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Published: Sunday, Nov. 27 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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@The Vanka

The idea that Greek Philosophy corrupts modern day understanding of the God of Israel is not an invention of the Church of Jesus Christ. I've found many non-LDS sources making this case. To say that the Creeds are explicitly what Jesus and His apostles taught and believed -- this is pure speculation and unprovable.

Calling Joseph Smith "likewise corrupted by King James English" is ultimately just saying, "I know you are but am I?" What's your point? Book of Mormon English is considerably more modern than King James English, and that really was the formal English of Joseph Smith's time. Go read the Constitution or the Gettysburg Address some time and tell me I'm wrong.

Ultimately, Latter Day Saints are not calling Evangelicals Non-Christians. Evangelicals are the ones leveling that accusation at us. We might be contradicting your long-held beliefs, but you are trying to divorce me the Latter Day Saint from my Savior Jesus Christ. Natural conclusion: "Is not Christian." = "Is not of saved by Jesus Christ." If you were told the same thing, don't you think you'd be offended?

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