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Published: Thursday, Nov. 24 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Band of Sisters



There is no question the PAC-12 move was the right choice, but I have comcast here in Florida with the mountain available, but I have no possible way, that I am aware, of watching ROOT Sports!

I was really hoping to watch the game today, is there really no way to watch the game other than catching a flight to a region within a Root sports area?

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"There is no question the PAC-12 move was the right choice, but"


Nope! No Ute ever uses a "but" in that statement.

Columbus, OH


Find a friend with a DirecTV that has the enhanced sports package. The game's on there.

PAC 10.2 Doormat
Springville, UT

Here's hoping for a Buffalo miracle today.

Go Buffs

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

a win today and a possible playoff berth from the southern division is like saying the utes are the tallest of the little people. go buffs

Centerville, UT


Here's a 'but' statement I'll bet you are okay with...

"USC SHOULD be going to the PAC 12 title game, BUT...."

Provo, UT

Wow! Trolls much? Go out there and get us a win Utes!!


orlandoute, I don't know what kind of sports package you have with Comcast, but I live in Texas and I have been able to watch every Utah game live on TV this year, except the Montana State game, which I was able to watch live on the Utah Athletics website.

This happened with the Utes not officially being part of the PAC television deal, next year it should be even better. Utah had an awesome schedule this year, it was incredible to watch. The best thing is that every year from here on out should be just as good.

Salt Lake City, UT

Band of Sisters cried "ROOT = The MTN"
ROOT also broadcasts Big 12 games. Aren't you glad you missed the Big 12 boat?

Portland, OR

Colorado hasn't beat Utah since 1958? How is that relevant? They haven't played since 1962, and Utah won that year.

Shouldn't the article say Utah hasn't beaten Colorado since 1962?

Utes-Best Lil Brothers
Anaheim, CA


31 Utah 7-4

110 Cal Poly SLO
111 Army
112 So Utah
113 Maine

114 COLORADO 2-10

More like pillow fight!

Woods Cross, UT

More like a typical BYU game....

Centerville, UT

How Colorado managed to get into the PAC 12, I'll never know.


@ Utes-Best Lil Brothers

Ole Miss 2-9 106
SJSU 4-7 99
Oregon St 3-8 82
Idaho St 2-9 207
Idaho 2-9 135
NM St 4-7 123
Hawaii 5-6 94

Other BYU fun facts! BYU has no win over a team ranked in the top 78 its best win on the year is Utah State, ranked 78.

Wiley Old School

Orlandoute: Or you can also find a friend with Dishnetwork (enhanced sports package not required, at least not here in central VA). This will be the ninth game I've seen on Dish this year, eight in glorious HD (the other was on ESPNU).

A1994: to finish your sentence: "USC SHOULD be going to the PAC 12 title game, BUT.... they got caught cheating and were appropriately penalized." Or would you be in favor of them benefitting from their disreputable behavior and penalizing the teams that recruited fairly?

Centerville, UT

@Wiley Old School

No. If the Utes get to the title game, it's fair and square, within the rules and I congratulate them on running a clean program. I'm just suggesting that USC is the best team in the South division. The rest are mediocre at best.


- wow, chill out there. One of the many reasons I love being a ute is that a majority of our fans can actually recognize when something is not great about our program. I don't care any way you spin it, playing on ROOT Sports Mountain is not a good thing. I know it will change but again, chill out - I am most definitly a Ute.


- Thank you, that was just what I was looking for. I'm now headed to a local sports bar with directtv to watch the game. The drinks are more, but well worth it. Go Utes, Cal, and USC, all in that order!

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ Utes-Best Older Brother

A perfect example of "Little Brother Syndrome". Here we have a little brother (byu) who thinks and acts like he is the big brother, he pounds his chest and talks a lot of smack. Then one day big brother (Utah) comes down to Provo and beats up on little brother 54-10 in front of a national audience. Now little brother is having a temper tantrum because big brother has pushed little brother aside to hang out with his new friends (Pac-12 schools) and little brother is left at home sitting in the corner by himself (Independence).

Hang in there little brother!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@A1994 | 8:36 a.m. Nov. 25, 2011

"USC SHOULD be going to the PAC 12 title game, BUT...."


they can't because they were caught cheating.

Sad that a BYU fan needs a Ute to teach them basic facts of college football.

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