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Published: Sunday, Dec. 4 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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Franklin, IN

PAC 12...playing ACC...Utes v ramblin' Wreck...

Beats Vegas...or Armed Forces... My opinion

Go Utes

Beverly Hills, CA

A season of growing pains but the Utes showed heart and took on some tougher teams than the band of little bunglers who got fat on WAC team combining only to win over one team with a winning record.

Provo, UT

Congrats on the bowl bid, Utes. Even if John White does play, though, the Utes must take this game very very seriously--Ga Tech's option offense is much tougher than Air Force's, to say the least.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

Utah vs. Georgia Tech in the Sun. That was what the pundits thought this past week, but it is gratifying to see it happen.


Utes are going to play a respectable team from the ACC! Sweet! We have Chase Hansen and Travis Wilson to look forward to next year! Things are looking up in Ute land! :)

Highland, UT

I love how the 1st 2 posts are utah "fans" referencing BYU. Little bros forever.


Provo, UT

I was hoping for Vegas because it was closer but this is a pretty decent match-up for both schools. Tech's old-school option attack vs. the U's stingy run defense makes a compelling match-up. The U. will need to find some offense to have a chance.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

things are looking up? going 4-5 and losing to the worst team in the Pac 10.2 sure shows that things are looking up....

Georgia Tech 35
Utah 13

Park City, UT


Still December and already Utah fans can't wait for this year to end so they can look forward to next season.

If finishing the regular season 7-5 with an embarrassing home loss to one of the worst teams in the country is what U consider "looking up in Ute land", the bar on the hill has really been set low.

Beaver, UT

The Band of Lil Brothers kept touting Vegas Bowl for the Utes, a Bowl the Cougs can't even make now days!

Its all Sun Bowl as expected!

PAC 12 you gotta love it!

This is just the beginning!

Great job Utes!

Farmington, UT

I understand the enthusiasm for going to El Paso for the Sun Bowl instead of Las Vegas, but why all the agnst against the Armed Forces Bowl?

BYU is always and forever your number one priority, as expressed in these blogs; not nearly so much from Cougar fans against the U as Y haters in both threads.

Get a life, Utes! If you're truly moved on, then MOVE ON. (But after the CU loss we know differently, don't we?) The only reason no one has mentioned '54 - 10' is because we'd throw "we're going to the Rose Bowl this year" back in your face.

Here's a suggestion: Enjoy YOUR bowl and we'll enjoy OURS. And to show I'm serious, I'll pass on making a prediction about the Utah/Ga Tech score.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

1st year in the PAC-12 and we make the Sun Bowl. Not a bad year.


Franklin, IN

I didn't mention the team down south in my post...referenced two bowls...and my opinion of Utah's bowl invite compared to them.

But while you are reading, can you let us k ow is Tulsa is D1 or D1-AA?

Good luck


Come on, both fan bases, move on! Yes, the first 2 posts took a jab at BYU. Yet, several more BYU fans were busy making comments on this article on the Utes, making predictions how they'll fail, making references to the Colorado loss, still not coming to terms with the 54-10 blow out loss to the Utes, etc. It gets tiresome.

It would be nice if both fan bases could tell each other congratulations and move on.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Duckhunter | 6:56 p.m. Dec. 4, 2011
Highland, UT
I love how the 1st 2 posts are utah "fans" referencing BYU. Little bros forever.


Says a BYU fan who cares so much for Utah football that he posted on a Utah bowl article yet hasn't congratulated his own team on its bowl article.

Spanish Fork, UT

@ Quackhunter

"I love how the 1st 2 posts are utah "fans" referencing BYU. Little bros forever."

I love how Ducky always has been and always will be obsessed with the Utes. Your envy and jealousy shows through time and time again. Every time you post on a Utah board it proves my point. Go Tulsa!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Winning the MWC gets you...

S.D. County Credit Union Poinsettia
TCU vs. Louisiana Tech (8-4 WAC Champ)

I bet TCU is counting the days when they join the Big 12... while BYU counts the number of days between "discussions".

Salt Lake City, UT

Good bowl opponent.

Sun Bowl matches 2 teams from BCS conferences while Armed Services Bowl matches 2 non BCS conference teams.

Looks like things are working out as they should.

Layton, UT

El paso? Huh. Fun? Really.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT


"It would be nice if both fan bases could tell each other congratulations and move on."

I agree;

Great jobs Utes on a awesome Bowl! with GeTech

And to the Y and their Tulsa Bowl match up.

Congratulations all you Band of Lil Brothers on your pathetic Bowl.

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