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Published: Sunday, Nov. 27 2011 12:00 a.m. MST

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Springville, UT

As a BYU fan sorry to hear this. One kick and they would be in the championship game. I'm sure you'll end in a decent bowl game and better for it next year. I expected you would only win a couple games this first year, with your quarterback problems early. Great season all things considered. Best of luck as this goes forward.

Farmington, UT

"As ye sew..."

It's funny that no one on the Ute squad knew why they lost. After UNLV thumped them 27 - 0 a few years ago Whittingham replied "I don't know why we lost."

Better figure it out, Utes, becauase your effort on Friday would have to improve to be pathetic.

I wonder what they'll say if they get the Vegas Bowl? You know, the "nothing bowl" everytime BYU played in it?

I can't imagine anyone would think the Utes had a prayer against Oregon if they had made the PAC 12 Championship play-off.

Sweet Dreams.....Utes.....forever getting what you deserved on Friday.

Centerville, UT

The Utes would beat Colorado 9 times out of 10. I have no doubt about it. Colorado is a terrible football team. ASU did their part and caved in the last half of the season in a choke reminiscent of the Boston Red Sox this year. UCLA just got their head handed to them by USC 50 to zip. And yet...this is your PAC 12 South Division Champion! It is going to be a LONG winter for the Utes.

Rigby, Id

Colorado coach's had a superior game plan. They exposed Utah's weaknesses with precision.

1. They put 8-9 in the box on defense and we responded by continuing to run
the ball.
2. They blitzed from the outside and we could not capitalize because Hay's
could not change the plays and does not have enough experience to react
in that situation.
3. They exposed our extremely poor Safety play. Rowe and yes our beloved Brian
Blechen are very inexperienced. Rowe is not a very good tackler and Blechen
misses more tackles than you think because he is always trying to take
someones head off all the time.
4. With great protection the Colorado QB was able to wait for his TE's and
receivers to make their secondary route moves and when they did they
completely confused our secondary and SAFETYS and in a lot of cases were
wide open.
5. This was similar to what USC did to us as far as the passing goes.
6. We are paying a huge price for Whit's extremely poor QB recruiting. It all
comes down to having a QB who can excel and lead and we were sorely
in that department.

Springville, UT

Naw, it's as clear as a Sunday morning in Utah for the Utes' next bowl.

Beatdown in Vegas Bowl II

or affectionately known as...

Pac 10.2 Las Vegas Leftovers Bowl

Gosh, I really hope they play Boise but TCU will do in a pinch.


Orange County, CA

"I don't think a loss like this diminishes the turnaround we've had."

I beg to disagree. I think losing to the worst team in the conference at home when there was so much at stake for the team diminishes the whole season.

Moses Lake, WA

What No comments? Chris B.? You like to shovel it deep, Where are all you Utah fans? So much to say and no body who wants to read it.

Bubba 525
Salt Lake City, UT


Eagle Mountain, UT

Did anyone see how bad UCLA lost and looked? The PAC championship game is going to be a major blowout unless Oregon reins in their players which they haven't done, ever, under this coach. Sorry for the Utes but it likely saves a lot of embarrassment for them in the championship game. Good luck in your bowl game Utes. You will still get to a decent one.

Judge Smailes
Cedar Hills, UT

Hey, now lets leave the Boston Red Sox out of it! only 83 days until spring training!

Iowa City, IA

It's definately been an up and down season.
Beat your rival. Lose on a last second FG block v USC.
Beat Pitt on the road. Get blown out by Cal.
Win 4 in a row to make a run at the south. Lose by a FG to CU.
Key injuries. Unknowns stepping up. Snow, Sun. Up. Down.

The Utes were headed up towards the Alamo or Holiday bowl. Now with a loss against the team with the worst record in the PAC-12, who knows?

Oregon -> Rose
Stanford -> BCS at-large
USC-> Season over. Time to convince Barkley to stay.
Cal-> Alamo
Washington-> Holiday
Utah-> Sun
Arizona St.-> Vegas
UCLA-> Kraft
No PAC-12 rep to the New Mexico. If Stanford doesn't get an at-large (not likely) then, shift all of them down one.

I would be happy with the Sun, but boy would the PAC-12 championship game been sweet.

Up and down.

Hayden, ID

Let them play Boise State again for a gauranteed Bronco win, just like last year! Go Broncos!

Saratoga Springs, UT

This is a great time to go out and get the recruites we need to play for a title. ASU, UCLA U of A and WSU all coaches probably getting fired. Go out and get the kids we need. Steal them if u have to just go get them now. I know U of A hired a coach but u get the point


at A1994

USC won the South, they just can't play in the Pac 12 championship and n any bowl game and this is coming from a UCLA grad! We didn't win it especially after losing in the manner that we did. However, Utah losing to Colorado after saying that CU as well as WSU were terrible teams....LOL

Frisco, TX

I'm not sure if the Utes should be dissappointed or relieved they are not playing in the conference championship games. Oregon, USC, and Stanford are in a completely different league than the other 9 teams. Maybe we should split the league in half, and have a PAC3 and BOTTOMOFTHEPAC9. UCLA will be exposed by Oregon just like they were by USC (50 points), and just like ASU or Utah would have been if they would have made it to the game.

This years conference championship game is meaningless. We might as well give the Ducks the trophy now. Maybe next year, when USC is eligible, the game will be worth watching.

I'm guessing Utes will end up in El Paso or Las Vegas. With three teams at 7-5, and two team at 6-6; the bowls look at ability to fill the stadium and potential TV ratings more than anything else.


A 7-5 record is about what I expected this year. But I didn't predict it happening the way it did:

I thought the Utes would be competitive against all of their Pac-12 opponents, but they got blown out by Cal, ASU, and Washington.

I expected them to lose a game or two in which they were favored (middle of the Pac-12 teams are capable of beating most teams on any given Saturday), but didn't think it would be to the weakest team in the conference - at home.

The Utes played the #10 and #12 Pac-12 teams in the last two weeks of the season, and are lucky they didn't lose them both.

Watching the Utes play so poorly, so uninspired, with a trip to the Conference Championship Game on the line was very disheartening. You know it's a bad one when the player who had the best game for the Utes was probably Sellwood.

The bottom line:

The Utes are a top-third team this year. Hopefully they can win a bowl game and take some momentum into the offseason.

While disappointed, I would rather play in the Pac-12 than be in the MWC.

Cowboy Dude

One kick and Utah may have beat USC in the Coliseum.
One kick and Utah may have been in the PAC-12 Championship.
On the other hand, one missed kick and Utah would have seen all their chances go up in smoke against Washington State. Special teams is why Utah made it so far.
We can't keep the championship hopes on the special teams. The elephant in the room is this, we need an offense to get it in the endzone. Special teams and defense can't win every game. Sooner or later the kick is bound to miss.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Oregon, USC, and Stanford are in a completely different league than the other 9 teams."
Same with the Big 12 (OU, OSU, KSU) and SEC (LSU, Bama, Ark).

BCS leagues are like that. They beat each other up, with a few bubbling to the top. The "Bottom9" are still dangerous. Dismiss a team because of their record, and the next thing you know, you've lost to them at home by 44 points.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

So are bowl decisions influenced more by season record or by conference standings?

Highland, UT


"The Utes are a top-3rd team this year."

How do you figure that? Their 4-5 record would tie them for 6th place (out of 12) with 2 other teams and since both of those teams, asu and cal, beat utah, pounded them actually, that would make utah to bottom of those 3 and place them 8th out of 12. That is the last team in the middle 3rd and since cu beat them you could reasonably say cu is better and put utah in the bottom 3rd.

I'll give you the bottom of the middle 3rd but not by any sort of stretched logic can you place them in the top 3rd.

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