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Published: Monday, Dec. 5 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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One-eyed pigeon
West Jordan, Utah

Why hasn't Doman spoken to Heaps in nearly 2 months? I would think the communication would increase after the Ute blowout and getting benched for Utah State. If this is true, then Doman is extremely immature and I feel bad for Heaps. Something seems off about this claim though Harmon.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Good luck to Jake and his family. I hope he finds what he's looking for.

Moving forward, I anxious to learn more about James Lark, Taysam Hill, and Ammon Olsen.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Jake was given plenty of opportunity and just didn't perform, the problems now being talked about wouldn't be problems if Jake had performed like he should have and has the talent to do. To me it is more Heaps fault than the coaches.

SLC, Utah

Bottom line. Hit the open reciever. Jake did not and could not do it. Blah blah blah...

If he made the passes he would still be in Provo.

Homer, AK

Funny how the great Riley Nelson's family harrassing Brooke Heaps did not come out until now. It makes me sick that supposedly adults would pick on a young players young wife.

Washington, UT

I hope Jake has a fulfilling career wherever he ends up. BYU has now been relegated to a feeder program for a BCS school. Jake's new program will benefit from two years of experience and a needed transition red shirt year. He should be ready to go for the 2013 season. For whatever reason, It's too bad BYU's recruiting process put Jake into the unearned QB position. I believe the "mature" team members must have been less-than-excited about all the hype and less-than-stellar performances against good teams the past two years...with a teenager pulling the trigger. The BYU "system" has produced many QB's who weren't highly regarded, but they paid their dues and were ready to play after a few years of learning. There have been exceptions, but ultimately Heaps wasn't ready for prime-time as a true freshman or sophomore. He will, however, be ready as a junior and senior. The trigger men have been truly invested in Jake, and now that investment is gone. Perhaps a walk-on will now get his scholarship...and that's the state of the program. OBTW Dick, nice work with the Nelson family mud sling. Forget about being a BYU family, we've got Tradition, Honor & Spirit to think about.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Like Michael Loyd - Heaps will find out the grass is not greener. I wish him well.

Salt Lake City, UT

Here it is. Dick's rallying the troops.


Salem, UT

Pac 12 or SEC- Heaps had trouble with speed and locking in on a receiver- do that in either one of those conferences and he will be in a world of trouble- just because he has nice mechanics and can throw hard does not mean he is a quaterback- I hope he succeeds beyond all expectations but my two cents says I strongly I doubt it if it is a cnference a step or two up from the competition I saw him play against- good luck though

Nephi, UT

Anybody else notice this article has changed? Just delete the whole thing!

Provo, Utah

I wanna know more about the supposed taunting of Heaps' wife. As it is right now it just sounds like a bunch of unsubstantiated hearsay, that's going to turn into something much bigger and more false.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Dick: I'm pretty sure Jake's press conference was held at "Iggy's" and not "Ziggy's". Iggy's is a sports grill, "Ziggy's" is a smoke shop. There is some humor in your mistake, but you might want to change it.

Sorry to see Jake go. He had the potential to be a great quarterback, but I don't think the BYU community had the patience to wait for him to develop. He'll do well elsewhere. I think this will have some serious repercussions down the line, however. Maybe future five star quarterbacks will think twice before entrusting their football career to this program.

SLC, Utah

Out on the field...

During the games... When it counted

He missed open recievers... way to often

When it counted he simply could not do it.

It's OK Jake ... Most people can't. You will be OK.


A sad day for this long-time BYU supporter, but a long time coming. None of know all the details but this is an indictment of the current coaching staff and culture at the football program. At his best, Heaps can and probably will be one of the premier QB's in the country. At his best, Nelson is an average QB with no arm strength, a big heart, bad (but lucky) decision maker with a decent record against subpar programs. No matter how they spin it, this will only breed more mediocrity until the school and boosters finally make the decision to get rid of a really good man and a very poor football coach. You need only look to the basketball program to see how an excellent coach who knows how to work with talent can create a superior product. One more thought (assuming it is true) ... shame on Riley Nelson's family for their despicable conduct with Heaps wife. If Nelson had any class, he would apologize to Heaps and his family. But, the best revenge will be Heaps' successful collegiate and probable NFL career while Nelson is selling cell phone contracts in Provo for a living.

Centralia, WA

Kellen Moore must move on and, . . . ..

Orem, Utah

As much as many of us wanted him to succeed due to his skill level, it appears he might have just been a practice phenom, but not a playing phenom, like Riley.

Good luck wherever you end up, Jake.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It seems that Mr Harmon knew a few things that he kept under his vest. I am disgusted with the Nelson clan if they really did that to Heaps wife. They can all go cheer for the red JC school up on the hill if that is the "quality" that they bring with them from Logan.

Also, if Doman really did not talk to Heaps since the Utah game I am even more disgusted with him.. Heaps bore the brunt of his lousy play calling early in the year, but that is only part of it. Struggling to be a good coach in year one is a problem but understandable. Not communicating with a player under your watch is inexcusable. I am beginning to think that Anai(?) was the wrong coach to fire.

I like Riley but Jake had potential that Riley will never have and that should have been considered before giving Riley all the guaranteed wins on the schedule. For all the problems in the punting game, Riley's turnovers were just as costly in the loss to TCU.

Best line of the article "Utah was never an option". The Utes should get used to that phrase.

Hillsboro, OR

This was a fantastic article that puts a good viewpoint on the situation. I am convinced that this will be good for both BYU and for Jake Heaps. Next year's team with Nelson, Hill, and Tanner Magnum will be too deep for Heaps, yet he still is a talented player who could do better in a different system.

Mobile quarterbacks will always have a huge edge on non-mobile QBs unless they are 6'4"+ with a super quick release (Payton Manning for example).

Pleasant Grove, UT

Captain L and BYU fans.

I hope you love crow.. and enjoy Riley and your below average wins against some of the poorest teams in college football.

Go Tulsa and whoever plays BYU football. What a joke.

Oh and if you think Tanners not thinking twice now, your kidding yourself cougar fans, and coaching staff. And I hope he bails soon!

Ogden, UT

You are all right, Jake is a little bit of a drama queen. But to say he has no talent is asenine. He has incredible potential. It comes down to horrible coaching. Good coaches take drama queens and teach them discipline. Good coaches don't make the huge mistakes that have been made dealing with the quarterback situation. This was aweful. I hope that BYU and Jake can both rebound from this.

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