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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 29 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Morgan, UT

Wow...Chris B. is back from his bereavement...

We all know how much indigestion that entire crow must have caused with Utah's loss to the very lowly Colorado Buffalos...but it is good to have your spew back.

Provo, UT

CougFaninTX | 10:49 a.m.writes wisdom.The competition to start has to be based on merit - what can you do for the team right now. Hawaii is not an ordinary BYU opponent. Somehow they always get fired up for the Cougars and play with greater than normal intensity. The Cougars need their best quarterback in the game.

There is a whole lot going on that we know nothing of. What is Riley's condition, what is Jake going to do after the season, how much does Bronco know. Clearly everybody on this board has an opinion, and as has been said about opinions elsewhere, they are much like corporal openings: everyone has one and most of them stink.

It will be interesting to observe what really happens.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

Young > Detmer > Bosco > McMahon ....... Nelson > Lark > Heaps

What I am trying to illustrate is how far the gap is between what we have now and what we've had in the past. I see this situation improving, especially when Tanner gets here!

All of that aside, Riles is our best option to win now. If Heaps wants to transfer because he doesn't get to play, so be it. He had a chance and forgot to play. Riles gives us the best chance to win the rest of this year and next year. I plea for continuity at the QB position with Riles.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey 1232. You are right, I never played football and don't know anything. How did you know? I can't believe you exposed me.

"The team is entirely different with Riley on the field"

What did you mean by this? Did you mean, that the team BYU was playing was entirely different when Riley is playing? If so, I totally agree.

"And don't tell me Heaps would have led them to wins over San Jose, Oregon State or even come close vs TCU."

Seriously? You do know San Jose St that lost to Idaho at home right? SJSU, Idaho and NMSU are about as close as you can get. Heaps tore up NMSU just like he would have against those other bad teams that the mighty Nelson beat. I never said Heaps would have kept the TCU game close. Were you implying that Nelson kept the game close? Scoring a late TD (2 min left) and 2pt conversion against the 3rd string D to cut the blowout to 10 is not keeping it close. Heaps would have done at least as good as Nelson. As far as OSU, Heaps could beat a 3 win team that lost to Sac St.

BYU still rules
Nephi, UT

Chris B where have you been! You've been awfully quiet lately. How's that Rose Bowl prediction coming? Based on your history, I'm glad you are predicting a BYU loss. Mark it down!

Salt Lake City, UT

1232- Also loved your Tebow comparison. Both are beating average teams. Tebow has beaten below average teams. Only 2 of his 5 wins are against teams with winning records Denver was blown out against the only good team Tebow has faced. Sound familiar?

By the way, go check the Sagarin rankings on Oregon St v UCF. #81 adn #82. (66.7 and 66.4) The computers have them about as close as they get. Oh, both are below a handfull of Div 1-AA teams. LOL. Yep, I am sure Heaps could have beaten Oregon St.

Since you threw out the 3 and out. I will give you some stats. Heaps has more total yards even if you throw in Nelson's rushing. Also note, Nelson padded his stats vs. Idaho St.

Farmington, UT

Chris B. is predicting a BYU loss? Oh no, this is horrible because he is ALWAYS RIGHT! Just as he was about BYU not getting out of the first round of the NCAA tournament last year, or about the beatdowns by SDSU in BBall, or how Jimmer didn't win a single national POY Award, or how Utah is going to the Rose Bowl in their Pac-12 inaugural season! This latest prediction does it for me, at least now I won't have to waste 3 hours of my day Saturday watching that trainwreck!!

Thanks Chris!

Nampa, ID

Hawaii is not joke when it comes to hitting people hard. Riley better play smart or he'll take a beating.

I hope BYU can pull this off. Hawaii isn't that good, but they always show up against BYU. If BYU goes in lax they will pay for it.

I don't know if I'd risk Riley in this game. I think just as Riley earned his right to start, I think Heaps has held his own too. We all knew Riley would get hurt this season because of the way he plays, and Heaps stepped up. Where's Heaps reward for stepping up? Riley gets rewarded for stepping up. How about Heaps.

Prep Fanatic
Los Angeles, CA

What make everyone so sure that the phenom quarterback from Idaho is coming to Provo? I guarantee you that he is probably watching this quarterback controversy between Riley and Jake very closely. I do not blame Jake Heaps for the demise of the offense. I blame Brandon Doman and Bronco for the lack of production out of the offense in the first 5 games. Jake Heaps was the scape goat for breaking in a brand new offensive coordinator. You also have to remember, that the first 5 games were BYUs toughest, and I hardly think that Riley Nelson would have fared much better. Riley performed well against a bunch of high school teams, during the patsy time of the schedule. During the first 5 games, Jakes offensive line couldnt block, receivers couldnt get open and they were also dropping balls. The running backs couldnt gain any yardage, again probably due to the offensive line, and BYU was breaking in a very raw offensive coordinator, one who was never a drop back, pocket passer during his playing career. Oh yeah, Doman had to do it in the NFL, and that is why he never lasted.

Farmington, UT


Your defense of Heaps is getting kind of annoying. And the BYU/TCU game was not a blowout. Yes, BYU scored with just two minutes left in the game, and no it wasn't against TCU's third string defense, but even if they hadn't scored that last TD, a 17 point loss is not a blowout. There is no doubt in my mind that if the Heaps we saw in the first 4 1/2 games of the season had played in that TCU game, it would've been a blowout. In the 28-35 point range. As quick as TCU's front line and linebackers were, and the fact that Nelson was still able to scramble to make plays, what do you think would've happened to the non-mobile, easily-rattled Heaps?

Prep Fanatic
Los Angeles, CA

Jake needs to transfer, and if I was the parent of the kid out of Idaho, I would highly encourage him to go elsewhere to play his college football. BYU has not been the quarterback factory of old, for a very long time, and Bronco cant even realize that that caliber of talent only comes around a very few number of times. We all watched as Gary Crowton ruined Ben Olsen, and now were all watching the current coaching staff ruin Jake Heaps. No other big time recruit would want to come and join the ranks of Ben, or Jake. I really hope that if Jake transfers, that Bronco is fired. Wont happen though, as BYU football ranks low on the priority list for the university, and as long as that is the case, BYU will only settle for mediocrity.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I did a little stat counting for both QBs

Heaps 9-8 Nelson 10-8

QB Rating for games played (Low-High)
Heaps 114(74-175) Nelson 162(111-229)

Current average ranking for defenses faced (Best-Worst)
Heaps 53(9-106) Nelson 95(42-225)

Top 10 - 25 - 50 defenses faced
Heaps 1 - 2 - 4 Nelson 0 - 0 - 2

When you look at the numbers Nelson had a better rating but Heaps played against a much more difficult schedule. If Heaps had stayed at QB BYU's record would be identical to what it is now and the QB ratings would probably be near equal. If Heaps stays at QB the wins would have erased the notion that Riley rallies the team. Easy wins have a way of doing that. I like both QBs and want whoever helps BYU win. Last year it was Heaps that was perceived as rallying the team.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Hey Prep(Ute) Fanatic

The last 2 BYU QBs are both in the NFL, so based on numbers Bronco has a better average of getting players there than Lavelle.

Also, you want to fire a coach who has a better record than Lavelle and will most likely have another 10 win season?

As for Ben Olson - he had 3 years at UCLA to prove himself. I am pretty sure Crowton was not a coach at UCLA.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Why so many fans saying that Riley is "rushing his recovery"? Where is this reported?? What I am reading is that his body has recovered unexpectedly quick. That's something unique to Riley, biologically. The doctor gave him the OK to play. He isn't, therefore, rushing anything.

Also, Bronco has been clear on his policy that starters cannot lose their position due to injury. Once they're ready to play, they move back into their starting position immediately. The replacement player moves right back to 2nd string, like before the injury. Jake will be the back-up should Riley decide to start. There's no confusion, or at least there shouldn't be any.

Go Cougars!! Beat the 'Bows!

BYU 33
UH 21

Farmington, UT

Re: Prep Fanatic

Troll alert! Maybe you didn't realize this but the last two graduated starting QB's from BYU are currently on NFL rosters. 2004-2009, or six seasons, saw Beck and Hall start all but one game (the other Beck started once for an injured Jo. Beck against USU in '04). They might not be starting or future NFL hall of famers but just to be on rosters is an accomplishment. Also, Gary Crowton ruined Ben Olson? How do you figure? Ben was at BYU one year where he redshirted. When he got back from his mission, Crowton had been fired and that was actually one of the reasons for Ben's transfer.

And you don't think Mangum should go to BYU? Well, he's going on a mission right out of high school and he gets the whole BYU experience so it looks like football doesn't rank #1 on his priority list either.

You keep telling yourself that BYU will only be mediocre, we can tell that that's exactly what your desperately hoping for, but the truth is BYU will be just fine. As proven by their current Rival's ranking for their 2012 class.

Resolute Voice
Deseret, UT

Bronco likes the walk on types that will sacrifice life and limb for him so naturally Nelson will play. Bronco has preferred Nelson since day one he just will not come out and say it directly. Heaps was never the future with Nelson around anyway.

Heaps should get as far away from the program as possible. Bronco has shown he does not want to develop a player with Heaps skill set, so be it. He wants undersized scramblers with average arm strength. That does not make him a bad coach per say just a bad coach for Heaps.

A players family should NEVER have a say in when that player is cleared. They do not have the objectivity necessary to protect a player from stupidity like an overbearing coach or an overzealous father, but then again ask USU how the Nelson family is to deal with, objectivity is subjective.

The truth is BYU is playing a meaningless game. It does not matter who the QB is. Independence, game losses, and a pathetic schedule have rendered the entire season moot. Enjoy Hawaii it is a beautiful locale, but lets not pretend this game has meaning.

Cedar Hills, UT

this should be a sign to Jake Heaps - TIME TO MOVE ON!!! Nelson is going to start EVEN after Heaps throws 4 td's in the last game. Go figure. Heaps is wasting his time under Bronco. Actually, BYU fans are wasting good money watching the new "Bronco-ball" which amounts to a watered down running team. Yikes..what has happened to BYU football that USED to be so fun and exciting to watch??? If I am a high school QB that wants to throw the ball I am NOT considering BYU anymore. BYU has become Airforce.

Providence, UT

Okay here is my prediction:

Heaps will transfer to Utah.

The first year playing for Utah, under the tutelage of Norm Chow, he will win the Heisman Trophy and lead the Utes to their first PAC-12 conference championship and Rose Bowl victory. Of course, on a side note, he will get some sweet revenge on his old team as his Utes tune up and prepare for the real meat of the their schedule (BYU will continue to wallow in its own chaotic, insecure delusions).

His senior year he will lead Utah to a glorious national championship.

He will be the first selection in the NFL draft.

A struggling bottom-dwelling team will draft him.

That team will win 10 games the following year with Heaps as the starting quarterback.

The following year the Pro Bowl bound Heaps will win a Super Bowl.

Mark it down!

Eagle Mountain, UT

Funny how many Ute "fans" are on here claiming that Heaps should transfer. As a cougar fan I think Jordan Wynnless should stay right where he is.


It is just sad to see how the coaches have tried to tear Jake down from day 1 (which isn't necessarily a bad thing to bring him along) but then not build him back up. They have never been behind him like they have been with Riley. Can you imagine what would have been the reaction if Jake was the starting QB in the TCU game and had 3 mindless turnovers costing the team the win (even with the horrendous special teams play)? Yet Riley is praised- I just don't understand it. Bronco must have made a pact with Riley when he recruited him on his mission that no matter how poorly he played he would be put on a pedestal. Riley loved this idea of always being portrayed as a warrior with how full of himself he is (see the flowing locks and bare midriff abs). Riley has also done just as much damage as the coaches being divisive and creating a divide among the team behind the scenes.

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