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Published: Sunday, Nov. 27 2011 4:00 p.m. MST

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Miami, Florida

Season is a joke. Lost to every good team and was pounded at home by Utah 54-10.

Chubbuck, Idaho

Have to agree with Kankles....

Given that this was one of the most talented offensive teams we've ever had...they have massively underachieved and are very poorly coached! If you can't beat Utah, Texas and TCU in down years then you have no business proclaiming that you are a nationally relevant team or even say that you shouild be a top 25 team (Bronco said this last week after they beat New Mexico State in his post game). I'm tired of all the rhetoric of "Rise up", "Quest for Perfection", "Band of Brothers", etc., etc., etc.

Go prove it on the field that you can beat a top 25 team. Is that so hard to ask?

Phoenix, AZ

At least BYU beat all the bad teams.

Provo, UT

First year was a joke? We're 8-3 with a chance of 10 wins in our first year of independence. We've had solid ratings on ESPN all year, and have improved each game.

Conservative play-calling killed us against Texas, unforced TO's and what seemed to be the perfect storm got us vs Utah, and special teams mistakes/unforced errors in the red-zone doomed us vs TCU, so obviously there's room for improvement.

However, we at least didn't lose to a 2 win team...that's a relief :)

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

54-10 and Ducky went AWOL for two weeks.


Highland, UT

The losses this season are very disappointing. Losing that badly to a team as bad as utah is definately the low point. The texas game should have been a win but they found a way to lose it and the tcu game was similar to the texas game.

There is no doubt they must be better than this. In particular they need to actually treat the utah game as if it matters. That is the big difference between BYU and utah when it comes to that game. utah wants to win it and treats it like they want to win it. BYU doesn't seem to put the same emphasis on it that utah does. I think that is in part because utah's coaches mainly former Cougar players and they simply don't want to lose to them. Bronco on the otherhand acts as if it's no big deal and the team seems to play as if it's no big deal. When you play that way results like the one we got this year are going to happen.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

Terrible season, weak schedule, weak coaching, weak negotiations with other conference. The only thing left is to burn our bridge with the WAC conference.

Knock on wood!

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

It's fans like Duckhunter that give the rational Cougar fans a black eye. Never admitting that another team outplayed the Y or saying the coach didn't take the game seriously is not helpful. Truth as I see it was that we lost every game we played when the opponent was above average. I feel that our players have more ability than they displayed. The Utah game was a debacle. Hopefully this offseason will be spent by the coaches and the team holding each other accountable. Let's stop talking about how good we are and start proving it. I don't care what conference we are in or if we stay independent, just win the games against the non WAC teams. We have proven we can beat them.

Highland, UT

@1984 for life

The fact that you are a utah troll aside you pretty much said the same thing I said. I wonder if you really think that you are fooling anyone by trying to pretend to be a BYU fan. The screen names generally give you away but then the ridiculous comments just confirm it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Ducky now turning on his own. He's the gift that keeps giving.

By the way, 54-10 and your team quit.

Maybe quitting is the problem.

Marysville, WA

Classic. Both UU and BYU have similar articles posted about their team's season. No comments on the Utah season, 9 on the BYU season, and half the comments are by Ute trolls. Who hasn't moved on? Pathetic.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter

So I am a Utah troll who basically posted what you did? However, my post was ridiculous, though as you said, it was pretty much the same thing you said. WOW. You have proven my original point.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Regarding comments on the BYU season to date, there are many golden nuggets to review and analyze. Yes, the key games worth winning were all lost, especially the Utah game. This set the table for the rest of the season. Combined with a very week schedule that included too many bye-weeks and we have a less than successful season. There is alot about the upper management of the athletic department that needs to be reviewed and addressed. While many think that BYU football has a wealth of talent, the coaching staff needs to be reviewed and revised as soon as possible. I saw a lack of focus in this years football team that I cannot remember ever seeing before. I did not see a will to win. This issue resides with the coaching staff and they need to account for this. It is time to bring in an entire fresh set of eyes to run this program. The recent issues facing BYU and their interaction with other conferences also says the same thing about the AD. It's time for fresh eyes and focus.

Washington, UT


So that's why the Cougs lose...they just don't care enough about winning football games. Well, who knew? Makes sense. With the best receiving corps and O line in the country and future NFL hall of famer Heaps, they would have been hoisting the crystal football, but they just didn't care enough. Maybe you could give the pre-game speech before the Hawaii games and tell 'em that. Please be sure and let us know what they say. Can't wait hoss.

Syracuse, UT


Let's get real and put the jealousy and envy aside. Utah is a member of the PAC 12 conference, a BCS league. The Utes played 10 BCS teams and two mid-majors.

byu is a mid-major, independent team that played four BCS teams and eight mid-majors. The majority of their schedule was against the bottom of the WAC. I do understand they will improve their independent schedule over time. The games against the four BCS teams were extremely important to byu in proving they belong with the big boys.

Are you having a difficult time accepting the fact that the Utah vs byu game is more important to byu? It certainly isn't as big of game for Utah anymore as it doesn't count against their conference record.

I'm sure you understand this and your way of dealing with it is to troll on Utah articles and stir up the pot.

I truly hope byu lands a spot in a BCS league so you can feel your team is relevant again as it once was in the 1980s.

Every game is important to an independent team. Only Notre Dame can make a BCS bowl without a perfect record.


BYU players don't determine who they play, but how they are coached and subsequently play against the opponent! It is disappointing that BYU as an independent scheduled so many teams from non BCS conference even though the school was on ESPN. BYU home game attendance reflected lower attendance than previous years and a non ranking (in the top 25) even with wins against teams below .500. Hopefully next year BYU will play a schedule of teams that are from five conferences associated with the BCS. If BYU is only able to schedule ranked teams (typically from BCS conference) only in September because those teams have conference games in October and November, than staying independent not trying to join the Big 12 or Big East may have been mistake.

Salt Lake City, UT

Failure for a season. 54-10 beat down at home at the hands of the utes? Unforgivable! The rest of the season, bowl game included, is meaningless.

Highland, UT

ute trolls posting on this article

54-10 (twice)
Y Grad Pumping gas
1984 for life (twice)

10 out of 17

So who is irrelevent? It appears BYU is really relevent to utah "fans".



The coaching at BYU is sub-par, period. I've yet to see any in-game adjustments by Roscoe's staff any year he's been the coach that have led to a BYU win. It's a shame, so much talent yet no wins against good competition. Either Roscoe is exactly what the BYU admin wants which I suspect is the case, or he needs to be replaced by someone with the ability to actually coach during a game.

Washington, UT


It's not about relevance...it's about your entertainment value.

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