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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Ok, the Utes have been counting this as a automatic win just like they did against Washington State. So, the pressure is on the Utes.

Also, those people who want Oregon may wish they hadn't. Ute fans are rookies in this league and have finally admitted that the conference is bette than the MWC. BYU fans, be quiet the "big" win you had this year was over Oregon State (3-8).....lol



"other than the championship game of course"

Winning the Pac12 championship game is a requirement for winning the Pac12 championship.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Agree - Utes should not look past Colorado...the Buffs haven't been good, but stuff happens. My guess is Kyle will have the Utes ready.

As for the "rumble in the rockies" - please. The "holy war" is the only meaningful rivalry in Utah and it's going to take a long time for any other game to hold the emotion and "fun" of that rivalry.

Hopefully the "powers that be" can figure out how to salvage the real rivalry. But even if they can't, let's not try and make up some lame excuse for a rivalry.

Go Utes!

paradise, nv

They should call it the Crumble in the Rockies. Utah will put the smackdown on Colorado. CU has not been good for a long long time.

Orange County, CA

@ttruthsandwich: So you're saying in '84 Utah was not a quality opponent? Agreed. Pitt was rated #3 in the country when BYU beat them at Pittsburgh, probably the best opponent BYU faced that year. That 15 players from that BYU team were drafted by the NFL is worth noting. Were they the best team in the country? Doubtful, but both the coaches and the sportswriters ranked them #1. Switzer's Sooners were ranked #2 and Barry was rankled.

Was Utah the #2 team in the country in 2008? Doubtful, but #2 and even a #1 ranking was certainly justified with the beat down of 'Bama. Switzer was still rankled. That win, by far, was the biggest win by a football team from the state of Utah. The only other win that could even be mentioned is the BYU win over Miami, but that was at home - Utah won in Alabama's back yard.



Yep, I'm saying in 84 Utah was not a quality opponent. And neither was Pitt. Their preseason rank would matter if this was the fall of 1984, but it isn't. Pitt had a lousy season and finished unranked- they were not a good football team. Also, sportswriters and coaches ranked the Y #1 under a system even more broken than the mess we have today- it didn't incorporate strength of schedule. It was a nice accomplishment, but there isn't a chance that resume would be awarded a "national championship" by today's standards.

Agree with the rest of your post though. The Bama Beatdown in the Sugar Bowl was the peak of football from this state. So far..

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