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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 29 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Allen, TX

Run and not be weary, walk and not die from a collapsed lung next time you get pile driven into the turf....

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Is Riley crazy? Not the same when he saw as a USU player because Hawaii always hungry against BYU. Jake should start along with heart like Riley did, don't play scare, don't be a robot and stay away from medias. And lastly, Riley hasn't practiced with his new protection gear? I remember Jimmy Mac had to wear knee brace (or braces) and he said it wasn't so confortable to move around. I wouldn't want to see Riley carrying around this Oxygen Cylinders in the near future or worse!

Marysville, WA

Mendenhall has made the right call. If the doctors clear the kid to play, if Riley feels prepared to play and if he'd earned the starting job (he was the starter when injured), you play him until he doesn't perform. It's not just the message to Riley or Jake, it's the message to every other player on the team. You put it out there, you give your all, you earn it, and you get it.

If Jake leaves BYU, he will not play on Sundays. If he redshirts next year, he most likely will. Someone mark it down and let me know how I did in a couple of years.

Farmington, UT

Predictable how all the Ute trolls can't slam BYU, Bronco, Jake or Riley enough over this game. I guess the frustration from blowing it big time against Colorado is just too much to take without letting off steam. After all, they could have been in line to be wiped all over the field by Oregon if they could have defeated the league DOOR MAT but 39 yards in a half shows the Utes "certainly were ready to play"------pumped up by "Kyle and Norm" and raring to go. Too funny.......

By the way, how's the PAC 10.2 South lately....fired any more head coaches?



Morgan, UT


...If Jake leaves BYU, he will not play on Sundays. If he redshirts next year, he most likely will. Someone mark it down and let me know how I did in a couple of years.

No need to wait...your wrong.

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

Riley > Jake

That being said, even if Riley has nearly recovered, he should rest this week so that he is 100% for the bowl game, when the stakes are high.

A win in the bowl gets us another top 25 team and then we can claim 2 top 25 teams this year.

fan in orem
Orem, Utah

7 Dawg: Where is Hoff going?


another horrible decision and just plain lies from Bronco. Riley is Bronco's guy and will always be praised. This decision was made a long time ago. My guess is that it isn't a "miraculous" recovery at all but probably not as bad as originally diagnosed and now he is cleared to play, making him look more like a "warrior". Bronco makes the guy out to be a Navy Seal or a champion MMA fighter. Jake took the fall for Doman's learning curve and lack of running game, and played against far better competition. When given the opportunity against the same weak competition he has had better games than Riley did and earned the starting job back, only to have it ripped away by poor coaching decisions. Now we have to worry about Jake transferring. If that happens, Bronco needs to be fired.

Dan the Fan

Article should read,
Riley Nelson cleared to play, Heaps likely to transfer!
I think Bronco has done a poor job in handling this QB situation. He's annointed Nelson like he is some kind of miracle worker all the while instilling no confidence in Heaps and giving him lip service. As a fan can you honestly look at this team and say we are a great team, I can't. I can say that we have potential, but we've seen how far Riley can take us. If you are happy at 9-3 or 8-4 Riley is your guy. Heaps would have won every game that Nelson started, but the experience alone would have allowed him to develop into the QB we all expected him to be.

Providence, UT

toosmartforyou | 8:36 a.m. Nov. 30, 2011

Wow! Way to lay out the bait for the Utah trolls! I guess you really want to raise the level of the conversation around here. :) I love your arguments. They are very persuasive, on topic, and smart...too smart for me.

Anyway. As a Ute fan I wish Riley a safe return to play. It just shows what an amazing athlete he is to heal that quickly.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I love this! Coach M is the man! Please, cougars, play Nelson. I guarantee Hawai'i will smell the fear, as Nelson will be afraid of getting hit. He's not about to stay in the pocket, and he's not about to expose himself by throwing the deep ball--too much risk of taking a solid hit, and getting hurt. He cried during his first game with Hawai'i when he was at USU? Wait till this Saturday. And, once he goes down, there will be that much more fear in the eyes of Heaps. This is NOT going to be a good game for the Y. Hawai'i 36, BYU 9. Yes, you heard it here first....

Norman, OK

fan in orem-

My fault. Hoffman is not going anywhere thank goodness. I thought he was a Sr.

Boise, Id

As much as I think Heaps my be the future you cannot honestly say that Heaps is the better quarterback today over Riley. Riley is by far the better leader and has the respect of his team. Jake was the primary reason that BYU was loosing the Utah State game which was a lost game, until Riley the gamer that he is took the team on his back and refused to lose. Please stop trying to rewrite history Jake was doing very poorly and the offense was stagnant until Riley took over. Heaps "may" be the better quarterback in the future, may have more potential in the future, but Riley is by far the better quarter back "today" and will be the better quarter back next year. Jake has yet to prove he can consistently make a pass over 15 yards. He continues at times to make bad reads and has no touch on some of his passes that are thrown to hard to wide open receivers. Many players never live up to their potential and Jake is still in potential catagory.


This seems really premature in a game that doesn't mean anything. Save Nelson for the bowl game. Heaps is gone.

Farmington, UT

Starting Riley if healthy and cleared to play is absolutely the right thing to do. Those of you that think Heaps is the future apparently have short-term memories. If he's the future based on what he did during the first 5 games of the season then BYU's future is pretty bleak. I'm not saying that Heaps can't be a good to great QB for BYU down the road, he just needs some seasoning and he also needs some more time on the bench to get hungry. I think a redshirt year for him would be ideal, with him competing for the starting job in 2013 and '14. If he decides he doesn't want to do that and chooses to transfer instead, sobeit.

And don't get too excited about how Heaps has performed recently against Idaho and New Mexico State. This time last year he was doing the exact same thing against pretty pitiful competition. Heaps may be a great QB against the terrible teams but he's also proved he folds like a house of cards against the good teams.

Ogden, UT

You guys that think Heaps is the Future are carazy. BYU is a completely different and much better team with RIley on the field. END OF STORY

Salt Lake City, UT

Go Bows.

Orem, UT

It really doesn't matter. Win or lose at Hawaii is the same. We still go to the same bowl. The biggest risk is putting a player out there who could really get hurt seriously. There is no miracle, his ribs are in no way healed in that short time.

Who are we kidding. Bronco is putting a kid into danger, and there is no reason whatsoever.

And this I predict, we will get down into the blue zone, and Nelson will chuck the ball up into the air for grabs as the pressure gets to him. BYU will again squander chances to score at least 2-3 times directly due to the way Riley Nelson handles pressure in a big game.

This isn't really a big game, but Hawaii thinks it is. That's all that matters. I think I'll take some Advil "before" kickoff. Gonna need it.

Clovis, Ca

Riley is a stud and I am stoked that he will be starting this Saturday. You have to love this guys courage and heart.

Flame of the West
Southern, Cali

Nelson earned the right to play - he should play. Kind of like earning the right to be in a bowl game. Kind of like earning the right to be a coach. Bronco continues to show his quality by winning games - arguably against lesser opponents at times - but a win is a win.

The writing is on the wall for coach K. You can't continue having PAC 12 losing conference seasons, lose to Colorado when you should have played in the title game, have no offense, hire yesterday's news coaches, and continue to earn the right to coach in this new era of pay for performance. Losing in high stakes c-football is no longer forgivable. These were seasoned, veteran coaches that even just 5-10 years ago would probably still have their jobs. Now the precedence is set and it is game on. The warning bell was just sounded very loud and clear for the Utes. Mr. B, can you not mark this down?

Ute fans, congrats on your bowl game and enjoy the off-season, but I recommend sleeping with one eye open...

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