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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 30 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

This picture in this article of Bronco having his defense in a three point stance before they take the field and he says hut, hike and the defense sprints out onto the field, it reminds me of little league football. This is quite embarrassing watching grown up college kids doing this. Imagine how the players feel!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Yeah, Elmer, pretty embarrassing. That's why his players are loyal to him to the last man.

Salt Lake City, UT

Have to agree with Elmer on this one. It's kind of ridiculous.
Unfortunately, Bronco has not shown the ability to prepare his teams for big games. I look for this one to be more of the same. Hopefully the team leaders can step up and fill in the void left by the coaches!

Nampa, ID

Bronco's Defense always shows up.

Doman's offense is sketchy.

Hopefully Bronco will make some good hires this summer at offensive coordinator and/or QB coach.


Out Ewa side by Makakilo. Nice sunset views, and the ocean is real nice and blue out there.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

Mr. Fudd's right.

I get embarrassed watching it in the stands!

Please Bronco, Coach at college level!

Band of Brothers forever!

Beaver, UT

@Y Grad / Y Dad

"Yeah, Elmer, pretty embarrassing. That's why his players are loyal to him to the last man."

The loyalty you expect in the fourth quarter right before you quit half way through 54-10!

Hang in there Band of Lil Brothers.

Boise, Id

Utah by 44, not sure you want to bring up a team quitting considering that your team failed to even show up for the 17-14 lose at the hands of Colorado. This considering all that your team had riding on this game, not to mention the fact that all players know going in, that UCLA and Arizona St had handed getting to go to the conference championship game to the utes on a silver platter.

fan in orem
Orem, Utah

Wow, Pipes, this is a big game? I didn't think BYU had any big games in independence.

Idaho Falls, ID

Some of the most embarrassing poundings BYU has ever received were at the hands of Hawaii. The Warriors know how to take full advantage of the distractions. If the Cougs lose their focus of football among the bikinis at Waikiki, they could be in for a harsh surprise on Saturday.

Doman has come a long way as an OC. He is getting things pretty well figured out. I think he has a good future at BYU. I think he'll be head coach some day.

I, too, wish that Bronco wore more respectable attire at the games and cut the "little league charge" with the defense. Maybe it is a superstition with him.

Nampa, ID

Doman will be head coach someday? Really? Maybe at Skyline High School.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

I get a kick out of the picture accompanying this article, of Coach sending in his defensive troops to the field. Sorry, but I've seen that throughout the season. I think it's one of the more sophomoric, high school-ish "traditions" the Coach has imposed. What purpose does it serve? To "psych" out the other team's offense? These are big-boys. Just send them in to play like 99.9% of all other college teams do. But, I do think I'll pass on the effort to our local high school team for their semi-final CIF football game tonight! With that being said, let's go, Cougs against 'dem Hawaii Warriors!

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

Forget about that three point stance, hut, hut, hut on the side line comment.

Coach Bronco, needs to take the team to the north shore and treat them to Matsumotos shaved ice!

Serve up the Tigers Blood, that will fire them up!

I take my family there every time we go to the Polynesian Center!

Band of Brothers forever!


Let the team have fun in Hawaii, they deserve. Besides, what are they playing for?

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I am sure Bronco is not surfing on this DN. Have fun coach.

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Go to kahuku to Teds Bakery for the Mac nut chocolate Pie. That is worth the trip over. After they eat that they can focus and prepare for UH

Saint Paul, MN

Reference the concluding remarks on 13 or 14 games (including a bowl game) ... bottom line, the kids come to play football, the fans love watching them play, and if it means one less bye week, who cares. Spreading 13 games over 15 weeks isn't all that bad ... and as the case this year, there's typically 3 - 4 weeks prep for the bowl game (14th game).

While all games are potentially "dangerous" for any individual player, some of the "lighter games" (no offense intended to any splendid college or program), are less of a strain on a given team anyway, and especially so when you schedule them at home.

BYU went 14-1 in '96-'97, and Ohio State 14-0 in '02. While there's never a guarantee that BYU (or any team) could match that, it's certainly a goal worth shooting for.

There's a reason why the NCAA permits that extra game if you go to Hawaii. When permitted, I say go for it if/when you can.

Tempe, AZ

Has anyone mentioned the picture in this article?

Oh, they have. Well, I'll mention it again. Why are none of the pro teams or other major football programs lining up in 3-point stances before sprinting out onto the field? Because it's childish, petty, and adds no value. I laugh each time I see and hope it continues.

One of the more exciting moments for many BYU fans will be to see whether Bronco is wearing his gray Lil' Band of Brothers shirt or whether he has had a Lil' Band of Brothers shirt made with a Hawaiian print.

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