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BYU overcomes lackluster first half, explodes for rout over hawaii

Published: Sunday, Dec. 4 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Good victory after a long trip.

Now, according to Rock, after both Mendenhall and Heaps transfer or sign elsewhere, or whatever the point of his article and subsequent KSL interview was, BYU can go on into ESPN lore as everyones rivalry.

I have no idea why Brad Rock is still considered relevant? He has learned to push my buttons and the buttons of Cougar Nation in the hopes of being someone important, and for that reason alone, he bugs me.

Layton, UT

Terrific win for the Cougars! I remember 2001 very well as Hawaii crushed our undefeated season.

Hawaii has always been a very difficult place for BYU to play. The Warriors have always considered BYU it's rival.
I was a little nervous about this one given all the difficult games back in the WAC years, so nice win and finish with another 10 win season!


This BYU team has become one of my favorites; it ignores (1) The fans and (2) the Media. C/USA will throw a tough, well coached team at them down in Texas, but I know they will be ready. I live 30 miles from Marshall University where fans are celebrating a 6/6 season because of wins over Southern Miss and East Carolina.As well they might. If YOU don't take C/USA seriously, the Cougars will.

Danbury, CT

Awesome win. I was pleasantly wrong on my prediction (too many memories of past games there). This was one of the most decided wins against UH in many decades. It was great to see the team play with emotion and energy.

Saint Paul, MN

At the risk of sounding negative, during this play:

"The key play came on third-and-8 from the Hawaii 33. Nelson found himself in the grasp of a pair of Hawaii would-be tacklers behind the line of scrimmage when he lofted the ball up in the air. Hoffman came down with the pass, a 21-yard completion that kept the drive alive." ...

Doman and Mendenhall are mentally screaming, "NO - DON'T THROW THAT, NO, NO!!! ... nice play!"

Nice job Hoffman. Riley, what were you thinking?!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT


Hawaii has had completely lopsided victories over BYU, and it was considered a rivalry then?

Heber City, UT

The turning point is an interesting play. Nelson is in the grasp and throws the duck to Hoffman. The rest is history. Just think if the duck was intercepted, as it usually is when QB's make decisions like that.

Salt Lake City, UT

I want to play Utah with Riley Nelson. Seriously...

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Sorry drudge
Dude...beating Oregon in BB doesn't count for football...still holding at 9-3!!!

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

"At halftime we kind of got mad. Riley gave us a little speech." Let's face it, I can't see Heaps doing to same thing to rally the troops/team. Heaps is as good as gone next season, and I'm fine with that. Without a doubt, Nelson gets this team to perform; he gets positive results. I don't see Jake putting in all the work that he'll undoubtedly put in to be a back-up again. This was a very good, solid win for the Cougs. Playing the Warriors over on their turf is never easy. Good job, Cougs. Excellent game, Riley!

Eagle Mountain, UT

It's always nice to come on to a BYU article after a particularly good performance and hear the empty(of Y haters) echo on the comment boards. Nelson put in a very good performance against an average Hawaii team.
Heaps will be very lucky to win the starting position next year. I hope he stays and competes through next Fall and red-shirts if he does not win the position but it would not surprise me if he ends up at a PAC school next Spring. Either way, he has matured quite a bit and should be able to do very well wherever he ends up. I still think he will be an excellent D1 QB and will at least get his shot in the NFL.

Pleasant Grove, UT

BYU fans

We need to be happy, but come on if you are a fan you can't be thrilled that we have only beaten only 1 team with a winning record this year. Stop with this was a "good win" or "a great win Cougs". And if anyone besides myself did not think that Heaps was leaving BYU, after yesterday that can be put to rest. He is gone!

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

Let's just play Utah again for our bowl game. This time we would win big.


Riley obtained redemption for his freshman year pounding he and the Aggies suffered at the hands of the Hawaii Warriors.

Pay back can be delicious !

Where are all the comments about how Riley was going to be pounded, battered, smashed by the Warriors ? It is all crickets now.

Yes as Riley quiets his detractors is truly delicious indeed !

Cedar City, UT

Love him or hate him, Riley is a gamer and should be the starting QB next. Not sure why everyone thinks Heaps should transfer. If he does he will have to sit out a year and compete in a whole new system. Also, Riley has just what Heaps needs. Why not sit out a year learn some leadership from Riley and compete for the starting job at a place where he knows the system the following year. It worked for Jimmy Mac.

Menifee, CA

Yes, Bronco still has a good winning record beating teams they should.

Still want to see him coach his teams to a better winning percentage in the "big games". BCS teams, Utah, TCU, BSU, etc...

I guess I am in the minority as to where I do not accept 10 win seasons all the time.

could be worse I guess.

Hayden, ID

If BYU wins, it was because they had a bad opponent. If Utah wins, its because they are so talented!

New Haven, CT

We are drawing Houston in the bowl according to ESPN. We will truly see if BYU can finish strong against a top 10 team.

Tooele, UT

@Mountanman 10:29

You said - "If Utah wins, its because they are so talented!"

What does it mean then when Utah loses? Like say at home to Colorado, a team which finished dead last in the PAC-12, in a game that if the Utes had won, would have landed them in the first ever the PAC-12 Championship game with a chance to play in the Rose Bowl.

Wait for it. Wait for it.

Yes I know Ute fans, "54-10" right? "54-10."

Sorry Ute fans, you can't spends months and months demeaning BYU and its football team, demanding to find a "new and better" rival in the PAC-12, only to return to demeaning BYU when your dreams of a PAC-12 title and BCS national championship don't pan out.


UNLV also beat Hawaii by 20 this year. Just sayin...

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