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Published: Friday, Dec. 2 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Morgan, UT

Mr. Riley, hang onto this article, you will be able to recycle it for the next few years...just the title needs to change.

For instances: 2nd. Pac-12 season was educational...again.

or...3rd. Pac-12 season...lessons not learned.

or...4th. Pac-12 season...Hello, is there anyone up there on the Hill?

or...5th. Pac-12 season...Oh, well.

Frisco, TX

Referring to Arizona (#81), Washington State (#92), Oregon State (#96) and Colorado (#100) as the Big Boys is worrisome.

Utah State (#74) is ranked higher than any of them. As it turns out, the teams BYU played from the WAC are ranked about the same as the bottom five teams Utah played from the PAC12.

Just think how the Utes would have done if they would have played the Big Boys - Oregon and Stanford instead of Oregon State and Washington State. I'm pretty sure U would have been 5 - 7, instead of 7 - 5.

Oregon is a 30 point favorite over the Southern Division Champs - UCLA. Oregon, Stanford and USC are the PAC3. Every other team was bottom of the PAC this year. Utah has a lot to improve to compete with the top teams in the PAC. But U were right there and able to compete with the 4 schools who fired their coaches this year.

Morgan, UT

Utah has alot to improve...

The Utes have been offensively atrocious, ranking 99th in passing offense (171 YPG), 81st in rushing offense (137 YPG), 110th in total offense (308 YPG) and 78th in scoring offense (24.5 PPG)...yes they have been educated this year.

Highland, UT

Riley lesson #3 is false. You, and other pac12 apologists make this claim in an attempt to try and perpetuate the myth that simply because a school is in the pac12, or bcs, that they somehow have superior athletes and because of that any of them can beat any of the others.

The reason that is a false assertion is because it is no different than any other conference. Do you want proof? Ok I'll give it to you.

Utah lost to every single mtn west conference team since whittingham became coach including the crappy ones. Want the list?

Colorado St? 2005 L17-21
Wyoming? 2006 L15-31
New Mexico? 2005 L27-31 2006 L31-34
UNLV? 2007 L 0-27
SDSU? 2005 L28-19

It doesn't seem to me that being in the pac12 is one bit different for utah in that regard than being in the mtn west was. utah can, and did, lose to every crappy team in the mtn west. So much for the theory that being capable of being beaten by anyone in the conference is only true now in the pac12.

sacramento, ca

hey remember when TEAM WEAK SOUTH DIVISION was suppose to win it all in the new pac10.2? hahahaha

CO Ute

to Cougar Fan in TX

Sagarin Ratings as of today - Arizona #63 (not 81), WSU #79 (not 93), OSU #81 (not 96), you were close on Colorado 396 (not 100).

Teams you fail to mention include Idaho State # 208, Idaho #134, New Mexico State #130

Utah strength of schedule - 40
BYU strength of schedule - 95

Big difference in the schedules this year when you look at accurate numbers.

Salt Lake City, UT

Compare the two teams head to head:

Red team. 54
Blue team 10

Blue team quit.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ nunya

"hey remember when Team Weak Wouth Division was suppose to win it all in the new pac10.2?"

Hey remember when "Team Notre Dame Wannabe" was supposed to win the National Championship this year? Well that all ended when "Team weak south division" thumped them 54-10 in Happy Valley. hahaha

Gilbert, AZ

11:45 p.m apologist

Compare the ratings

BYU 74.58
Utah 75.79

To make predictions for upcoming games, simply compare the RATINGS of
the teams in question and allow an ADDITIONAL 3 points for the home
team. Thus, a HOME team with a rating of 74.58 would be
favored by 2 points over a VISITING team having a rating of 75.79.

Despite Utah's 44-point win in September, Sagarin would rate BYU a 2-point favorite over Utah if BYU and Utah were playing at LES this week.

Basically, Sagarin considers Utah's win in September insignificant, when comparing the two teams today.

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

Compare two teams head to head:

Red team. 14
Black and Gold. 17

One team wasn't going to win the South Division, play in the PAC10.2 Championship, or play in the Rose Bowl.

The other wasn't either.


CougFaninTX and Duckhunter,

Here are how Utah and BYU compare, according to Sagarin. SOS, toughest to weakest, top to bottom, Utah on left, BYU on right:

09 USC -14 Texas
30 Cal -21 TCU
35 ASU -38 Utah
40 UW -74 USU
45 BYU -81 OSU
52 UCLA-83 UCF
59 PITT - 93 Hawaii
63 Ariz - 95 SJSU
79 WSU - 108 Ole Miss
81 OSU - 130 NMSU
91 MSU - 134 Idaho
96 Colo - 208 ISU

Utah played 4 top 40 teams, BYU played 3.
Utah played 5 teams in the 41-80 range, BYU played 1.
Utah played 3 teams ranked 81 or lower, BYU played 8.

Utah's SOS: 40.
BYU's SOS: 95.

According to Scout, here is how the two team's opponents' 2011 recruiting classes rank. Utah on left, BYU on right:

04 USC - 03 Texas
15 CAL - 27 Ole Miss
21 UW - 28 TCU
43 OSU - 43 OSU
47 Pitt - 54 Utah
56 UCLA-57 UCF
61 WSU - 88 Hawaii
62 Colo - 106 SJSU
63 BYU - 116 Idaho
65 ASU - 117 USU
96 Ariz - 120 NMSU

Both teams faced 3 teams in the to 40.
Utah faced 7 41-80 teams. BYU played 3.

To be continued:


CougFaninTX and Duckhunter,

Comparing Utah's and BYU's opponents' 2011 recruiting classes, according to Scout, by rank of average athlete's rating:

11 USC - 1 Texas
12 CAL - 19 Ole Miss
23 UW - 37 TCU
42 UCLA - 40 Utah
45 Pitt - 49 OSU
49 OSU - 65 UCF
50 ASU - 82 USU
59 Ariz - 91 Hawaii
60 BYU - 103 SJSU
61 Colo - 111 Idaho
70 WSU - 120 NMSU

Utah played 3 top 40 teams. BYU played 4.
Utah played 8 41-80 teams. BYU played 2.
Utah played 0 teams ranked below 81. BYU played 5 (Montana State and Idaho State not included since Scout didn't rank them).

Remember, these numbers come from Sagarin and Scout. They are not mine. They strongly suggest that Utah faced better athletes/teams this year.

Like you, I don't believe Utah would have beaten Oregon or Stanford this year. But what's your point? If BYU had played Mississippi State and Florida State instead of Ole Miss and UCF, they would probably be 6-5 and not 8-3 right now....

It's a shame you guys didn't attend a "research university." If you had been, then you probably wouldn't draw as many ridiculous conclusions in your posts!

Granstville, UT

I find it amusing that an article on the Utes brings out the cougars. It seems their preoccupation with big brother can't be put to rest. Riley didn't mention the cougars once in this article, but the first page of posts came from the cougar nation. Nice!

One thing that could be mentioned today, but was left out, hopefully not on purpose, is BYU can win the outright wac championship today if they hold on against Hawaii. They can run the table in the wac this year for the first time in school history. And, it looks to get better next year as most of the top teams in the wac are leaving, so the coogs have a realistic chance at winning 2 straight wac championships. Visions of the 70's dancing in our heads. Yea!

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

Utah '95

Does anyone really care about the 'resurch skool' stuff?

You guys lost to the Buffs, a program that had lost every road game for 4 years.

Thanks Buffs and here, have a Kleenex whiney Ute fans.

Highland, UT

@Utah '95

Thanks? But I do wonder what any of that had to do with my post?

Riley's claim was that lesson #3 for utah this year is that in this new conference (pac12) that every team is capable of beating every other team supposedly because this new conference is different than others' It is a bcs conference.

Well I showed perfectly that riley is false. Not that every team can't beat every other team, that is obvious, but that this is something new that only occurs in conferences like the pac12 because they are somehow so loaded down with superior athletes, etc.

The fact is utah lost to every single team in the mtn west under whittingham's tenure. In otherwords every single team was capable of beating utah in the mtn west, they all did it. It seems utah should have learned that lesson a long time ago and it also seem like that isn't just the case in the pac12.

Minneapolis, MN

I love how much BYU fans like to comment on Utah stories. BYU fans are the most insecure and jealous fans in the nation.

Saratoga Springs, UT

U can say what u want but the pac12 has athletes all over the field. QB is the number 1 position. Utah has to get better on offense period. If u think a freshmen is going to start or JW is the answer your wrong. Again this is on Whitt and poor recruiting at the QB position. START getting some people on the offensive side of the ball instead of 12 D-linemen

Layton, Utah

haha yep out comes the Sagarin comments. Instead of looking at reality lets look at computer numbers.

Then how did the Utes who i assume had a higher "sagarin" than the Buffs. Lose at home?!?!

Sagarin means nothing I'll go make up a bunch of algorithms and stats and be back with my "sagarin"

Pac south division is pathetic. No way anyone can spin it. The only legit team is USC.

Proof was the throttling the Ducks put on Ucla last night. USC would have made it a game. Anyone else would have been 30 point underdogs or more.

WAC PAC, really no difference.


I sure hope you are a Buffs fan. If not, there is nothing more pathetic than using another team besides your own to prove a point. Just like when BYU football fans use screen names with the TCU-Utah score and now the CU-Utah score. It seems like you have three big brothers now: TCU, Utah, and Colorado. You might as well throw in Notre Dame since you guys aspire to be like them too. Other teams beat Utah while your team couldn't. Can't wait until next year so Utah can beat the Y again. But it still won't keep BYU fans from running their mouths.

Frisco, TX

There are no ridiculous conclusions in my polls. My rankings were taken from CBSSPORTS Ranking, not Sagarin SOS.

Or if you want to look at AP Rankings, BYU is #32 and U are nowhere to be found.

Wins over Hawaii and Bowl Opponent will likely put BYU in Top 25.

An unlikely win for U against Georgia Tech (if Sun Bowl) or TCU (if Vegas Bowl) will still not put U in the Top 25.

Good luck next year.

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