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Published: Thursday, Dec. 1 2011 2:00 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT


We are excited to have you. You can see that we are in desperate need of a good quarterback.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I don't think he has to worry. BYU has proven that it is not necessary for a player to be able to throw the ball or keep his cool to play quarterback. What's a few fumbles and interceptions if the head coach likes you. Winning does not matter so we'll just play the guy we like.

Salt Lake City, UT

Congrats, and welcome to the Utes, Chase.

Tempe, AZ

Congratulations to Chase! Because I don't live in Utah, I was only able to see one game (Lone Peak vs. Bingham) and I really enjoyed watching that game. Chase seemed to be at a different level than the rest of the kids on the field.

I can't wait to see what he can do in a Utah uniform!

Saint George, UT

Chase is a great football player but his stock just dropped a little for me because he is placing a sport ahead of more important life priorities.

The All-Mighty Dollar rules again.....over the all-mighty.

Game For Any Fuss
Draper, UT

Congratulations, Chase! We're excited to have you at the University of Utah. As a fan, I look forward to watching you in action soon.

Work hard and get strong. We need you!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Our little brothers got a good recruit! I think he'll go on to have a very successful career at Utah.

layton, ut

I'm sure the Utes are excited to have him. They finally got a decent local QB - first since Scott Mitchell, isn't it?

How does a kid from Lone Peak pass on BYU? Was he afraid of the incoming BYU QB recruits? Did Mangum scare him away? Or did BYU not recruit him?

And, of course, the first thing the Utes do is entice him off of his life path because their QB situation is an absolute joke.

I really would like to know how he got away from BYU. I expect to get the usual BYU-hating responses, but I really would like to hear the true recruiting story for this kid.


congrats to Chase on a great senior season, he proved not only that he was a great player but a great leader. Having watched scout film for three years on him he always won and lost with class and deserves the accolades he's getting.

Lux et Veritas
Draper, UT

@CT98 and neimfrence:

First, BYU (among several other schools) recruited Chase heavily. Utah won, and not because others didn't try their best to get him.

Second, when Jake Heaps, Jimmer, and other notable BYU athletes forgo missions it's fine, but when a Utah recruit does, the "Utes entice him off of his life path?"


Game For Any Fuss
Draper, UT

Another highly-touted LDS high school quarterback decided not to go on a mission in favor of playing D-1 football.

His name is Jake Heaps. Oh, and don't forget Jimmer...and Max Hall.

Why the hypocrisy, Cougar fans?


@neimfrence: "And, of course, the first thing the Utes do is entice him off his life path because their QB situation is an absolute joke."

Wow. Pretty tough judgment Neimfrence. Jake Heaps - not a returned missionary BTW. Everyone has their choices. Let's let people make their own choices and withold judgment. Not our place to judge others' decisions. Never has been, never will be.

Good luck Chase!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

BYU recruited him as a LB, not a QB. Admittedly, he hadn't developed the QB skills as well at that time in the recruiting period.

What I'm not sure about, and it's probably none of my business, is if he still plans on serving a mission or not. Alot of the PAC-12 OCs and HCs discourage LDS players from serving missions because of what it does to their roster and to the actual players. Could KWhitt and Chow be doing this as well?? I know Chow isn't used to using LDS QBs... Anyone? TIA

Good luck, Hansen.

Sandy, UT

He will be a big asset for the utes. I wonder if he'll get criticized by lds utes like heaps if he decides not to go on a mission. Nah, they'll probably keep telling themselves mormon utes don't really represent the church. Hopefully he decides to serve.

layton, ut

@ BlueNtheFace,

Thank you for clearing that up for me.


You are correct, it is their choice. I am only commenting on the fact that Hansen is suddenly reversing previously stated intentions. Heaps never professed to be planning a mission; Hansen was very outspoken about it. Besides, as Ute homers are quick to point out, Heaps example proves my point - a couple more years of maturity would have served him well.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

For argument's sake, let's make clean comparisons: Jimmer, Heaps, and a few other LDS athletes like Steve Young and many others that went to schools other than BYU made it clear from the get-go that they weren't going to serve a mission. These are "Apples".

The "Oranges": Manti Teo, Chase Hansen, and Stanley Havili all said that they had decided to serve missions. Havili and Teo decided against it with the persuasion of their coaches. Not sure what Hansen will do. I think he's just postponing it. Anyone know?

Pocatello, ID


I think you need to get off your "jump to a conclusion" mat. I'm assuming you're talking about Chase's decision to delay going on a mission in order to compete for the starting job.

First of all, that's a very personal decision, and one that doesn't need to be scrutinized by you or anyone else.

Second. He also didn't say he wouldn't go on a mission.

Third. It is a protection for Utah for him to enroll. Once he does, he would lose a year of eligibility if he transferred after his mission.

Everything I've read about him is that he is planning on going on a mission. The most likely scenario is that he comes in, competes, probably doesn't get the starting job, and goes on his mission after a year.

However it turns out, I hope he doesn't base any decision on your's or anyone else's judging comments.

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

Steve Young was told that his mission was football. The same could be expected of all LDS kids thrust into a National spotlight. I seriously doubt that a coach who arranged special institute sessions for players would discourage anyone from following their heart. Every young man is unique, has a unique mission in life. Some serve formal missions at 19, others later (Dale Murphy as Mission President) That's what makes the Church great, individuals making individual decisions according to their own conscience. Pretty cool religion if you ask me.

just fyi
American Fork, UT

As a friend of Chase's I know that he still plans on serving a mission, just a year later than expected. And BYU and Utah both recruited chase at LB his sophmore year, and just recently Utah changed his scholarship listed position from LB to just Athlete. That way he could have played potetially both positions, but it seems they favor him at QB, best of luck to you Chase!

scott gavenman

no mission = no commitment. Sad day for the kid. Utah will ruin this guy, and we will have Jake for the next few years to light it up.

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