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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Kearns, UT

BYU is like the car salesman who is terrific at selling used lemons, knows just the right way to get really desperate people into a junk of a car, yet just can't find a way to sale a newer model, which obviously brings in more money for the dealership.

Then they go to the boss and makes demands about salary, hours, benefits, etc. Demands that even the top salesmen in the company can't get away with, even with a clearly superiour resume.

And they can't understand why their previous employer, and 2 potential new employers, have told them to take a hike.

Then they come back home and tell their wife that being unemployed because you can't get along with anyone is actually a better situation.

Provo, UT

This is a PR nightmare for BYU

I am tired of watching BYU play lousy WAC teams.

I am tired of the whole realignment game.

Oh goodie...next year we get to play Weber State

End the madness!

Kearns, UT

Hmmm... 141 comments on this thread right now, and only 10 comments on the article about the Utes' bowl prospects. I'm really wondering which team is really irrelevant, and which one needs to start playing more exciting opponents.

Cedar Hills, UT

I still don't understand the Big 12 deal and why BYU bothced it! As a BYU alum and season ticket holder, why would I want to send my kid to the Y with their Independence thing when he could head up to the U and play in the PAC 12 and a chance to go to the Rose Bowl every year? Most recruits can and will get some of the "BYU experiance" up at the U as most of the coaches are LDS and share the same values as alot of the recruits BYU is after. Recruiting will be the first thing that will hit the BYU program(already has). I think all the Utah games were on TV this year as well. Kind of a sad situation in Provo right now.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I haven't read all the comments, but what many fail to see is that automatic qualification and making money are not the top priorities for BYU. EXPOSURE is the top priority.

The football team exists at BYU to get exposure for the school and the Church. BYU's values are not the same as other teams which only care about making money and getting into a BCS bowl game. If BYU gets 1.6 million viewers per game, that's by far more important than the money or the BCS bowls. If BYU can get their current TV rights and viewership, go ahead and join a conference. BUT, if BYU has to give up it's current TV deal, then forget it. We're doing just fine as we are.

Lake Worth, FL

I am so glad that the Big East deal fell through; it looks as if the Big East is just going to be the new WAC or Mountain West Conference and we don't need that again. We need to remain independent; it has been great being able to see all of the games this year here in Florida.

President Joker
Washington, DC

I wonder what BYU's recruiting pitches will be like now.

"Well we have a very stong tradition of class and excellence in our football program and if you choose our school, your family will be able to see all of our games as we take on quality opponents like Idaho,Idaho State, New Mexico State, Central Florida, and North Texas. All of this you will see every week on ESPN at an 8:30 pm kickoff time. You will have to understand that our football team has no conference, no rivalry, no real chance at getting a bowl bid greater than the Armed Forces or New Mexico bowls. But we at BYU believe football is number 5 on our priority list. Livning the gospel is what we should all be trying to do and you can only do it at BYU. No need to try and be a missionary at another school now."

Highland, UT

I love all of the utah "fans" pretending to be disgruntled BYU fans. Your obsession is showing.

Magna, UT

There is a ton of criticism and a lot support about and for BYU and conference alignment. But it's all in the perspective of where you are when looking.

Many of you posters are seeing it from the "what's in it for me" perspective, ok, that's reasonable, others see it from a perspective of enmity or hate and it's very obvious while others see it from a perspective of Ha Ha, gotta love it sarcasm and others see it from the perspective of the aims and goals of BYU and the Church and that's fine too.

Which of the perspectives is the right one? who really knows, every one thinks theirs is. At the end of the day, it is what it is and the perspective we see it from may be the farthest from reality.

My perspective is, for what it's worth, that in this ridiculously chaotic scramble to be on top and get the best position for the fight, some unforeseen element of surprise will undoubtedly appear and topple the whole thing.

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter observed "I love all of the utah "fans" pretending to be disgruntled BYU fans. Your obsession is showing."

So you're saying there are no disgruntled BYU fans?
Interesting position. "If you complain, you are not a fan."
Technically correct, too, according to Merriam-Webster's...

Syracuse, ut

What a mess, it's obvious to me that the BYU administration is not interested in joining a BCS conference (probably never was). As a BYU fan, I couldn't disagree more, the shot at the Big 12 was BYU's best and maybe only chance at joining a big conference. Could you imagine the football nirvana in Utah with the Utes in the Pac 12 and BYU in the Big 12? The Big East would have been an ok option, but I'm still stinging from the Big 12 failure. I just can't get excited anymore about playing these WAC teams, this November has been dreadful.

BYU administrators, you've made the bed and now it's time to sleep in it. You've just placed enormous pressure on Bronco and the players to win and win and win more, otherwise, it could get ugly with nothing to play for each year.


Wow! Amazing!

I thought the idea was to get "exposure"? How is trying to fill your football schedule 'dance card' with an occasional top 25 team and practice squads from the WAC going to give you exposure??

Good luck getting invited to another AQ conference.

Try stepping outside your Happy Valley bubble every now again...

O-town, UT

All the serious BYU fans need to stop buying tickets and make a push to replace the current AD and staff. BYU basically just turtled and declined to play on a bigger stage.

I always hate seeing tune-up games. I don't see much entertainment value in beating a team by 40 points and having the game out of reach by middle of the second quarter, but it appears the free men(independent lovers) can't get enough of this. That is strange, sad too, but mainly strange.

Their handling of this issue just ensured that three whole conferences won't schedule them. Independence works for Notre Dame because they basically play a Big Ten schedule. What will BYU do when the WAC dissolves? I guess you will have to beg the Sun Belt or MAC for an arrangement.

I feel sorry for all the serious BYU fans, for the rest of the lemmings willingly to follow the football program off the cliff--enjoy the ride. Here's some music for you:

You'll do swell, you'll do great going to have the whole world on a plate. Starting here, starting now, everything's coming up roses.

Enjoy the magical mystery tour!

Farmington, UT

Up front, I'm a Ute fan, but I enjoy watching the Y on occassion, and am certainly not a hater.

In all honesty, I'm glad the Big East didn't cave into the Y's demands. This was just sounding like what Texas did to the Big 12 all over again--wanting special rules and special amounts of money. A conference really should be about equitability, so schools can support each other whether their peers are struggling or being successful.

I don't think the Y is ready to accept a conference affiliation right now. So I'm glad the options are gone so we can re-dedicate our time talking about independence status.

Kearns, UT


For the same reason traffic always slows to a hault around an accident, even when it's not in the line of traffic.

People love to see a good train wreck.

Especially when it happens to a group of people who hold themselves so superior to apparently everyone in college football.


I'm sorry but playing everyone currently in the Big East is no better than the MWC or WAC teams on the schedule this year. It would have been foolish and short sighted for BYU to do this. The Big East is a sinking ship whose only asset is their AQ bid to a BCS bowl which will most likely go away in a couple years. Smart move by BYU.

Bellevue, WA

I love this news.

But I don't understand why Boise State is insisting on a western travel partner if they're just joining for football only. Football teams only play one game a week - it's not like Rutgers would go play a football game in Boise, hang out in Idaho all week, and then go to Provo/San Diego to play the following Saturday before heading back to New Jersey. Travel partners are for sports where games are played a day or two apart.

Also, why do people seem to think that superconferences, if they happen, will require 10 or 11 conference games? Actually, I think it's more likely that they'll revert back to 8 instead of the currently trending 9. Everyone wants good nonconference games.


@hoosiercoug - As an apparent BYU fan living outside of Utah, you obviously miss the point. They were on TV more this year than ever before so people can actually see the games. (Yes, some of us have wandered outside the bubble.) In addition, the AQ paradigm is likely going away in the future which is why they AREN'T scrambling to get into an "AQ" conference.


For all of you saying that the Big East is just another version of the MWC, guess what? I'd love to see us competing in the MWC again! I'd love to see us competing for anything at this point. We have nothing to play for in independence! What if we lose to Georgia Tech the first game of the year next season? Oops! nothing to play for AGAIN. But sure lets pretend being independent is great! We are just like Bronco, when we are in discussions with a BCS conference, we want BCS access, when we say no... Independence is the greatest thing ever! I'll get my season tickets next year, but if we lose the first game of the season I'm selling them on StubHub..

Orem, UT

This itself may mean the Big East loses AQ status, I guess...

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