

As the Utes swirl slowing down the toliet of the PAC12,all the while telling us they are playing the best teams in the nation and the armchair QBs preach the downfall of BYU football because Heaps is leaving........the Emperor has been exposed.


Shocking that he won't be a BYU qb ?

Not at all, Jake is the classic proverbial "One Hit Wonder" the Ben Olsen of the 2000's for BYU, again Hype does not a Heap make.

Sorry the emperor has no clothes.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I seem to remember someone saying that players generally play how they are coached. I don't see a whole lot of accountability from a coaching staff that just squandered a five star quarterback.

Fort Worth, TX

Henry - my only thought about your post is that virtually every other BYU player plays with their heart of their sleeve. Just watch the defense, that is heart! And I think that is what the coach has taught and instilled those attributes into most of his players. Sometimes people respond differently to leadership.

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