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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 29 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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where's the beef
Provo, UT

Too bad Utah doesn't get a full share for a few years.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I agree with where's the beef, it is unfortunate. However next year @50% it means up to $10M; the next year $15M and finally the full $20M. That's not considering the share of the PAC-12 championship money which Utah gets every year. Nor does it include the $8-10M projected from the PAC-12 network. Nor does it include increased ticket revenue (football; basketball-not so much) and contributions. Wow - it will tough to get to 2014 when we get the full share.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

where's the beef:

Yeah, a full share as of 2011 would have been ideal, but even without it, we're still in a lot better of a position than we were last year in the MWC. Last year's MWC revenue stream was just over $2M, and that was thanks to TCU going to the Rose Bowl.

This year, with $0 in TV revenue, but a full share of the Pac-12's CCG and Bowl money, Utah stands to profit $4.6M if Stanford does NOT get a BCS Bowl, and $5.2M if they DO.

And it only gets better from there. In 2012, we'll clear over $15M. In 2013, it'll be over $20.2M. And finally, in 2014, a full share of $25.5M annually. And THOSE figures don't even include any potential revenues expected from the Pac-12 Network [estimated to be between $8-11 million/team per year]. It shouldn't be too hard for us to make do with $5M+ when we've been busting the BCS with less than $2M.

Saint George, UT

"Too bad Utah doesn't get a full share for a few years".


Utah's share will be as follows:
2012-13 50% (10,000,000).
2013-14 75% (15,000,000).
2014-15 100% (20,000,000).

From have-not to have...



Eagle Mountain, UT

Well over 20 million per year once starting in 2014. That is huge for Utah. It is a little mis-leading though. As this article states, the Utes, along with a few other teams in the PAC have less than half of the budget as some of the top teams. The Utes need to spend a lot to even come close to having the facilities the "bog boys" have, and all the teams in the PAC will be getting an increase of football income at least equal to that of Utah. Hopefully the Utes will be able to get more mileage out of thier dollars. If the ticket prices keep going up and the Utes don't win most of their games, many people won't pay the prices. I know some who did not renew their season tickets this year because of the price.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Your welcome Utah...

2010= 2.4 million and 10-3 record
2011= 4.4 million and a 7-5 record
2012= 10 million and a 6-6 record
2013= 20 million and a 5-6 record

Enjoy the mediocrity!!!

GO Trojans!

Softball Dad
Woods Cross, UT

Does this mean the University of Utah will no longer need to take money from the general fund for sports in a couple of years? That would be nice.

Are they then going to take the extra student fee they just added for athletics off? I would hope so. It is tough enough already for the average student.

Draper, UT


I doubt you actually know anyone who didn't renew their season tickets, since the renewal rate was nearly 99%.

I'm sure the other 1% will be snatched by former BYU fans desperate to watch a game that actually matters (and that starts before 9:00 PM on a Saturday).

Muss Man
Draper, UT

Love all the jealous Cougars posting as "Trojans" and other Pac-12 fans. Enjoy your paltry little ESPN deal and national "exposure" (aka irrelevancy) Cougar fans.

Utes are laughing all the way to the bank.

Bountiful, UT

Utah has at least a couple of advantages over other PAC schools when it comes to the budget arms race:

-Construction costs in SLC are a lot lower than they are in Los Angeles, which means Utah doesn't have to match UCLA & USC dollar for dollar in building new facilities. (USC and Oregon have Taj Mahal football facilities, but Utah will be comparable to everyone else, soon.)

-Transportation for Utah is both easier and less expensive. This eats up a sizable chunk of athletics budgets, quickly.

Utah has also proven it can produce a competitive football product, with far, far less money. After a few years of recruiting in the PAC, Utah will consistently be in the upper half of the conference, fighting for the title along with everyone else.

The PAC has far better parity - and hence, stability - than the Big-12. It really is the Conference of Champions, with 450 NCAA titles. The next closest conference has 200 fewer.

Band of Sisters

It's exquisite to be a Ute!

Saratoga Springs, UT

This is the year to get recruting going, with 4 and maybe 5 schools letting coaches go. and go Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Old ball coach
"2013= 20 million and a 5-6 record"

Only 11 games? Interesting... now this may be hard to understand since you're a USC fan, but generally very few other schools have to vacate wins.

Highland, UT


Well you are aprtially correct on one of your points. Construction costs are cheaper in Salt Lake than in L.A. But of course USC and UCLA don't care nearly as much because they already have top notch facilities in place whereas utah needs to build, or upgrade, every single facility they have/need. So lower construction costs really aren't all that great in comparison to no construction costs. Actually the only other schools that are in major building mode are utah's fellow pac12 bottom feeders like osu and wsu.

Also please explain how travel costs for utah, who along with colorado are the only schools in their states and nowhere near any of the other conferecnce schools has "cheaper" travel costs than the schools that can litterally take a bus across town on game day for several of their games?

Also utah has proven it can compete in a conference like the mountain west, although conference championships in any sport were pretty rare for them even in the mwc, but considering their losing record in the weak pac south why should anyone believe that they'll "consistently be in the upper half of the conference"?

17-14 Hurts Don't It?
Springville, UT

The money won't make a piddly difference.

Farmington, UT

As a Utah taxpayer, I'm happy to see the Utes get more money. It will cost a lot to upgrade their stadium and who knows where people are going to be able to park, but I wish them success in that venture, too.

Portland Beavers


Time to go home, you are no fun anymore. Cannot believe how much you know about Utah. A closet Ute-we don't need you. You have had something to write about on every Utah article the last three days. Why shouldn't we believe that the U will be in the upper half every year, you guys thought you were going to be national champs this year. BYU would have been below Colorado if they would of had to of gone through a season like the Utes just did.

Another thing I'll take our "bottom feeders" over yours anyday. You got beat this year by your biggest rival (blown out) and then you play the bottom feeders of the WAC, your best played game was against Oregon State, WOW!! POP OFF when you beat someone that is good. Otherwise go back to your BYU threads and and protect all your buddies from all the Ute Trolls.

Syracuse, UT

All the money in the PAC12 cannot buy happiness or wins. Like the good book says, the love of money is the root of all evil. It sounds as if all the ute fans and staff are just after the money. You will still be at or near the bottom of the field, but you will have money. Mark it down! You will soon be complaining about being on the bottom and never making it to the top no matter how much money you bring in.

I will take the honor code and respect from the majority any day over the Conference of Chumps and their pretending that anyone outside the PAC12 really cares about you. Keep wearing those crimson colored glasses and bowing down to those PAC12 banners while your student body suffers.

Just like lottery money, it will be interesting to see where the u will waste the money. Probably in building a bigger stadium to have more empty seats or increase the HC and make it even more ridiculous.

Spanish Fork, UT

@Portland Beavers

That was good...loved your post!

I would actually be more surprised if Quackhunter didn't post on a Utah board than I would be if the sun didn't come up tomorrow. Obsessed much?

Frisco, TX

I'm not sure why the average fan cares how much the U gets from PAC12 TV revenue. Sure U are going to roll in the dough. But, please educate me as to how this will benefit the average fan or the average Utah tax payer. I understand the benefits to the athletic department, but I don't see how it benefits anyone else.

Will tuition go down? Will more money go to teachers for a better education? Will ticket prices go down? Actually they've announced they will go up. Will taxes go down? (I have kids who work and go to school in Utah.)

How will your life or my life change once the U starts getting $30M from the PAC12 vs the $2M they got from the MWC?

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