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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Hightstown, NJ

The enemy's gate is down.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

@Fresno girl:

Be honest....is there a better word to describe what the BYU football has become? Before you answer, please look at the schedule and the bowl opportunities.

Nah....I think irrelevant is probably the best word to use.

Lancaster, NY

Good. I'm glad they stayed independent. The Big East is dying, the Big 12 is dying, and independence gives them the freedom to schedule as they wish.

I love how people are making assumptions about BYU's thought processes and how they are being unfair and selfish and everything else imaginable based upon a couple of newspaper articles and comments from some individuals in a conference (Big East) that has lost out on getting BYU to join.

Finger pointing, baseless accusations and outright falsehoods are alive and well with those that think they know everything when they have 1/10th of 1% of the facts. Boy, it must really be great to be so smart!!

The Cougs will be fine. And it was great to watch football live on Saturday late and basketball live last night. To all of you that think it doesn't matter because they are playing 'soft teams', think again. The exposure BYU (and thus the church) gains is immeasurable.

Go Cougs!

We wear Blue
ogden, ut

Remember folks the Big East asked BYU! Not the other way around.

Its like the school nerd ask the head cheerleader to the prom.
After weighing all her options and deciding the nerd doesnt have any of the qualities she is looking for in a long term relationship.....the head cheerleader decides to stay home and watch ESPN instead.

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

Boise State the prize in the deal? I suppose if you are only talking football, and ONLY football, that may be the case. BYU does not need the Big East. They will lose AQ status in 2013 and then BYU would be back where they were in the MWC....with a bad TV deal and angry fans that have no access to them. The independent deal is WAY better. I've seen every game this year and the school has made 10 times the revenue than last year. It still slays me that the Big East is scrambling all over the WEST to add schools. Why would BYU want to travel back east to play schools that really have no football reputation. I think the conservative course is much better! Go Cougs!

South Jordan, UT

Most of the BYU fans want to be in a conference. It's okmto admit disappointment. A few days ago, most BYU fans were pushing big east as a good option. Many of the same are now applauding the decision to stay independent. If it makes you feel better.

Back to bad WAC schedules. Get your 2012 season tickets now. It's going to be great. At least it will be great in SLC.


It's for the best. We can't compete on the same speed/athletic level as Boise and some of these other teams, as we've been shown by Utah and TCU.

Magna, UT

I've been watching and wondering a lot the past several months and I have to admit there were times when I felt the sting of disappointment as I think every true BYU fan in the country has. But I took a deep breath and considered the big picture and once again I'm confident in the future of BYU athletics.

I make no jabs at Utah's new found home, in fact I'm happy for them but I don't understand the in your face, demeaning attitude toward BYU by many. Conversely I don't understand the demeaning and jealous retorts from BYU fans toward Utah. Rivalry aside, each school is on a different course, always has been and always will be that way. There should be no disrespect.

As for BYU's course which this article is about, the word to me is misunderstanding of the mission of the School and the sponsoring institution. If I may, BYU's honor code has been as high profile as any thing in the world of sports and it was the completely and thoroughly dissected from every angle and in the end, I believe for the largest part respect for standards won the day.

Saint George, UT

Jealousy brings out some great comments, NOT!! The bcs is dying and will be dead in two years. The bowls will return to the former setup and possibly a championship game outside of the aq system.

Some people have gloated about being part of the bcs, u, not that it is dying the "prestige" is gone, they will all be the same as before. The difference is that the y will still have its revenue and contract while the rest start scrambling for deals.

Indy will prove better and better as time goes on.

declo, id

There are very few people who actually know the "truth" and they aren't talking. Everything else is opinion, speculation, and or bitterness, hatred. They all show up in these posts. Some people are so BYU they see no other side and bias is the obvious. Others are so anti-BYU that their posts are just bitter and nasty. I don't understand why it has to be that way.

Fruit Heights, Utah

I love remaining independent, we get to watch all those games late at night, with mediocre, losing record opponents and have no chance at developing some fun and exciting rivalries let alone a chance to play in one of the big dances. Is the rarefied air in Provo such that the fans do not matter any longer? BYU get a grip get rid of intercollegiate sports altogether before you shame yourself in oblivion, let the good players go to Utah where they seem committed to competing.

Magna, UT


BYU's Athletic independence was another bold statement of defining the direction of the school and the church. It was not a knee jerk as some have implied by demeaning comments but was a result of years of foresight and planning that made this bold move possible. By any current standard of collegiate sports, it was counter to the norm but BYU was prepared and forged ahead. Again, respect was largely the feelings of most people nationwide.

With respect to the Big 12 and Big East conferences, it is evident that BYU's brand was highly regarded and to say otherwise is disingenuous. It may appear on the surface that BYU has been arrogant and prideful but I contend that it is much more a case of defining who and what BYU and the church stand for.

There will be many loud and voice-full detractors and critics but I expect, BYU's brand to not only survive but flourish and in the end, the it's not about us it's about the mission of BYU and the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints.

Springville, UT


So what am I nervous about? What am I bitter (and jealous) about? I'm dying to know. I'm all ears.

I embraced independence and that has never changed.

I'm not like a Ute fan that doesn't use his season tickets.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

BYU wanted to be the only team in the nation to not commit its broadcast rights to the conference in return for the benefits of conference membership.

The beauty of BYU's recent conference flirtations is that in additional to the WAC and the MWC, now the Big 12 and the Big East have first hand experience with the insufferable, inexplicable, and unwarranted arrogance that has come to define the "brand' of BYU.

Springville, UT

@ hornetfan, fair point that "There are very few people who actually know the "truth" and they aren't talking." Perhaps BYU should drop the secrecy, PR and control and just level with the fans. I don't see that happening ever. They will never, ever, ever be fully forthright.

Boise, ID

Good for BYU. They have said exposure is their #1 goal and the Big East couldn't/wouldn't guarantee that. BYU will be on national TV almost every game if not every game for 7 more years. The schedule next year is better and is as difficult as other top teams (maybe excluding SEC). A perfect fit in a conference would be nice but independence is the best option for now. Go Cougars.

Pullman, WA

Fair-weather fans. Arm-chair quarterbacks. Back-seat drivers.

You guys know nothing.

Exposure, exposure, exposure. BYU has a charter and a responsibility to its board of directors to add exposure, and giving up their TV rights just doesn't accomplish that. Yes it puts us in a conference that, for now, has AQ, but is one season worth that price? No. Absolutely not. No way.

BYU has to grow in recognition, and they have to be seen as an oasis where an Honor Code means something. This past year they have been doing that. BYU has a television complex and a broadcasting arm that is second to none. They are going add exposure and to do that you have to be a maverick. You have to be different.

BYU is different. It is about more than conference affiliation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well, as a BYU fan for 50+ years, I'm sad to now observe that it looks like BYU is headed in a direction that will result in the school dropping sports like BYU-Idaho did. That scenario may well play out in a few years the way this thing seems to be headed. As many other contributors have observed BYU may find itself unable to schedule good teams as they have snubbed several conferences now. Good players will surely not want to play for a school that has become irrelevant. Coach Mendenhall is now flip-flopping from day to day in what he says so that is kind of embarrassing too. Who ever thought we'd see the day when BYU football would loose relevence? As hard as this pill may be to swallow, the only team that may be worth aligning with in the future for local fans may be - yes - UTAH. A sad day indeed after all these years of enjoying rooting for the Coogs. Sorry Cougar nation, but the hand writing seems to be on the wall.

Salt Lake City, UT

what a joke of an article. so what was basketball only member school georgetown doing that was so helpful in getting byu membership as a football only school?

all of Harmon's big east sources sound like the same guy whining about the same thing over and over. text quote I expect to hear from a big east source will be along the lines of, " fine, we never wanted them anyways!"

Uncle Rico Knows
Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry, folks! Playing sub-par WAC teams on ESPNU at 10:15 PM Eastern time is not exactly what I call National exposure. No doubt in my mind!

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