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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 29 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

Bronco and the doctors will not take a risk with Riley's health. If they believe he is not 100%, they will not play him. If he's ready to play, he'll be under center.

For all the fans who continue to compare Riley to Jake, it reminds me of the Marc Wilson vs Jim McMahon controversy a couple of decades ago. Riley has proven he can move the offense, Jake has not. Jake probably has more NFL potential than Riley, but Ben Olsen had tons of potential also. Potential only counts if you reach it.

I hope Jake stays at BYU, and with a redshirt year reaches his potential. Even if he transfers, he'll be redshirting next year (unless he goes to a FCS school). I just hope he doesn't try to recruit Apo and Stout to follow him.
If Jake transfers, it tells me something about his inability to work through adversity.

If he does transfer, Taysom Hill will be arriving on campus in January. He could redshirt next season behind Nelson, Lark and Munns. And in 2013, we'd still have two solid QB's in Munns and Hill to battle for the starting position.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Please, people, I BEG you to stop with the notion that Heaps can't get any better! Who are you to say that we have seen the best of Jake Heaps and he can never be a leader? Who are you to say that he will never step up when needed? Who are you to say Heaps will never match up to Nelson?

Besides, you keep saying that Heaps is not the future. Then who is? Riley? He graduates after next season, and next year's schedule isn't much better from this year's. Besides, you say that Heaps can't beat top teams, but how many top teams has BYU beat with Nelson as QB? Why couldn't Nelson inspire the team to win against TCU? How come he didn't save us against Utah? How do you know Heaps is the problem, and not Doman's offensive schemes?

Don't get me wrong; I like Nelson. He shows a lot of heart, and he stepped up when we needed him. But if you compare the two (including the opponents they've faced), it's difficult to say that Nelson is clearly the superior QB. Give Heaps some slack!

Salt Lake City, UT

Hey 7dawg. Help me out here. What big dogs does Riley give us a chance against? TCU? Do you think he would have looked any better against Ole Miss or Texas? USU was caught off guard when Nelson came in, then he goes on to beat Idaho, San Jose St, Idaho St. Are those teams better than NMSU? Oregon St is no better than UCF.

My point is Nelson hasn't really beat anyone either. All I hear and read after the NMSU game was, well yah..Heaps looked good, but it was New Mexico St. For some reason Bronco and the Nelson fan club/media act like Nelson beat good teams.

Idaho Falls, ID

JustintimeY reflects my sentiments exactly. However, this is a pretty meaningless game and I would hate to see Riley get popped again--physically he could take it, but another hit like that might affect him mentally. But I don't know how ready his based on his practices. Maybe he is 100%.

Veracity--you're related to Jake Heaps, right?

I hope Jake stays because I think he potentially will be really good after one more year. But I don't think that the coach should start him just because he might transfer if he doesn't start him.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Thanks Chris, I'm on my way to the casino now! Native American gaming is awesome!

Having broken a rib myself, my hat is off to anyone who can not only stand up and stay in the game with a fracture, but throw a touchdown pass two plays later. I could barely raise my elbow for two weeks, let alone throw a ball. I milked mine to keep me out of dish duty for a month, he wants to play football in two weeks.

Heaps lost the starting position as the result of his poor performance on the field, not because of a lack of talent. As long as Nelson is performing in the manner that he has, this should be his job to lose.

Farmington, UT


Then why even watch the game? Or why bother being a fan? Actually, in fact, I rather doubt you're a fan at all.

Providence, UT

BYU ruined Jake Heaps in much the same way that Ron McBride almost ruined Alex Smith. Luckily Utah was able to save Alex before it was too late, thanks to Urban Myer.

Boise, ID

Play Heaps and keep Heaps in as long as the offense is moving. Heaps has earned the right to continue starting. Let Riley heal so he is ready when needed.

Salt Lake City, UT

RE: KinaCoug
Best comment I have read on these DNews boards in months.

RE: 1232

We all must be 'Carazy'. Seriously? "END OF STORY" How did you come to this conclusion? The magical 42-7 win over Idaho? You know, the same team that NMSU beat. Was it the win over powerhouse Idaho St? Maybe the high 5 to the side judge in the TCU LOSS. A 2 pt conversion w 2 min left to make a blowout look closer that it really was. Is that the sign of a great leader? Did you watch the TCU game? Did the OSU game make it END OF STORY? OSU had 3 wins total & a loss to Sac St. WOW! I admit watching the USU come back was great. USU was not prepared for Nelson, but it might be more of a reflection on how USU played than Nelson. USU has been the most up and down team in the country in almost every game. They blow big 2nd half leads to Auburn, BYU, Fresno and LaTech and have huge second half comebacks against HI, SJSU and Nevada. Please let us all know why it is END OF STORY.

Provo, UT

Big mistake!

South Jordan, UT

I see there are a lot of couch potato coaches out there who seemingly know everything about Nelson's health and performance in practices.

If he's cleared to play he will play. Enough of these fabled stories of Hawaii ripping him apart or even more fabled stories of Heaps emerging as a leader of the team without some time with a clipboard in hand. If it didn't happen early this season it not going to at all until after he redshirts.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID


Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

First let me plead with the Des News, Please give us a "dis-recommend" button so we can tell a commentator just how much we disagree with his/her opinion.

Hawaii is NOT an unimportant game. Win these last two and we MAY end up ranked. And to win the last two, you have to win the first one. Lose either and our mediocre season is complete.

I too worry about whether Riley really is ready and whether it is wise for his health to play him this soon. But there is a doctor, a coach and the player himself all involved in that decision. It is their collective decision to make. And the player has a sports doctor for a dad, for Pete's sake. Suddenly you geniuses are smarter than all of them combined? And those of you calling for Bronco's head on a platter, you do realize that you are a very small minority, notwithstanding all of you who seem to feel that way appear to have posted today.

Go, Riley! Go Cougars! Hang in faithful, Jake! You can still have the last laugh if you really want it.

West Jordan, UT

Medical personnel have cleared Riley to play, then he should play. Quite a few armchair doctors on DNews.

BYU coaches determine that Riley gives the team the best chance to win against Hawaii, then Riley should start. Quite a few armchair coaches on DNews.

I'll put my confidence and trust in those who have dedicated their professional lives to making such decisions, rather than in fanatics and trolls with biases and agendas.

Not sure what all the straining at gnats is going to get most of you. I'll watch the game with great anticipation and cheer on BYU as always.

As for Jake, good luck with whatever decision he makes at the end of the year.

Good luck Cougs! Beat the Bows and win your bowl!

Sandpiper Air
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B has been wrong on many things but saying Riley will have fear is now at the top of the list.

Danish American
Payson, UT

It's so nice to see all these comments from you guys making big bucks coaching giving us all your wonderful knowledge. I'm sure your evaluation of talent will continue to pay you well.

Ogden, UT

RE: Factcheck
You clearly have never played the game , know what coaching is about, team sports are about,or what leadership is. The team is entirely different with Riley on the field. It is not about who has better "skills" or who has the better "arm". It is about who doesn't go in and come out with a 3 and out every other series. It is about who leads the team and gives them the best chance to win. And don't tell me Heaps would have led them to wins over San Jose, Oregon State or even come close vs TCU. Have you seen what Tebow has been doing lately with his inability to play QB? just saying.

fan in orem
Orem, Utah

Whatever happens, Hawaii will have to prepare for two completely different QB styles. All of this helps us at gametime. I just hope that in the past 10 years since we played there that Hawaii has padded the concrete under the turf better than it used to be.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

Geez. What games have all you Heaps lovers been watching? He was not thrown to the wolves by Doman. His receivers are capable of getting open. Heaps has to throw quickly because he's afraid of the rush and can only see one receiver, so there is not a lot of time for receivers to get open. Riley solves that problem big time. Bronco does not love Riley over others (if he did, he'd hold him and and protect him for the bowl game). Jake had his chances, many of them. Against weak or strong competition, Jake failed, and mostly with leadership. The team does not buy into Jake, they buy into Riley - its obvious to a 4th grader. We did not lose to TCU because of Riley - we lost because of poor special team play that put us down 14 early. And who knows who the future for BYU is? maybe Jake, maybe Hill, maybe someone else, but all we know is now. And Riley is the best guy to put on the field. If he is cleared and wants to play: put me in Coach!.

Gold Canyon, az

Nelson is the better between the two qb's, the results speak for themselves. What Heaps did in high school is not helping BYU score any points.

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