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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 29 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT


Mark it down!

We'll just add it to the never-ending list of other clueless Utah troll predictions.

Salt Lake City, UT

Riley is a fantastic young man and a great competitor.

The best thing BYU could do is have Riley finish this season and next, with Lark as Riley's backup next year.

Jake should redshirt next year, and then be the starter in 2013 and 2014. Jake has great potential and just needs time to fine tune his skills, like learning to put some touch on his passes, looking off defenders, and reading defenses. I still think Jake could finish his career as one of the all-time great QBs at BYU, but he's going to have to work very hard at fine tuning his game to get there.

Good luck to all of the Cougars in Hawaii!

One final word...

The whiners who are questioning Bronco's coaching ability are just proving how clueless they really are about the game of football.

Bronco has suffered some ugly losses during his tenure at BYU, but one thing he has never done is lose to a 10-loss team, like a certain coach on the hill has already done twice.

Morgan, UT

Can anyone tell me what hospital and room number Riley will be in...I would like to send my sympathy.

Nephi, UT

Prep Fan, Crowton ruined Ben Olson? He was only there one year, how did Crowton ruin Olson?

Cedar Hills, UT

Riley Nelson == Tim Tebow. Same ugly throwing mechanics. Same grit and hard running style. BYU used to be like Boise St. but now days they seem more like Air Force with Nelson at QB. I guess Bronco figures Nelson gives BYU a better chance of winning with his running and BYU has turned into a grind it out team instead of the high octane passing attack we all knew for years. I guess this means Heaps is either going to red shirt next year or transfer. I am still betting Jake will transfer.

Logan, UT


Did you catch any sarcasm in D'Anconia's post?

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

Why do you continue to fall for the Chris B. bait? It's not like this is the first time she's posted to the boards. Yet, you continue to fall for it. Ignore and it will go away.

I call Nelson "Riles" because I feel close to him, like he's the people's champ. I have a friend on the team and he says Riles is a really good guy - great leader and friend. Plus, I feel like he offers BYU the best chance to win because he is a threat through the air and on the ground. Moreover, he doesn't seem to get flustered or discouraged like another BYU QB I've seen play.

We win these next 2 and we're a top 25 team. Lose either and I'm not so sure.

Lyman, WY

7dawg, who is feeding you your information. Hoffman is a Sophomore. He has two years left after this season. I agree that Jake needs to prove himself more, but he has a much higher ceiling than that of Riley. Riley is not going to get any better. He is a lot more mature than Jake. I think Jake will be a very good qb in two years. He is just young right now.

Las Vegas, NV

I agree with Y Grad/Y Dad- A Disagree tab is much needed. It would save a few silly posts too I think.

Do any of us give credit to Coach that he might be making it difficult for Hawaii to know who to prepare to play against with his announcements?

I hope that is his plan. Let Riley rest for the Bowl game though.

Go Cougars!!

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