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Published: Friday, Dec. 2 2011 10:00 a.m. MST

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Vai, as a Utah season ticket holder, let me say, you are a tremendous individual. Thank you for your always-inspiring columns. Pass along our congratulations and encouragement to Temecia and Bryan.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Wonderful Story! Thanks Vai!

Salt Lake City, UT

Best wishes and congratulations to Bryan and Temecia. I hope their future life together brings happiness and fulfillment.

We are all on a great faith adventure, knowing we only see mortality through "a glass darkly", as Paul taught.

Thanks for allowing Vai to share your story.

Saint George, UT

WOW! Vai hit another home run. Great article. And congratulations to Temecia on making one of the most important decisions of her life. Bryan is a stand-up guy and serves as a great example to so many people.

I'm sure the Elder's parents will appreciate Vai's kind words about their sons. What a great story of conversion.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Thank you, Vai!

I've commented on articles in the past, but those about Bryan always touch a very tender part of my spirit. I knew and competed against him in high school when I attended Alta. Chad shared some of his story with me when I ran into him at a BYU game. I LOVE the updates about well Bryan is still doing!

I've personally gone through challenges that certainly didn't seem 'fair' many times in my journey. I know that's probably pretty common for most of us to experience at one time or another. At those times it just doesn't seem right that a loving Father would allow some of the things to happen that do when one is doing ones best to walk down the path. However, when I was finally willing to simply let my questions go and put my trust in Him instead, the 'if's, and's and why's' didn't matter anymore. It was just important that I was willing to learn to trust that there is a point and purpose in all of it...and someday the 'reasons' will all make sense. :)

Cottonwood Heights, UT

There's a great talk that Elder Holland shared in September 2008 entitled, "Lessons from Liberty Jail". In that talk he speaks on point about many of the 'why? and how come?" questions that so many of us have about our specific plans of happiness have as many bumps in the road as they do. It helped summarize and add to the lessons I had spent a decade or so learning on my own. I have since emailed the talk to a number of friends and family members as they've faced their "Liberty Jail" moments.

Thank you again for sharing such a real and honest part of who you are, Vai! Your words do inspire and uplift me!!

Orem, UT

Thanks for keeping us uplifted in Orem. I wish we had more opportunities for sharing the treasure of the Gospel. We have had to live vicariously through our son who will be returning from Russia in two weeks. He is the third and final son to serve. We continue to look for opportunities to share the treasure of the Gospel whenever we can. Don C.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Excellent article Vai. Always a pleasure to read about your experiences and thoughts.


It's a shame Bryan couldn't have been there to teach the Huntsman girls what he was teaching his 9 year-old about modesty. Money and privelege won't buy those girls the peace little Sage Rowley enjoys and will reap throughout her life by preparing herself to make temple covenants. You da man, Brian.

Robb C
Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Vai. Another terrific story!

Plano, TX

I'm 55, been single 8 years, live in Dallas TX. It's amazing how many times I've met someone who joined the church after meeting a member in a dating situation and years later their either split up or divorced and on their own again. Happens a lot.

Mr. Moots
Salt Lake City, UT


Thanks for sharing this story. I love it. I am a huge Bryan Rowley fan!!!

He is one of the best athletes to come out of the State of Utah. I wish I could've seen him play in the NFL. I think he could have dominated if he was on the right team that wasn't biased against short white guys.

Tamecia thanks for being there for Bryan. Congratulations on your baptism. That is such a great bold step that you will be forever thankful you took.

Good luck!

Ogden, UT

Thanks Vai! We are sending our oldest son on his mission to Birmingham England in 3 weeks. I was touched by your missionary story and I am so grateful for the wonderful people in this world who are amazing examples of followers of our Savior. Keep the faith!


risintx - something tells me I know why you're 55, single and bitter. Best of luck staying single - probably the rest of your life. I'm so happy for your ex-wife, she must feel liberated.

Orem, UT

Teary eyed...why does God let bad things happen? Better question: Why does he bless us so richly? Doesn't He have better things to do? I guess not, he kinda acts like "our Father" Hmmmm...oh...yeah...

Loved the story and all the others you do!

Cedar Hills, UT

great story

Parkesburg, PA

Heater in Bala, are you always so adept at finding the cloud in silver linings? This was a beautiful, wonderfully told story that warmed the heart of even this hardened Philadelphian. It had nothing to do with politics, John Huntsman (or his daughters) or why people do or don't stay married.

Salt Lake City, UT

What a great story.

I like this Sikahema guy - even if he did play for the wrong team.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Vai - Stories like this put sports and the rivalries in perspective. I hope we call all take note and go kiss our kids - wives/husbands

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

You never know how it all works out, a lot of things were happening to get to this point. Dating and possibly marrying someone in the mission field is so awesome, although I have no idea who Temecia is, traditionally they're known as the 'life blood' of the church for a reason. New converts add an energy that's very complementary to the wards, especially those who's testimonies are based on Christ through the Book of Mormon. In my experience, they are the strongest members and most likely to stay strong in the gospel. Good luck to both Bryan, Temecia, and their children. Your future looks bright.

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