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Published: Thursday, Nov. 24 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

Good luck, Colorado!!!!!!!!

Provo, UT

I can't believe I'm a Cal fan for one whole day. Go Golden Bears!

(Not too much to worry about in the other two games.)

Cougars --Best Little Brothers
Irvine, CA

1) Utah 45 Colorado 10
2) Cal 35 ASU 28
3) USC 31 UCLA 14

The best thing after going 8-4 in the regular season is a chance to get 9th win with the conference championship game.

Rose bowl within reach. However, Alamo or Holiday is fine too.

Go Utes!!!

Alexandria, VA

Does anyone else feel like this "rivalry" is being forced? It's like giving yourself a nickname in high school - it'll never stick.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"Rumble in the Rockies" will be as much of a rumble as the "Holy War" was a war. The only difference our new rival won't quite by the 4th quarter.

Utah 42
Buffs 3

East Salt Lake City, Utah

My bad, I meant "quit". Sorry Veritas, I know how much you enjoy correcting spelling/grimmer errors.

Big Daddy Utah

This will be a rivalry only with time. The name being attached to this is stupid. Go UTES!!!!!!!!

safety dictates, ID

Perhaps there will be a completely new atmosphere in Utah during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. The hatred between Utah and BYU fans may, in time, subside. Utahns can root for both teams with a spirit of pride in both. I hope, for the sake of my grandchildren who will grow up there, that the late season game will never be played again. Let BYU, Utah and Utah State play each other in September.

N. Las Vegas, NV

Good grief. The CU/CSU game has been known for years as the "Rumble in the Rockies." How did Utah hi-jack that moniker?

Santa Monica, CA

Uteology--that would be "grammar" errors.
And yes, DC--it does feel like it's being forced and a little bit like giving yourself a nickname in high school, but you're wrong to say those things don't stick. I nick named myself Sir Studley as a pimply tenth grader and the name has stuck like glue for years.
Still--"Rumble in the Rockies?" Really? It sounds like something you'd advertise with some guy with a deep gravely voice, speaking really slowly.
"Friday, Friday, Friday---Get ready ta ---rum--bull!"

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

how much do the utes get for their root tv contract? i've heard they are negotiating with pbs for next year's contract.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Call it what you want. The Buffs may be lousy this year, and our year has taken an unlikely path. But here we sit at 4-4 in league play, and yet our season and this game are still exciting. Juan Blanco has a chance to break the single season rushing record and we still have a good chance to get to the Holiday bowl! The PAC 12 is so much better than the Mountain West Conference!

Go Utes!

Anaheim, CA

Talk about much ado about nothing:

--Utah doesn't play the two best teams in the conference
--The best team in the south is ineligible
--Not a single conference win came against a team with a winning record
--The Utes play five conference home games

and even with all of that going for them

--The Utes still have to rely on other teams imploding to win the south

This is like beating CSU, Wyoming, New Mexico, UNLV, and SDSU for a chance to get smoked by Boise State or TCU in the conference championship game.

Good luck against CSU, er, CU -- Rumble in the Rubble indeed.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

TroyTown, you are too funny. No self respecting USC fan would be obsessing about the Utes as much as you do as evidenced by your constant troll like statements on articles that are all things Utes. It is obvious you are a Y troll pretending to represent the USC view which is funny in a sad for you way. Too me it is pathetic that any Y fans think they have a right to put in digs against Utah when they their team looked Div II against when the played the Utes; at home no less; obviously Utah is way better than the mid major team in Provo which brings of the desperate jealousy of the kittens.


Poll question of the day:

Which "rivalry week" game will end up being closer?

Utah vs. Colorado



My vote is BYU vs BYE

Iowa City, IA

"How did Utah hi-jack that moniker?"

Utah? Myopia affects hundreds of folks on these threads my friend.

The Denver Post reported: "Working together, the schools' marketing departments have developed "Rumble in the Rockies" as the official name of the renewed Colorado vs. Utah series for all sports, beginning with Friday's football game in Salt Lake City. "Rumble in the Rockies" was announced this week. The schools say the slogan was chosen after weighing fan input."

"Talk about much ado about nothing:
--Utah doesn't play the two best teams in the conference
--The best team in the south is ineligible
--Not a single conference win came against a team with a winning record"

Facts. They can be so tough to handle when you are blinded by hatred.

Currently UCLA, whom the Utes beat soundly, have a winning record. If the Bruins beat USC, they will win the south outright as they would hold a tie-breaker over the probabation stricken Trojans.

And it is debatable that Oregon is better than said Trojans, whom the U played on the road and lost by missing the game tieing field goal.

If you are indeed a Trojan fan, then sorry.

Sanpete, UT

I hardly think that a USC ineligibility so the Utes can go to the Rose Bowl counts as a turnaround. Whatever floats your boat.

Kearns, UT

Awwe, niners, have a little more confidence in your Utes. Colorado isn't going to blow them out nearly as bad as you think they will.

Saint George, UT

ute alumni

"...how much do the utes get for their root tv contract?

More than the why gets from espn.

i've heard they are negotiating with pbs for next year's contract...".


Salt Lake City, UT


Nice dodge, but you didn't address any of Troy Town's salient points.

*U lost to the best team in the south
*U got byes against the best two teams in the conference
*U played 5 of your 9 conference games at home
*If U win the south, you won't have beaten a single conference team with a winning record

Yet, with all of that going for U, U still have to hope your only two competitors will implode just to get a chance to get destroyed by Oregon.

The fact that Utah fans are completely obsessed with talking smack with BYU fan during Utah's so-called "rivalry" week is proof positive that Utah fans couldn't care less about their new "rival".

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