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Published: Monday, Nov. 28 2011 11:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, UT

Meh, these ESPN rumors are as credible as talking to a hobo about the Apocolypse.

Case in point:
Where were these rumors when D-Will was traded?
Or how about the Eric Maynor trade?

That's right....nobody saw those coming.
The Jazz hold their cards better than anyone.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Haha, Kevin Prichard owns the Utah Jazz. He has killed them financially and made them give up Matthews, "gotta love baby!"

Go Blazers!

South Jordan, UT

How much do they want Millsap? Would they give up George Hill (PG), Brandon Rush (wing), and a draft pick? That would fill some holes for the Jazz with young guys (25 & 26 years old) who have played pretty long minutes (20+) coming off the bench. They're both cheap and provide some depth in places we need it.

Is Indiana desperate enough for Millsap that they will also take Okur off our hands at the same time with all their cap space?

Morgan, UT

I am tired of Utah being the farm club for other NBA teams...we fight for Millsap and now he's available...come on, we need a new general manager who understands talent...lets make the general manager available.

Fredericksburg, VA

I would like to think that the Jazz can make some deals to get a good core of solid young players to develop into a winning team. The only problem is that the Jazz tend to spend a lot of time and money developing players that end up signing elsewhere in free agency. There just isn't much player loyalty toward teams. If the Jazz can make the right deals to the right players, they may have a chance to keep some of them. If only the "all-stars" that get the big contracts didn't get hurt so often.

Ogden, UT

The only guy I want from Indiana is Hibbert....But I don't think I'd want him over Milsap, but that's just me. If we did trade Milsap to Indiana, then I'd say get Hibbert and Collison out of it.

South Jordan, UT

Veracity: I like Millsap but he is available because his kind are a dime a dozen. I know we love to believe our players are not just all-stars but superstars. On offense, Millsap does fine, but he is too small to guard big PFs and too slow to guard quick SFs. He does the most he can with his natural attributes but he has limitations on defense.

To me, Millsap isn't much different than Udonis Haslem, Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, Eduardo Najera, and half a dozen other hard-working players who do more with their talents than many more gifted players. If I need a Millsap, I think I can pick one up whenever I want.

fastfox: Hibbert would be nice but he is their starting center so Indiana is not likely to give him up and he doesn't help the Jazz with their depth problems at PG and wing.

Farmington, UT

Hey "Portland Snailblazer" look at what that big contract did to the blazers now. Going to possibly amnesty Roy? Portland, with all their money has yet to do anything with it in the last 10 years. If KOC had that type of money we'd know what to do with it. You guys have an aging Andre Miller and "bummed" knee Roy along with Aldridge, no room to talk at this point. The Jazz are sitting with 5 bigs that are huge assets to us/trade assets. Swap Jefferson for Granger, not Millsap!


Murray, UT

I have seen on twitter that Milsap and Jefferson are rumored to "be available". I think the Jazz could move one and get a good deal but I would be pretty discouraged if they moved both of them. It doesnt make a lot of sense unless their objective is to clear the books this year for the shortened season so they can get the youngsters experience then make moves next offseason.

South Jordan, UT

Snipe: Does defense mean nothing to the Jazz anymore? Stop looking at stats and start looking at players. Granger is one of the worst defenders in the league. You can get away with that if you have a great defender around the basket but there's nobody on the Jazz that fits that bill. Who would be behind him to clean up his messes? Certainly not Jefferson or Okur. Favors can't do it. Kanter is an unknown but what we do know about him is focused on his offensive skills, not his defense.

The Jazz have been killed in recent years by lack of perimeter defense. Players routinely went around Williams and our other perimeter players, got into the middle the Jazz defense, and killed the Jazz from the inside out. That has to change for the Jazz to become competitive again.

Farmington, UT

@ joe5 - you think you can just pick up a guy that averages almost a double-double per night? Can put up 46 points on the road in Miami? Hmmm...don't think Jeff Green can do that. People forget, Millsap's contract is very favorable in comparison to Jefferson's. Keep that in mind.

Somewhere, UT

I say keep them all. Depth in the front court can be huge when you come up against a big team like the Lakers. If we are going to trade someone to Indiana I say trade Milsap and Okur for Granger and a draft pick.

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

Okur will be amnisted.

@ Portland Trailblazer

Kevin Pritchard was Fired. Any real Portland fan would know that.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC


Millsap is available because we have a guy named Derrick Favors who needs minutes to develop.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

Please dont trade for Granger. If we are going to trade someone, I hope we trade for perimeter defense and shooting. That is what we need. Any trade with Indiana would have to include Collison in my opinion.

Roosevelt, UT

If the team could somehow get the Knicks to pick up AK he would function in that scenario. His coach would look at him and tell him and every other player to shoot and AK would be fine with that on the 2 of 5 nights he can physically play.

Milsap is a strong player that Utah loves to hae on hand. However during the playoffs with the Lakers, it is alwasy the Lakers he is a short liability. KOC knows what he has there and he will get someting to help if Milsap is going somewhere.

KOC should trade OKUR as the game plan has changed for the team. Without Darrin the ball gets worked inside and there is not a demand for a big man who stands outside and lofts them basketward. The only person in the league that Okur can defend is Timmy in San Antonio and he and his team made history last year in the playoffs by being swept by the 8th seed. So Timmy is about done. Other teams would need his height and shot but the Jazz can get along without it now.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

@Man in charged

Screech has a better chance of marrying Lisa than Okur does of being amnestied. you only to get to use the amnesty clause one time, the Jazz aren't going to waste it on a guy who is an expiring contract. That contract is great for them, or could be used in a trade. amnesty-ing him would be the WORST possible move. If anyone, it will be Raja Bell.

Morgan, UT


Millsap has the intangibles such as character, hard working, team oriented and loyalty...I can't really describe any of your dime-a-dozen forwards with these attributes.

Anti Bush-Obama

Although I like your name, my question to you will be...will we treat Derrick Favors with the same available dime-a-dozen SF attitude like we are with Millsap when the next Derrick Favors comes along...

History dictates we will.

Sandy, UT

I LOVE Milsap and I would hate to see him (or Jefferson for that matter) go. But we do have all these big guys, and like someone else said, Derrick Favors is going to need playing time to develop. It's a tough one. The only reason I'd have to choose Milsap over the others as a trade piece is because of size. The guy is a beast but he just needs to be a couple inches taller to play PF, or a little quicker to play SF (though he does have a good shot already). But I would only trade Paul for a PROVEN wing who plays defense and shoots a high percentage. If you can't get that, keep Milsap here. Hayward is a good shooter but he can't play ALL those minutes, and CJ and Bell aren't reliable enough from outside. We need a shooter but the Jazz don't have enough cap room to just pick up a good free agent. Trade might be the only way. :(

Murray, UT

If Indy offers us Paul George & George Hill plus picks and gives Paul starting role, I think the Jazz should take it.

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