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Published: Friday, Nov. 25 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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No Conference Will Take Us

We can't be exclusive and have a deal that no other BCS conference team has either.
So in a way we are being held hostage by the ESPN contract itself.

American Fork, UT

Let's be patient and see how all this plays out.

American Fork, UT

I am so glad that BYU is not in the Big Easy. The Big Easy will be imploding in 2013 and lose their AQ status. We as fans got robbed for years by the MWC TV deals. Independence is difficult but it is so much better than the MWC status which is all the Big Easy can hope for in the future. Superconferences are on the horizon. BYU is in the driver's seat. Don't forget Who is in charge of the university.

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

We'll see what happens. Meanwhile, we will continue to win the games we are supposed to win and, hopefully, throw in some surprise wins against teams we are supposed to lose to.

Frisco, TX

I'm not sure if it's my imagination, or if it's real; but BYU's negotiations with the Big East seemed to changed about the same time that BCS began eliminating AQ status and only sponsoring the championship game. BCS status and easier scheduling were the only things the Big East had to offer BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

It was VERY celar to BYU that some of the same schisters behind the MWC deal were angling for the Big East. This is something that BYU should NEVER tolerate. With the Big 12 it was merely FOX TV Sports-Net that didn't like the :no Sunday play" policy dictated by LDS Church rules. The Big 12 will soon be entering territory where ESPN will likely control theri destiny as they renegotiate 1st teir rights that will exceed what FOX put on the table and why FOX resisted the idea of BYU going to the Big 12 even though all the presidents wanted them.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I have said for months that belonging to a BCS conf. isn't as big a deal as many want to make it. Yes, the money is good and the sceduling is easier but other than that it really isn't that neat. Winning is the key, Utah had a decent yr, (nothing like what the ute fans hoped for ) but they may not even get into a bowl game, who knows? Just like so many teams/ universities that belong to BCS conferences half of them won't get into a bowl game. BYU being and staying independent may be what is best for BYU. I trust those in positons of responsibility at BYU , they will make decisions that will be what is best for BYU.

Orem, UT

If this article is accurate, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, then BYU was looking out for BYU's fan base, which demands games be on KBYUtv.

I have no problem with BYU standing firm on the rights to broadcast home games that the "mothership" won't broadcast.

I watched the BYU basketball team beat Nevada today on BYUtv. Under the old MWC deal, this would not have occurred and the reason's given by the MWC were absurd and mostly because they wanted the BYU fan base to watch what was on the MTN, which was usually something like Air Force vs Southwestern of the Northern Lights State, and BYU fans would miss out on the opportunity of watching their Cougs.

So in spite of the the negative attention of negotiating with those two conferences got BYU, mainly from those who have lost all sense of the meaning of "Student Athlete," I am proud of BYU for standing up for us, their fans.

So, instead of BYU worrying about so called relevance in November, they took care of me, their loyal, card carrying, tithe-paying multi sport season ticket holder, who sends my kids and money to BYU and BYUtv

oh ye confederacy of dunces
Flushing, NY

Staying "consistent" with BYU's ESPN broadcast deal may be the very thing that leads to irrelevance for the cougs if super conferences emerge and no one wants BYU because of their history of failed BCS negotiations (0 for 2). BYU could easily be on the outside looking in when it is all said and done, and the decision to stay "consistent" may be seen as the worst decision that could have possibly been made.

Here's to hoping that the BOT at BYU knows something that us fans don't, because right now it is not looking good--as much as we try to polish it up.

Springville, UT

I am part of BYU's fan base, and I demand that BYU join a conference so they have something to play for every year. I demand that BYU be upfront and truthful when speaking to me. I demand that BYU get off it's high horse and stop expecting what no one else has EVER had. And last, I demand Dick Harmon stop spewing BYU fodder when we all know he doesn't believe it himself.

Lehi, UT

I have really enjoyed watching the games on BYUtv. I'm torn, though, because watching blowouts against New Mexico State and Idaho is not that exciting. At least in conference play there was always the competition between teams to see who got into what bowl game. Now it seems like there is nothing to play for except the fun of the game, which really isn't that fun when it's a game against inferior opponents.

American Fork, UT

That $100 million dollar broadcasting building at BYU would sure go to waste if they had to give up all their TV rights.

I'm a little disappointed in no Big12 and no Big East, but I do know that the future of BYU and the eventual exposure that will come to the school and my religion will ultimately be second to none.

The places BYU will go and the accomplishments of this school are exciting to consider. No slight to the U of U, or any other school for that matter, but BYU has the resources and opportunity that they can never match.

I'm not too worried, by 2013, that schedule will be fantastic to go along with that exposure.

I trust it's gonna work out how it's supposed to!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Dick glosses over it casually, but it is a fact no BCS conference member retains broadcast rights.

It is just not done. It's part of what schools commit to the conference in order to receive the benefits of conference membership.

Is BYU just seeking consistency? No, because a two-party deal between ESPN and BYU granting broadcast rights is not consistent in the context of a conference where third party conference members would be impacted.

BYU wanted the unprecedented benefit of retained broadcast rights, and the benefits of conference membership.

As my Grandma used to say you can't have your cake and eat it too.

But that is exactly what BYU wanted.

What is astounding is that they then wonder why they are considered difficult to deal with.


Well just so everyone knows texas has a similar deal to what BYU wanted so we cant say no other BCS school doesn't have one. But lets be honest the Big East will probably lose their AQ status and when it happens would we have been better off than we were when we were in the MWC. I think in the long run it will be a good move by the big wigs of BYU.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

I love being able to watch the games on ESPN and BYUtv. It is infinitely better than the mtn. I'm in graduate school out of state now and if it wasn't for the change I probably wouldn't have seen any of the games this year. I appreciate BYU's admin looking out for those of us out of state.

I recognize Independence has not been great to the season ticket holders this first year, but hopefully better home games will come.

Provo, UT

After all is said and done, the Honor Code, the no Sunday rule, and BYU's location in Provo will keep it from ever being able to recruit the best talent. BYU will never be able to consistently play with the big boys or contend seriously for a national championship...it just can't.

It coulda (and did) in the 80s...30 years later now though it just won't happen.

All of this squabbling over conferences, rights, money, image, publicity, whatever...just details.


Why are BYU fans so bugged by not being in the big East? It is a sinking ship and desperate to survive. We are much better off as an independent. Just relax and quit worrying about Utah, they will go the way of Washington State and be mediocre for years to come.
The football schedules will get better with plenty of big schools coming to Provo.
The exposure of BYUtv will mean good recruits will continue to come.
For all of Utah's work and amazing conference their headed to the Vegas Bowl to play TCU and will end the year 7-6.

Sammamish, WA

I love the small-minded comments! It blows my mind that BYU continues to accomplish waht many say they cannot (not just sports but with academics)and yet there are so many willing to believe they are smarter than the BYU Admin, Trustees, coaches, etc and know all there is to know about the negotiations. Would Notre Dame give up their rights to join an all-powerful, BCS conference? (I can hear it now: "BUT BYU is NOT ND!" well, they never will be if they join the Big East or you-pick-it conference. Why shouldn't BYU do something "nobody else gets"? Holy smokes -- Get some vision. (That means you: "oh ye confederacy of dunces"; "Fuzz"; and, "Howard S"). The WORST possible outcome of independence is better than life in another situation like the MTN. And can you imagine that scenario (not seeing many games on TV) and having to travel back east to see BYU play for any number of games!?

Salt Lake City, UT

People keep saying that BYU "wanted" this and BYU "wanted" that.

But, to my knowledge, BYU has not revealed what they want or what they "wanted".

I think this article is well written and even though I don't like the word "consistency" I believe that BYU, (having been lied to more than once) could never accept "any deal" that would give away their ESPN TV Rights, or any other Rights, without an iron clad contract that the other guy or guys would have to pay a very high price if they failed to keep their promises.

In other words, "no more handshake deals" and a contract that would guarantee adequate compensation if the Parties of the first part were to fail in any way to fulfill their promises to the party of the second part.

And I believe the negotiations failed because liars and cheats don't like to sign contracts that have no escape route if the liars and cheats fail to keep their "promises".

West Jordan, UT

re: Hoosier87 "That $100 million dollar broadcasting building at BYU would sure go to waste if they had to give up all their TV rights."

That is just plain nonsense to think that the broadcast building at BYU was built just for sports!

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