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Published: Friday, Nov. 25 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Nice article. Losing can be a great teacher, hence "we'll bounce back."

How come the stadium wasn't full? I mean they had a shot, a reasonable shot, at the Pac-12 C-ship and Rose Bowl and they didn't sell out?

I think the Ute fans remain a very vocal minority, while the SLC media remain a very vocal majority.

Frisco, TX

Tough loss for the Utes. If the Utes would have played all season, like they did today, they would have gone 0-12. But I feel your pain, the Cougs forgot to show up for a game they had on Sept 17.

Where were all the fans? If all the Ute trolls who post comments on the BYU articles showed up at the game, RES would have been full. It's very disappointing that the Utes can't sell out a game of this magnitude, with their new rival and a shot at the conference championship game on the line. I don't know why there is talk of expanding the stadium, if U can't fill your current seats.

Come on Ute fans, support your team.

Orange County, CA

What are we supposed to mark down with this disappointment?

Holladay, UT

Bottom line: Interesting roller coaster ride during Utah's first year in the Pac-12. 7-5 record with a utility QB, and all-your-eggs-in-one-basket John White IV is just fine. While I am hopeful that the Utes will challenge for the Pac-12 title next year, the ultimate comfort is that Utah, no matter what ANY BYU fan/troll says, was vastly superior this year, crushing the Cougs 54-10. Any Ute fan will trade being 3 points worse than Colorado for being 44 points better than BYU!

Salt Lake City, UT

Too much time spent reading the newspaper with rose colored glasses. This has been a disappointing year. Thank goodness Utah beat BYU because right now that seems to be all there is to cling to. That shouldn't be the case. Utah won 7 games and will get their 3rd best bowl game ever. So life goes on for football.

I call on all Utah fans to support basketball. It was really sad to see empty seats at RES for these last two critical football games.

A bigger ugly is all the empty seats at Hunstman. True story. Just this morning I overheard a strong Utah fan, posters on the wall, etc, throwing the basketball team under the bus. He is not going to watch basketball games. "Just can't get into it". If he was not my boss, I would have vocally suggested that he remove the posters.

Syracuse, UT

Delusional, envious cougar fans, the game was a SELLOUT today. The only seats that weren't filled were some of the MUSS seats where the students sit. In case you haven't heard, it's Thanksgiving break (students go home for Thanksgiving).

Speaking of attendance, LES is showing a few thousand empty seats each game.... What's up with that? Maybe fill your seats before worrying about ours?

Funny that you shift your focus to attendance! Big brother beats you by 44 on your field after all the trash talking leading up to September 17th, gets invited to a BCS conference all while you get to play Idaho State and the bottom half of the WAC.

Andy Tomasso
Layton, UT

Funny, it's still like its always been, Utah could lose every game and if they beat BYU the season is a success.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love how anxious little brothers are to jump on the first few comments of a Ute article.
And to those comments and the remarks about attendance; I was at the game and it was the MUSS that was lacking yesterday. The rest of the stadium was full. Completely understandable being that it was Thanksgiving holiday the day before. A lot of students who head home for the holiday didn't have enough time to get back in town for a 1:30 PM kickoff.
What was the Cougars excuse for being 10,000 short of capacity last week?
Moving on, Utah found a new rival yesterday...a 47 point stronger rival. That will only add to the irrelevance of the team down south as Utah turns their attention to better, stronger opponents.
Go Utes, the future is bright.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

To all the clowns hanging on to 54-10, you are now going to hear 17-14.

You blew it big time.


Cal does its part. USC will do its part. Utes fall on their faces. No roses this year!
Go utes!

Cowboy Dude

The game was sold out. My wife and I had to sit apart with two single tickets. Why does CougarClassic make up stuff?

So scary with Brenner. The stadium had a hard time getting back into the game. I can't imagine how the couches and players did it.

We wear Blue
ogden, ut

"Utah found a new rival yesterday.....that will only add to the irrelevance of the team down south as Utah turns thier attention to better, stonger opponents."

Hold on a minute while I pick myself up from laughing. Better and sttonger rival? Really? Colorado is ranked 114 out of 119 teams in the nation. If thats your idea of better and stronger your right, that is the perfect level of competition for the bottom dweller Utes. May the Ute and Buffalo rivalry rein for many years to come as the two worst teams battle it out for the bottom of the mighty Pac 12.!

Laughing again.

Ogden, UT

Utah has been running on luck all year. It ran out. They won games purely on luck not out playing the opponent.

Littleton, CO

I would LOVE to see a match-up with TCU in a bowl game. And I don't buy the "Thanksgiving Holiday" excuse for the empty seats. UofU is a commuter school -- low percentage of students are leaving the area for the holiday. Looks like it might just take some time for u fans to start hating (or even caring about) the new rival. But still, with a possible conference championship on the line....

Cedar Hills, UT


and still....


pittsburgh Ute
West Jordan, Utah

I tried to get tickets, it was sold out, thats all there is to it. The fact that we beat bYu does not make this a good or bad season. But when bYu fans try to say how bad our team is, we must remind you of the beating we gave you. Call it luck, try and mock our losses, but at the end of the day, head to head, 54-10! When one team is so clearly superior to the other, the band of little brothers at times must be reminded. Talk is easy, scoreboard settles it all.

Evanston, WY

you can't go to a game if you can't get a ticket. That SE corner of the stadium has empty seats all year bought by people that don't show up but, the U can't resell tickets. I knew at least 6 people that wanted to go and couldn't get one. Maybe we could start a board for fans that can't make it to give away/sell unused tickets? I don't know the answer.nd by the way mokohat: at least Utah play a real scheduled not, 8 or 9 horrible bottom of the WAC teams.

Morgan, UT

Question...If you get beat at home by the Bottom Dweller, where does that rank you?

Actually, my heart goes out to the Ute team, especially the Seniors, this is not what I hoped would happen,,,

But for the individuals who luke on this board who defame BYU at every chance...you got what you deserved.

Cowboy Dude

I'd rather spend the year saying "what if" than saying "it wouldn't have mattered anyways".
Go Cal! Go Trojans! Still a fine day for football.

Highland, UT

I love how they announce the "sellout" but in fact seveal thousand seats are empty. It was the same for the last home game and several of the others. What that tells us is that many of the tickets are sold to people that only want one game for whatever reason, just buy the tickets to have them but aren't really fans at all, the utah "fan"base is tenuous and filled with bandwagon and frotnrunner types.

Also every single article about this game has tried to blame the loss in part on the injuries. Injuries are unfortunate and no one likes to see them happen to a young man, but the utes were being shut out and dominated when those 3 players were playing. It was only after they were all out of the game that utah even got anything going. The injuries had no effect on this game, if anything utah improved after they happened. The truth is utah just got beaten by a better team.

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