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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 29 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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Glendora, CA

This is precisely why Mitt Romney was able to get elected as governor of Massachusetts. The large Catholic population there lends itself to a favorable situation. Likewise, the rest of the Northeast is very similar. That is why you are seeing more Chris Christies emerging, in support of his nomination. The South will not be able to influence this large factor.
This time, the Evangelical power brokers may have to sit in the back of the bus, this time around.

St. George, U

Does the Jewish religion change every time a new generation is born? If this is the case you have lots in common.

Kearns, UT

Maybe just maybe, Mormons could learn a lot from Jews.

West Valley City, UT

Why can't the LDS learn from the Jews?

Marine Corps Vet
Tempe, AZ

goldfever @ 4:54 p.m.

You know precious little about the LDS faith or you would recognize that one of our component tenets is that revelation is continuous and living. That we have a living Prophet at the head of our church who receives revelation to guide and direct the affairs of the church through the murky waters of societal ills. What you call "change every time a new generation is born" may in fact have some merit, but it is merit based on the will of the Father not the whim of man.


Mormon can learn alot from educated and rational people as well.. It goes both ways.

Woods Cross, UT


What do you tell the educated and rational Mormon? Do you realize that statistically Mormons increase in their religiosity as they become more highly educated?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Agree, it definitely can go both ways. One thing that I find is that this election seems to have increased the religious discourse among many people and organizations... this is a very good thing and something that I hope continues.

Speaking of that, can someone please tell me where I can find a good Kosher Deli here in Salt Lake City? (Very serious here)


Wow, to danaslc, crymru, and mightymite - just a little obsessive and cynical, aren't we? Did anyone say Mormons couldn't learn from the Jewish people or anyone else? Get a grip, and search for "Debbie Downer SNL" on Youtube and try harder not to be like that in your real life.

West Valley City, UT

@ Letsdebate, I ask a simple question and get attacked by you. Seems like your the one who needs to get a grip.


@cymrul - I just wonder what motivates someone to read an article like this, and immediately think "How can I backhandedly insult the positive object of the story?" Why don't you answer my question - who said Mormons can't learn from Jewish people?

Why would you even ask your question, if not to imply that Mormons think so much of themselves that they can't learn from anyone else? No one in the article remotely suggested any such thing, so what's the point of your question?

It doesn't take much of a grip on reality to see through such a shallow attempt at a veiled insult.

Swedish reader
Stockholm, Sweden

Why are you arguing? Everyone can learn from others - you just have to look for things they do better than you and emulate it. This article showed that a Jewish editor looked at the Church's policy of not entering into contentious arguments, just moving on with purpose - and thought "we could learn from that". Being a half Jewish Mormon myself, I see no lack of balance here. Basically, Mormons are Jewish Christians, and therefore you could say that the Church has learned and continues to learn from the Jews. If the Jews also learn from the Church, that makes us very equal. Isn't that a positive thing?

Cardston, Alberta

If you object to the article take it up with the editor of the Jewish faith who wrote the article. DN is only showing quotes written by the Jewish publication. But then most detractors delight in hovering non-stop on the DN in hopes of sharing their infinite wisdom.

m.g. scott

Mormons (LDS) do learn from the Jews. It's called the Old Testement. I don't know of another Christian church that reads, studies, believes in and takes doctrine from the OT more than the LDS Church. However, one thing that needs to be said of the Jewish faith is that, unlike the LDS faith, the Jewish have many factions that range from Orthodox to Reformed. And if you know of those factions, there are as many disagreements among them regarding faith as there is among the Christian community in general. However, I've always been glad that the LDS Church has a very good relationship with the Jews, Isreal, and most all faiths, Christian or not. I think that is a sign of "good fruit".

layton, UT

Re: m.g. scott Mormons(LDS) do learn from the Jews. It's called the Old Testement. I don't know of another Christian church that reads, studies, believes in and takes doctrine from the OT more than the LDS Church?

Jews for Jesus is a conservative, Christian evangelical organization that focuses on the conversion of Jews to Christianity. Its members consider themselves to be Jews either as defined by Jewish law, or as according to the view of Jews for Jesus. Jews for Jesus defines Jewish in terms of parentage and as a birthright, regardless of religious belief. The identification of Jews for Jesus as a Jewish organization is rejected by Jewish religious denominations and secular Jewish groups due to the Christian beliefs of its members.
When the Messianic Jews debate Rabbis debate the non-Messianic Jews its like a little St Paul debating the non-Christians in the N.T. times. A wonderful learning experience.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

As a Jew, I agree with Editor Rosenblatt's points. But when he suggests that the Church is doing something "better" in its ability to increase membership, while all we Jews can do is lament our decreasing membership, I think he's on shaky--and very un-Jewish--ground.

The reason, I posit, why Mormonism has been able to increase its membership, and why Catholics and Protestants hope to use the "Mormon campaign" to do likewise, is that all these religions present a highly detailed (one might say, airtight) picture of The Way Life Is. This gives incredible security to those who follow these religions.

Jews have never done this. We Jews turn from all airtight pictures--especially of God--and explore the outer edges . . . and often beyond. We don't even offer a solid idea of what happens to us when we die, because we believe we need to focus, with our hearts, souls and minds, on the now.

If Jews have produced much more than we'd expect from their numbers, this is the reason. And if our membership is decreasing it's because it's hard to live without an airtight picture of The Way Life Is. Hard--but essential.

Layton, UT

Faithful Mormons study the Jews everyday.

Whos Life RU Living?
Ogden, UT

To LetsDebate:

Women can learn a lot from men!

Could someone pose this question without getting a comment of equality back?

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

Correction to my previous post:

I shouldn't have said, "Jews have never done this" regarding living in pictures of The Way Life is. Obviously, the Old Testament is filled with such pictures. But we Jews take them for metaphors of lessons we might learn, not as literal depictions.


@Whos Life RU Living - as with the article, if you posed your opinion with an interesting angle of a specific way that women could learn from men, and you presented a fair and rational idea, you should be able to do so without the chalkboard screeching of "Why can't men learn from women?"

Of course, that would never happen, as many people live their lives with a constant and gigantic chip on their shoulder. So, regardless of your effort, unless you made a pretty big element of your article that men can indeed learn some things from women, you would inevitably get a load of insecure whining, even if your position was very specific, and "balancing" it with ideas of how men could learn from women might be completely irrelevant and unnecessary to make your point.

I'll admit to having a chip on my shoulder about people with chips on their shoulders. It is definitely a pet peeve of mine.

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