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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

"Here we go again. Someone that does not understand what invite means"
"A question for BYU fans.
How can you consider this an official invite?"

NightOwl, tell me what this sentence means: "BYU has been invited to join the Big East as a football-only member". This was taken from a newspaper article. It seems that you are the one this is misunderstanding the situation.

"The Big Least and Big 12 don't want you. They need you to keep their conference together with AQ status."

Yeah, and the PAC-10 didn't want Utah; they needed them to get to 12 teams to get a conference championship game. Colorado was invited first.


Congratulations BYU - I am now officially done. I was a huge fan of the program; bought hats, shirts, etc. at the games and everything. As of now, I am in the market for a new team, anyone except Utah. BYU is on the very fast slope to irrelevancy. I guess I'm not interested in following a diviusion 2 school, or whatever they call it now. Perhaps the Big Sky would be interested in an arrogrant, self-inflated program (schedule would probably be better).

Hopefully some day they will learn the need to play nice and compromise if you want to join a conference. Big 12 said no because we were stubborn, now the desperate Big East also says no. See a common theme?!


sammyg said:

"Yet another little pathetic agitator that just can't accept the fact that other conferences would even talk to BYU about joining their imploding conferences.

You and your ilk have been pounding your chests since 2010 about how BYU would never be in these conference discussions and get an invite.

Well, guess what? Time to move on and get over it. It happened. Yet another silly little troll prediction spiraling down the proverbial anti-BYU toilet.

Try all you can but you can't change history.

BYU got an invite just like it got an NC trophy. Hurts don't it?"

The invite means nothing. BYU is still on the outside looking in.

Time to for a new slogan. Forty more years of WAC legacy!

Wandering, Earth

This was the best comment in the article:
"BYU does know that (Boise State) is the real prize here, right?'" Being part of a conference is working together as one team. For the first time since BYU and the Big East started this process, member schools are wondering why BYU is being so difficult.

Kolob State

It seems BYU wants milk but doesn't want to buy the cow...


Big East School rep says, 'BYU does know that (Boise State) is the real prize here, right?'

Nope BYU does not know this.... They won the NC 30 years ago remember? How could any team ever be a bigger prize than BYU with that kind of history and tradition??

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Re: ChiefSportsFan "I am very happy BYU is staying right where it is and very comfortable with the process that got them there...and fair-weather fans mean nothing in the grander scheme of things."

I've heard nothing but the Cougs Admin's talking about BCS, BCS, BCS. Sorry, Chief, staying independent is going to get them there. Even if the Big East gets their AQ status removed, BYU will not be an attractive entity for a BCS bowl because their schedule is beyond a patty-cake schedule. I don't regard me as a fair-weather fan, but rather a realistic fan!

Kolob State

As a Boise State fan, since we'll get to pound BYU once a year for a good while now, it really doesn't matter that BYU bailed. What's amusing is the image the BYU has of itself. They really believe they are the Notre Dame of the West. A previous poster made a great point about how BYU will have nothing to play for once they lose their first game in any given season. As part of a conference, there is always a championship at stake. I can't wait to see BSU playing for the Big East Championship in New York!!! Good luck with the whole "late night exposure" thing.

Wandering, Earth

Let's examine our checklist concerning how many conferences BYU has alienated in the past year:

BIG 9 √

Were not even allowed to alienate our Pac 12, but let's say it's a safe bet that if given an opportunity, they would.

Come on BYU, play nice. The only options left are the SEC, The Big 10, and the ACC and somehow I don't see those conferences calling any time soon.

St. George, UT

I so enjoyed watching every game on TV this year. Just like the old days! I don't care if they play some week teams or if they win a national title. I just want to watch them play and win.. kinda like the old MWC days except with TV coverage.

U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT


If, as you claim, the football program exists to provide exposure for the LDS church above all else, then that is even more reason to be upset about the current situation. BYU's current "exposure" has only made the school and Bronco look pathetic (e.g. losses to Utah and TCU, wins against only terrible opponents).

Tell me how this exposure is helping the school or church's cause?

La Crescenta, CA

As a cougar fan, we need a conference. Independence is for Notre Dame. I lost interest in BYU football this month. We need a conference race and something to play for this time of year. We need to play Boise State as our rival for a conference championship. I was really hoping that we would join the Big East. The level of competition would have been perfect. We'd also have exposure across the whole country. I think we would have struggled to win in the Big-12--see Utah's struggles against better teams in the PAC-12. We need a conference and something to play for.

U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT

Since football is clearly not the main priority at BYU, I guess there is no room for non-LDS fans like myself in BYU's future. Recruits will soon begin to see the same thing. Recruits like Ross Apo will become a thing of the past. I predict additional decommitments in the coming months and years of losing the best LDS athletes to Utah.

U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT


If, as you claim, the football program exists to provide exposure for the LDS church above all else, then that is even more reason to be upset about the current situation. BYU's current "exposure" has only made the school and Bronco look pathetic (e.g. losses to Utah and TCU, wins against only terrible opponents).

Tell me how this exposure is helping the school or church's cause?

scrappy do

I think BYU is smart to stay independent... Don't be surprised when the likes of Texas, Ohio St, Florida, any school that has the base to work their own TV rights will take that road

The big east and big 12 will not make it in the long haul

The east coast is not a college football market in reality and the big 12 without Texas and that market doesn't have the demographics to support large TV contracts

Stay independent, schedule well and make money for ur school

I'm not even a BYU fan

Average, SE

This has to be said. There are a lot of whiny anti-BYU commenters and whiny BYU "fans" who are complaining about things they know nothing about. How many of you were involved in the BYU - Big East talks? How many of you have any idea what the college football landscape will look like in two years? How many of you are asked to direct a church-owned university with its own set of goals that do not always match up with the goals of other universities?

For me, I'll enjoy being able to watch BYU games wherever I am living. BYU had a very respectable schedule this year, especially given the time constraints of putting it together. Schedules will only improve with time. Recruiting will only improve (not that it's been bad - there are a limited number of people interested in BYU anyway) and TV revenues are much improved already.

BYU's in an awesome position. Right now Independence provides more stability than is found in all but a couple conferences (mainly the SEC and Pac-12; the Big 10 is pretty stable too). The Big 12 barely survived and the Big East might not.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Reading the opinions expressed here has made me wonder a few things:

- Was the TV rights issue the real reason the talks with the Big-12 went nowhere? If so, what on earth was BYU thinking? Wouldn't the exposure from that affiliation alone be huge?
- What "exposure" is so precious that it must be preserved at all costs? Are webcasts of the Y thumping Idaho State that hot a commodity, or that important in spreading the LDS message?
- Is the absolute death of the present BCS bowl system (being merely one of many discussion group ideas floated by BCS AD's) such a foregone conclusion that BYU is willing to stake its future on it?

And finally,
- Are sammygoaway, Duckie and (not)toosmartforyou really BYU's now-infamous and abrasive legal team?

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

Riverton Kewgar,

It wasn't that the Y didn't agree to their terms, they just asked for the world, and there was no way the Big East was going to give it to them. Keeping ALL of their TV rights, and having to have BYY TV to where people can watch replayed games. Stupid demand. No one watches the replayed games, and everyone has DVR these days if they have to miss the game. I am glad that some BCS conferences expressed interest, but them expressing that interest does not make you a BCS team. Being in one of those leagues does, which as of right now you are not a part of. So UTE fans, & fans of college football can say that the UTAH is a BCS caliber team, & BYU is not. I think that the whole BCS thing with games other than the NC game will be gone in a few years, but there will still be something in place for teams from those conferences will go to what was the BCS bowls, and have league tie ins. BYU will not be part of those tie ins, & be able to go to bigger bowls. Big mistake for the Y

bountiful, ut

Alum 91 sounds like a disgruntled wife seeking divorce lmbo

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

Riverton Kewgar,

BYU can make demands like that, but the big conferences like the Big 12 and Big East just reject them, and dont listen to you. That is why you are hated by the majority of the college football world. Had the Y not try to make so many demands and irreasonable concessions they might actually be in a bigger conference and have a decent schedule right now, & maybe be playing for a conference title. I doubt that would be the case since they cannot even beat a team with a winning record, or a team with decent athletes. It is just the sign of things to come with how the Y has alienated all of the conferences in college football with all of their unreasonable demands.

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