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Published: Friday, Nov. 25 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Chubbuck, Idaho

Wisconsin is a winnable game. Wisconsin is not any more athletic than BYU. They may be more disciplined and patient and more physical but other than that...they are definately beatable.

metamora, IL

It was a fun game to WATCH last night and not as close as I had expected. Good luck tonight Cougars! Take it to those Badgers!

Lake Elsinore, CA

Jimmer-less Cougars are looking solid. Tonight's game will be telling to where they are really at.

Orem, Utah

Davies better watch out for #40 on the Wisconsin team. That guy's a beast. Davies could foul out trying to guard him.

After watching the Wisconsin win over Bradley, I believe BYU has many more weapons than Bradley did, so this might be a good game for Rose to keep his preseason tournament record going (only one loss versus a national #1--all the rest, wins).

Really glad to have quick, smart, Winder at point in this game. BYU has much more firepower than Bradley showed, so I expect this to be a good game.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Badgers 85 BYU 60 and then another article from Dick Harmon in Sundays paper about "Ref's and why they hate BYU"!!

Lyman, WY

First of all Wisconsin likes to play at a very slow tempo, so they don't want to get in a game with that high of a score Mr. Honor Code. If BYU wants to win this game they need to control tempo, so that the posessions are high and the score is too. If this happens then BYU can win this game. Go Cougs.

declo, id

@honor code

Why? Just plain old why?
Do you feel better now!
You need a censor. So Advice: "just turn it off. Don't read it/or watch it!"
Go out to dinner and have a great night. Life is NOT all anti-BYU. It just isn't.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado


Why? Just plain old why?
Yes I always feel better, especially when someone like you lets it bother you!

P.S. I will be out to dinner and really could care less about BYU. Like I said before, BYU gets a spanking tonight! And tomorrow I will scroll the pages to see if Dick Harmon came up with another dream!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

I doubt this will happen, but tonight I would like to see Rogers start tonight in place of Zylstra. Winder and Rogers in the back court together at least for the first 10 minutes.

Hopefully Davies will not turn the ball over tonight.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Anyone know what channel the game will be broadcast on? I know Big 12 has rights but I haven't heard what channel the game might be on.

BYU haters continue to show their character and it's a jest.

declo, id

@honor code

BYU may get a spanking and BYU may win. I don't know. Time will tell. However, win or lose its just a game. I am a little elderly and really it doesn't bother me. I suppose if one responds to any statement posted here it would appear they are; but I'm not. I just wonder why there is so much negative discussion between fans. I pull for Utah every game they play but two, Utah State and BYU but I in no way wish them bad luck or dislike them.
I just wished I could find where to watch them get the spanking or maybe win?

Bobby joe

BYU only down 2 at half. Does anyone know where Collinsworth is? I don't see him on the bench. Watching online with big 10 network.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado


Assumptions will get you nowhere in life.......I'm no Utah fan either!

Orem, UT


Honor Code is too embarrassed to admit which team is his, but most suspect he's a bitter Wyoming fan, which of course hasn't given him anything he can use to talk smack with in years.

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