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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Well I for one am glad...I heard BCS director on Dan Patrick today, and the BCS is going to kick the Big East out of automatic qualification. And If the answer for the Big East is San Deigo freaking state...its further proof they know they are dead men walking. For the Big East to want BYU to leave a TV deal worth twice what they would make...good luck. How many winning seasons have Houston, SMU, SDSU, had in the last ten years? five combined? That's really going to help with AQ status. In two years the Big East will have nothing in football. The BCS will never willingly allow schools like Boise State, SMU, Houston have access...its all there is to it...the rules will be completely changed. The MTN West having TCU, Utah, Air Force, BYU, and SDSU didn't qualify. AQ leagues will be done away..and the Bowls will go back to their traditional arrangement with a modified playoff.

mr. j
Cottonwood Hts., Ut

BYU at least is doing a terrible job of managing they're P.R. I certainly disagree with they're choices regarding the big east and big 12 but there is no reason they should come off looking completely arrogant and haughty like they do. Tom Holmoe should have been completely transparent about what happened in both cases.

Each time he should have held a press conference and said, "we've talked extensivly with the big twelve/big east and have decided that because of our contract with ESPN, independence is in our best interest at this time. We thank the big east/big twelve, for the interest they've shown and their willingness to negotiate and we're sincerly flattered by their interest in our program. Perhaps down the road if there is mutual interest, we will reopen negotiations." Bam! Bridges and reputation left intact.

Springville, UT


Yet another little pathetic agitator that just can't accept the fact that other conferences would even talk to BYU about joining their imploding conferences.

You and your ilk have been pounding your chests since 2010 about how BYU would never be in these conference discussions and get an invite.

Well, guess what? Time to move on and get over it. It happened. Yet another silly little troll prediction spiraling down the proverbial anti-BYU toilet.

Try all you can but you can't change history.

BYU got an invite just like it got an NC trophy. Hurts don't it?

Bluffdale, UT

"To all the frustrated Cougar fans, big time football is happening right up the street!! All we have to do is work on convincing Chris Hill to expand the stadium."

All we have to do is convince Chris Hill to borrow the stadium down the street. It's available most Saturday afternoons.

Springville, UT

In Stitches

Please add 'arrogance' to your list.

Do not forget the 'arrogance' of BYU disclosing to a prospective partner the following:

An HD truck
An existing contract with 7 yrs left on it with ESPN
60 million plus potential fans to watch games
Honor Code
A mission for good
No Sunday play
A legacy program
Numerous conference championships
Personal athletic acheivement awards

and so much more.


I'm a big Ute fan, but when I read these boards I hope you are all kidding. Because, although Utah has moved to the PAC 12 and BYU has gone independent, nothing important has really changed. The BCS system is still horrible and should be scrapped in favor of a playoff system. The two football programs are still very evenly matched in quality and competitiveness.
Maybe over time, the programs will evolve differently and one will pull ahead of the other, but that remains to be seen...

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with those who are wary about joining any conference right now . . .
2 years and who knows what we'll have? Hopefully a playoff.
College football and conferences are not done juggling and reconstituting.
Glad we're waiting for a more stable situation.

For all you despairing Cougar fans, you would truly want to sellout for a mess of pottage!? Chin up! This is only the first season of independence. It has not been bad, and it will get better, however much anti-BYU bloggers would prefer that it not.


West Jordan, Utah


You sound so bitter. I asked if you were nervous, and I don't think independence is going to work for you. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if it did either. I do comment on BYU topics all of the time. And although I am a Ute fan, you are mistaken to label me a hater and be so offended by me.

I think Duckhunter makes solid comments, you not so much. Both of you are to obsessed with so called Ute trolls.

If you have so much faith in BYU, regardless of the decisions they make, why not believe in that without letting Ute comments diminish it?

Are my questions still moronic?

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Riverton Cougar

"So only one BCS conference expressed interest in Utah, while two BCS conferences have expressed great interest in BYU. That and the fact that BCS conferences deem BYU worthy of being "BCS-caliber" means that Utah fans can officially no longer say that Utah is "BCS-caliber" while BYU isn't".

The reason two BCS conferences expressed GREAT interest in byu is because they were desperate to avoid oblivion and they needed a school to fill the void. If BCS conferences deem BYU worthy of being "BCS Caliber", then why didn't BYU accept? Obviously, BYU themselves don't feel their "BCS Caliber" or they would have accepted! Either BYU is afraid of the step up in competition or they just want to be Notre Dame wannabes. Sorry, nobody is Notre Dame!

West Jordan, Utah


I take part of that back. I just read a comment you posted on another article. It wasn't half bad.

It's not that I find fault with you on buying into independence. It's just that the obsession on trolls often has you offended by Ute fans with no intent on getting your goat. And for the ones that do intend (Chris B.), it's better to ignore those seeking attention. Right? I have to tell myself that all of the time.

Salt Lake City, UT

To all the little trolls

Sorry to disappoint you, but BYU chose to take the road less traveled and already enjoys advantages that you could only dream of.

How many of your games were only televised locally on KJZZ this year? Wouldn't it have been great to have a state of the art HD television studio on campus, wired directly into RES and the HC, and connected to your very own television network available in 60 million homes nationwide; and to have ESPN as a television partner, willing to allow you unlimited rights to rebroadcast any Utah game ever televised on ESPN?

The Big East basically wanted to flip the switch and tell BYU sorry, but we won't allow you to broadcast your own games on your own network as long as you're a member of our conference.

And BYU was supposed to be willing to give all of that up, for what?

One year of possibily having AQ access to a failing bowl system that probably won't exist beyond 2013?

The trolls are in a frenzy because they're incapable of understanding why anybody would turn down an offer that wasn't in their best interest.

Salt Lake City, UT

From Mike Johnson:
"In the interest of protecting the $5-10 million per year deal, BYU has place themselves out of the running for a deal that could have been worth $15 million to them and offered them several bowl options, including multi-million dollar bowls and remains stuck with $600K bowls."

I believe your numbers are very low. I would estimate that this year BYU will take home between 15-20 mil. The AF Bowl is worth 1.2 with no need to share.

I also don't believe the BE deal would have paid those dollars to BYU.

Right now my guess is that in 5 years, BYU's revenue will be equal to or greater than what the PAC12 is paying Utah, especially the next three.

The formula for BYU to succeed in football is to win games. It will not matter if they are in a conference or not if they can win. Beating BSU, ND, Utah, GaTech and whoever else they play will give them the exposure they need and even more revenue. But they must win. If they win, bigger and better bowl games will come calling.

Brad E.

Holmoe and his "piece of work" cronies are now trying desperately to determine which football conference bridge to burn next. Maybe the SEC? This is AMAZING :-). Looks like WAC and Big Sky opponents for at least the next decade! Well done Holmoe!

Lincoln City, OR

BYU needs to be honest with their fans and with their recruits.

It is clear that the Administration does not want to achieve excellence in Athletics... This is two realignment opportunities that we have blown while keeping the fans in the dark the entire time.... If the information out there is true and that the reason we are not going to the Big East is because we wanted to keep TV rights for home games and that we wanted to be able to bolt without penalties if the Big East lost its AQ then I can see why BYU has such a bad reputation with other schools that have been in our Conferences in the past... There is not another school or team in America that would ask for that. It is condesending in nature and certainly is not League Friendly...

The people who are making these decisions are killing BYU Athletics in the future.... Fans and ESPN are not going to be interested in watching BYU beat up on WAC and Big Sky teams at 10:15 PM Eastern on Friday or Saturday nights... Either get some people negotiating that understand college sports are close down the Athletic Dept.

Tooele, UT

As a Cougar fan, I'm not sure what to make of this.

Yes, BYU appears to look arrogant in all these negotiations. I totally understand why people would say that. But let's say in a year or two when the whole BCS thing is re-written, the powers that be decide to kick out the Big East Conference. If that happens, BYU won't look so foolish after all.

On the other hand, I'm still not sold on this whole independence experiment. Part of that of course has been the team itself. The Cougars could very well be 10-1 right now, except for a few costly mistakes in the Texas and TCU games.

But even if BYU were 10-1, would it be that much better? They're not playing for a conference title. No BYU player is getting a conference player of the week award or All-Conference selection.

Their schedule next year looks much better than this year, but once the Cougars lose even a single game, the season will have lost its relevance.

I'm willing to see how things evolve over the next two, maybe three seasons, but right now, BYU football is on a lame plateau.

Tooele, UT

@dknight68 10:58

You said, "The Des News will still try to convince everyone through their propaganda that BYU is growing and relevent but they are on a steady decline none the less."

Actually, the BYU hating trolls are doing more to prove BYU's relevance than anything the Deseret News has printed.

James SP

I'm not surprised about the final outcome buy I am very disappointed about the negotiating tactics that leaves BYU looking like the most arrogant university in the country. The negotiations seemed to drag on for an incredible amount of time about issues that were non-starters for both the Big12 and for the Big East. This may be the best outcome for BYU but the process has damaged the school's reputation and validated some of the comments from MWC schools about what a difficult partner BYU is. By the way BYU has set about negotiating these deals it has relegated itself to independence. There will be no other opportunities from conference expansion/realignment because no one will want to waste any time talking with and negotiating with BYU. This lifelong Cougar fan is questioning his allegiance - makes me sick to say it but that classless university up mort is starting to look better each passing day. This has been a sad and exceedingly poorly handled summer and fall for BYU!


Sadly BYU is progressing from sometimes good, but fun to most likely bad, but boring. At least Navy, Air Force, Boise State and a couple of other teams in the Big East would have been consistently fun and good competition at a playable level for the Cougs.

A good decision has been made to help fans go to the movies or watch the Utes, Aggies and local high school teams. Aggie losses have been more fun to watch than any BYU wins this year. It feels like the BYU Idaho pattern for intercollegiate sports may move south. Perhaps the march toward more intramural sports facilities is progressing well in Provo. All of the broadcast rights for intramural sports are probably available for the Y.

Thanks for continuing the big jump in free time you have created this year gentlemen!

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Craig Thompson is laughing!!!

Springville, UT

Big mistake. Independence means playing for nothing. No conference, no rivalries. No chance of BCS, except if they go undefeated, which is rare. Big East would mean bigger exposure in the East, thus bigger exposure overall. BYU is not Notre Dame. Not even close. They are not as important as they think they are in Utah Valley.

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