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Published: Friday, Nov. 25 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Orem, UT

I really think Windsor, a freshman, was a difference maker today.

BYU has talent, quite a bit of it. I just think we really miss Chris Collingsworth and the way he can rebound and get after it.

I love Windsor, he is aggressive too, but Collingsworth is our key to a 25-28 win season.

Orem, Utah

Rose must be giddy to have Winder playing so well at point, considering everyone's talking about when Carlino becomes eligible and Winder is only a freshman. Looks like the guards spots won't be such a drop off, in spite of Jimmer's ability to shoot so well.

This team, once it jells a little more (gets rid of those long non-scoring stretches it's had every game), should be tough to beat---by anyone.

I've been impressed with the quality of BYU's defense so early in the season with so many new faces. Obviously well-coached. That defense should keep BYU in games against good opponents when the offense isn't clicking.

Tonight's game versus Wisconsin will be a tough test. After watching their game against Bradley, I think their #40 big man will give Davies fits. Hope he doesn't foul out.

Wisconsin is obviously well-coached, as they are very methodical, good shooters, and quite athletic--a tough combination for a young team like BYU. Still, we've got some weapons that'll be tough for them, as well.

BYU needs to play a cleaner game against Wisconsin to beat them.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Does anyone know if the game will be televised and if so on what channel can we find it?
I like Winder and hope he keeps improving.
I hope Harrison gets chances to grow and improve and get more PT.
Davies needs to settledown and be more consistent and disaplined.
Rogers & Abuo need to have a good game tonight if we are to have a chance to win.

Frisco, TX

If Winder continues to play like he did against Nevada, he will challenge Carlino for the starting PG role. Neither of them are Jimmer, but they will offer a much better combination at PG than I thought we would have. Both are Freshman and will continue to develop and improve as the season progresses.

Abouo and Hartsock are proving to be solid and consistent. Hartsock is playing even better than be did last year, and Abouo is excelling in the paint and perimeter on both sides of the court.

I still think Davies has the most potential of anyone on the Cougs roster, but he must be more consistent. He's had a couple of exceptional games and a couple of lackluster performances.

I'd like to see Rogers get more minutes. I recognize he's not the greatest defender, but neither was Jimmer. The kid gets into a rhythm and can put up 10 points before the other team knows what hit them. He's such a mismatch with his size and ability to shoot the three.

With Wisconsin, Oregon, Weber State and Baylor in four of our next six games; the Cougs will be tested. Rise Up! Go Cougs!

Los Angeles, CA

You have to wonder if BYU hadn't used Brok Z if they would have beat USU. I also have to wonder why they used him at all at PG when they had more pure PG options- anyone know? What happened to Nick M? Why not use Winder all season?

Lyman, WY

Winder has a bright future with BYU. The Cougs have some very good Freshmen, who are just going to get better.

Salt Lake City, UT

The single most relevant question about this game is this: Was Jabari Parker in attendance?

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