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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, Utah

Okay the marketing machine is on way by way of wagon. Rumble in the Rockies? Save it. Rivalry insertion can only be done on the field. That said, I am pumped up to be at Rice Eccles on Friday.

One more time for White to run on the white snow. I keep praising him. White keeps outdoing my praise. Now I am insanely cheering on 42 carries. White will need a recovery process before the bowl game. He should get 4 weeks, but I hope we are in the PAC 12 title game next week.

Las Vegas, NV

The MUSS does deserve recognition, but of all those 10 years, I hate to say it, but this years 2011 MUSS is probably the weakest. I know, I'm going to get hate mail, but something is different this year, can put my finger on it.

meet me in the MUSS
Sandy, Utah

bigutefan: I graduated in spring, so I'm not in the MUSS anymore, that's what's missing ;) Seriously though, I miss being there for every game, my friends and I would go wild..

N. Las Vegas, NV

Coach Whit is right. You can't manufacture rivalries. Colorado needs to show it can win a few games first for their to be any sense of a rivalry.


"Snooze in the Rockies" would be more appropriate. For a one time great program Colorado is in the depths of a long sleep. Sadly, this is only another opportunity for Utah to run up some statistics from the weakest of the PAC 12 sisters that have helped them thus far. In the stats department only Jake and Cougars for the second round could be better for the Utes than CU. "Vampires and Werewolves" may make for a more exciting Friday night.

Orem, UT

This Coug fan hopes you stomp Colorado and win a chance to play for the pAC 12 title. Coach Whit, staff, and players have done a remarkable job of fighting through adversity and crafting a good season.

Woods Cross, UT

An interesting weekend coming up; Utah can't overlook Colorado, UCLA should be thwacked by USC, & the Big Question is ASU vs Cal.

That aside, hopefully Utah fans who might have written off this 2011 season will return to the fold, & in future years take a stronger stand now that the competition is clearly much more vigorous than we experienced with the old Mountain West.

One thing for sure, we should acknowledge the Utah coaching staff as phenomenal. Doubts about the kicking game & special teams? Gone. Doubts about the defensive secondary? Even with significant injuries, they've come thru in the clutch. First string QB out for the season? JH holds the fort. Offensive line must improve? Enter the Wolfman with a record-busting ground game. WOW.

Any way you paint it, this has been a pretty special year.

So --- A tip of the cap to the whole team & its exceptional coaches. The entire Utah organization has earned a ton of respect this year, and you have surely demonstrated you fully deserved the PAC10's invitation to the PAC 12.

But no time to rest. The BYU rivalry is over. It's time to move on.

Stay Hungry, Stay Strong, Go Utes!!!! :)

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Rumble in the Rockies? Are they going to play football or stage a production of West Side Story?

South Jordan, UT

I am curious if Utah wins and UCLA and ASU lose and Utah goes to the pac whatever championship game and loses to either Oregon or Stanford. Is this a hollow championship for the winning school? Does the winner need an asterisk placed beside its win because it played an average in conference team? Or does that not matter because of the way the system is run this year? It really does not matter if it is Utah, UCLA or ASU they should get the asterisk because they are not the best team from the south right? That goes to USC. This way of thinking is coming from all Utah fans who seem to think that BYU did not win the 84 championship even if that is the way the system played out that year.

sports fan
Provo, UT

I think that utah would have a decent chance if they were to play Oregon, the personnel match up in utahs favor, the best run defense in the pac vs the best runner. If the utes could slow James and have some good plays on mpecial teams they could find themselves in a game they may have a chance to win.
But Colorado is a must win, the utes need to come out swinging and play hard.

Ute Fan In Utah
West Jordan, UT

billybubba- No matter what now, USC is named the South Champion by the Pac-12. Utah would just go to the CG as the South representative in the above scenario.

Layton, UT

Billybubba-That game is 27 years in the rear window, the only people who care are byu fans and byu haters. No connection to the PAC12 Championship regardless of the participants, no connection to the Utah/Colorado game. Actually, no connection to this century.

Highland, UT

So they've come up with a contrived name for the game and are trying to pretend it actually means something. utah should pound colorado which might be the worst d1 program, and team, in the country.

I can feel the sense of anticipation permeating the entire state over this game.

South Jordan, UT

case closed

Glenwood, UT

Hmmm, to start a rivalry............. Talk smack, back it up, then disrespect them. BOOM! Rivalry started!!

Glenwood, UT

You need a classic picture of a Native American, spearing a buffalo. Change the Natives clothes to Utah jerseys, and put a CU on the buffalo. Or a Native wearing a Buffalo skin. You can go on all day with that.

Layton, Utah

bwaahaahaahaa. Trying to make it sound like clash of the titans against a 2-10 pee wee team. That's grand. The buffs haven't even made a sound anywhere on the college football landscape.

bountiful, ut

No crazy fans in la la land if UCLA beats USC they are the undisputed pac 12 south champs..... Read it and believe it! Anyone that with what is in black and white below calls USC anything but what they are is crazy beyond belief.

South Division
USC (10)6-29-2

UCLA 5-36-5

Arizona State4-46-5

Utah 4-47-4

Arizona 2-73-8



@ billybob-

The difference between the PAC 12 Championship and the 84 shampionship is that a Pac 12 champion would at some point have to play against at least one quality opponent.

Ephraim, UT

But would they have beat any? (Other than in the CG of course)

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