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Published: Sunday, Nov. 27 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

If it's Tulsa we play in the Armed Forces Bowl, it will be a very good game. Even though they have four losses, all four losses are to Top 10 teams - Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Boise State and Houston.

UCF is the only common opponent between Tulsa and BYU, and the score indicates an even match in that both teams beat UCF 24-17.

I hope Nelson is fully recovered by December 30.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

Hawaii, follow the rainbow, we should join the WAC

Band of Brothers forever!

Morgan, UT

Boy am I glad we are not playing the Giant Killers Colorado.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

I hope Nelson never starts another game for BYU. This year has been the most disappointing season in my memory toing back 45 years. I'm sure Nelson is a nice kid, but quarterbacks who can't throw and make poor decisions are a dime a dozen. The only hope for next year is Heaps. What ever the coaches did to him to set him back for this year may be undone by next year. If not it will be the same old story...win the easy games, loose the tough ones.

Orem, Utah

Bronco's record after bye weeks is very strong. Hopefully, this is an indicator of how the team will do versus Hawaii.

However, I don't think Bronco's taken a team there yet. So, the lovely distraction that Hawaii is (I've been there a few times), could be detrimental if he doesn't manage it all properly.

Glad they're going over there a few days in advance. Should help acclimate them so they can be focused on game day.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Jake is gone. The fact that he doesn't say "I am staying" means he is gone. And that's fine.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Ted H., what do you mean it's fine if Jake leaves? I'm sure if your employer was as hard on you as you and many of the "faithful" Cougar fans have been with Jake, you would have been fired shortly after being hired for some small mistake.

Cut him some slack, and realize that he's only going to get better. I remember my senior year I was better at what I did than I was my junior and sophomore years.

Beverly Hills, CA

Enjoy your helmet stickers cougars because that's all you get from this season of playing for nothing. You didn't even have a chance to play for anything. Congrats on your conference championship Band of Uncle Ricos (Napoleon Dynamite reference for the slow people) who live 30 years in the past.


Hawaii will be BYU toughest opponent since TCU, especially when playing on the island as time zone difference and sea level are more of a distraction than the beach. This first year of independence strength of schedule was no better than when BYU was member of MWC or WAC as it was playing second tier Division I-A teams which typically don't have ranked teams (being in the top 25) because their schedule is considered weak by sport news media and coaches polls. If BYU goal is to just have a winning season and go to a low payout bowl (less than $2 million) than they will replicate the 2011 season in the upcoming years. Hopefully BYU doesn't schedule teams to just ensure the coach or team has a winning season.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Been to see a couple of BYU games at Hawaii. Great atmosphere. The locals really get up for this game and BYU has a strong following there. Should be fun.

Roosevelt, UT

Unlike most coaches who begin the season with 2 quarterbacks BYU can conclude the season with a 2 quarterback system.

When the Cougars need to run the ball they can put in Nelson although with a bowl game on the line why would you risk further injury prior to that?

When you need to complete a pass you can put in Jake who can throw more than 18 yards without it looking like a lame duck.

Bronco can dig his way out of his past sayings that have not been thoughtful such as "when Nelson recovers he will start" by starting HEaps and when Heaps digs himslef a hole he can insert Nelson. If Heaps wins Nelson can be kept in check.

Harwich, MA

We can only hope the Administration shuts down the program and puts everyone out of their misery.

Greenwood, IN

If Hawaii is found guilty in the NCAA point shaving investigation will the NCAA make them vacate their losses?

Las Vegas, NV

Nelson has his detractors and Heaps has his. I find most observers probably have more ties to either family, high school or ward than reality.

Reality! Heaps is a true quarterback and players do not get better without work.

Nelson is a wildcat, a single-wing guy in an era when the single wing is no longer played. He's too small to be Jordon Jefferson and not smart/talented enough to be Steve Young. His feet may get you places his arm should have but couldn't.

Those who criticize Heaps failures at times do NOT understand how difficult it is to hit an area the 150% the size of a basketball hoop moving at 25 mph from half-court or the opposite baseline accurately; yet you'll ascribe greatness to Jimmer Ferdett who hits a non moving hoop from 20 feet away. It is difficult to throw accurately without consistent practice under pressure.

Nelson is lucky at times. Don't confuse luck with being good. A wildcat isn't bad. It has a place like a change-of-pace, but not as a starting quarterback at BYU, not since 1958. Both have value. Heaps should start.

Las Vegas, NV

I ascribe the Nelson love to the Tebow excitement factor. When he uses his feet, he can be darned exciting to watch. He can also be effective. He can get you 60 yards down field and into the blue zone. Then he can break your heart and turn it over in the same place by making terrible choices. Excitement isn't necessarily effective play all the time.

Consider the myth surrounding SEC greatness. SEC teams (LSU excepted) play a lot of non-conference patsies, often build glossy records and are considered by everyone to be head and shoulders better than all other conferences, when an inch taller is reality. Ever seen an SEC contest live? People confuse 75-110,000 seat stadiums filled with perfectly color coordinated semi inebriated fans (the pageantry), with great football. It is as if the show must mean the play is better, yet Boise State rocked possible SEC champion Georgia in game 1 down there. Pageantry isn't reality on-the-field.

Nelson is a lot of pageantry, exciting, colorful, gets you close, but he fails/to's it far too often in the red zone where the yards get harder and defenses get larger!

Frisco, TX

Heaps and Nelson are 180 degree polar opposites in their style / abilities. This year BYU's offense needed Nelson to give it a jump start. Maybe because of Doman's inability as an OC? Maybe because Heaps didn't put in enough work in the off-season? Maybe because of a hundred other things? But the reality is Nelson moved the offense and put points on the board and Heaps did not. Sure Heaps has more potential, and I hope he stays and redshirts. But college football is about winning, and Heaps was not giving us that opportunity.

If Nelson would have played against Texas, I have no doubt we would have won. If Nelson would have played against Utah, the game would not have gotten out of hand. If Heaps would have played against TCU, it could have turned into a 54-10 route. If Heaps had stayed in against USU, we would have one more loss. Either QB would have won the rest of the games.

I hope Nelson is able to return for the bowl game against a solid CUSA opponent. And I hope Nelson is the starter next year, with Heaps polishing his skills as a redshirt with BYU.

Surfers Paradise, AU

It seems like every year this team needs a big game and ends up going to Hawaii, the team lays a total egg. It's not so critical this year because the future is already decided, but I feel a huge ostrich sized egg about to be layed on Sat. I hope I am wrong though.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Let's hope for a big Cougs victory to end the regular season. This will be a tough game. It's always a challenging game any time a team travels to the island. And, Riley, enjoy this "vacation" trip for you only. No business trip for you. Get 100% healthy and ready for the bowl game.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Note to Cougars: don't overlook your last opponent like another local team did.

Layton, Utah


wow what funny stuff, just about as funny as Napoleon Dynamite. Only 12 yr old girls think that show is funny. Anyway, here's something that is truly funny though

Utes 14
The Mighty Buffs 17 lol

The sun bowl oh boy, the nation will be tuning that one in.

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