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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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A question for BYU fans.
How can you consider this an official invite? You never accepted the invite in the first place. That does not make it official. Chalk it up to the list of rumors, what could have beens, and some interest by a conference or two over the past forty years of WAC dominance.

Orem, UT

Great News Cougar Fans!

Note: Ignore the tedious trolls.

Giving up the right to have almost every home game televised nationally on ESPN, plus being able to rebroadcast on BYUtv any BYU game televised by ESPN, wasn't worth the risk of joining a conference whose AQ status would probably have lasted only one season.

November scheduling would have initially been made a little easier for Holmoe, but with persistence, BYU can still schedule interesting matchups that could very easily be better than what the Cougars would have had playing in the Big East year after year.

With the elimination of bowl tie-ins to the BCS, bowls will return to being a nice reward for winning a conference championship, for a very few, and a fun little early winter diversion for most.

The BCS will continue to stage a "national championship" game, but controversies surrounding which teams get in and which teams are left out will eventually reach the boiling point, leading first to a four-team, then an eight-team, and finally a sixteen-team playoff, as it should have been all along.

The BCS will die a natural death.

Goodbye BCS.

Helllloooo Playoffs!!!

Gilbert, AZ

BYU "One last thing and I think we have a deal, if the game isn't
televised we'd like to put in on BYUtv."

Big East "Ummmm, no."

BYU "No, we're happy to have our games on TV under the conference
banner, but we'd like to televise the games that are passed on."

Big East "That's not going to happen."

BYU "Guys, really it's a win-win for everyone. If ESPN/Fox/CBS chooses
not to broadcast our game that week, then we will provide
everything and broadcast the game on BYUtv. That means over 60
Million people in the US have access to the game and millions more
worldwide could see the game, too."

Big East "Let's see...yeah, we'll pass on that."

BYU "You do know we already have this deal in place with ESPN for the
next SEVEN YEARS, and schools all over the country have signed up
to play us?!?"

Big East "We don't care."

BYU "Take care, brush your hair."

(BYU exits)

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

Had BYU joined the Big East, it would have been a "plus" for easier scheduling over the last half of future seasons.

Had BYU joined the Big East, it would have been a "minus" in terms of money (far less than what BYU is paying them now), visibility (they would have been lost in a host of regional networks), and general independence (BYU would have lost control of pretty much everything they are currently in control of).

If all these changes are coming to college football as we hear, BYU will likely be in the perfect place, an independent in total control of their future.

They will be one of four teams in America who could get a call at 10:00 A.M. on a Wednesday in December inviting them to play football in a new conference and be able to be on the field representing that conference on the first day of the following season.

No exit fees. No waiting on the sidelines for months, or years to pass.

This is a good thing.

Springville, UT

Amazing how many kool-aid drinkers there are on this board.
I am personally disgusted by this news.
I can't believe the arrogance shown here.
I can't believe BYU actually thinks it is bigger than the Big 12 and Big East.
I was getting excited by the prospect of playing Boise St and the opportunity to play for a conference championship.
BYU is doing a HUGE disservice to their football players.
Why would a good recruit go to BYU when they have nothing to play for?
No conference championship.
No BCS opportunity (BYU will never go undefeated again)
Not even a good schedule.


Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT


Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

NightOwlAmerica, you are a joke. I can't believe what you are saying. You continue to laugh at the fact that BYU isn't part of a BCS conference, despite two of them talking with BYU (and one of them even inviting BYU). BYU rejected their offer, and offered a new proposal which was in turn rejected by the conferences (notice that Chris Hill is too timid to speak up in the PAC, particularly about Sunday play). BYU can make demands like that while Utah can't.

Is a student at Harvard automatically smarter than a student at another university who was accepted into Harvard? BYU was invited, but declined. Yet you still talk as if the U is lightyears ahead of BYU.

Do you honestly think that if getting in a BCS conference was BYU's priority, that they wouldn't be in one right now? How naive! They found something that they like and want to stick with it.

"Forty years of WAC legacy and long distinguished list of football awards. And what do you have? Still no power conference affiliation."

They have 40 more years of legacy and distinguished football awards than the your beloved Utes.

Sandy, UT

From the article:

'BYU does know that (Boise State) is the real prize here, right?' Being part of a conference is working together as one team. For the first time since BYU and the Big East started this process, member schools are wondering why BYU is being so difficult."



Pride before the fall.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU still has the same problem as before.

Win games and you're in.

That's the problem.


In today's college football, Independence is not the option. Just ask Notre Dame how they have been doing ever since the BCS started. I fully understand that BYU did not want to jump onto the "Big Least" and I think that decision was understandable. But they definitely should have made it clear from the start their "independence journey" that they did not want to join a conference. They should have told the Big 12 "No, we are sticking with independence" and made that announcement to the public. Now it just looks like they do not play well with others.

The only problem with independence is, how is Bronco going to look a recruit in the eye and honestly tell him they will have something to play for? Is a recruit going to see BYU's November schedule and say " Ya I would like to be playing Idaho for no reason than playing for the Big 12, Pac 12, Big 10 etc. Championship in November. So is the Big Least better than Indy? Honestly I couldn't tell you.. But if being Indy is risking any of the respect BYU has earned, I might say go play in a conference.

Ogden, ut

To all the frustrated Cougar fans, big time football is happening right up the street!! All we have to do is work on convincing Chris Hill to expand the stadium. Weekly TV coverage, (check) TV earnings reaching tens of millions per year (check) BCS access, (check) 2nd 3rd and 4th place bowls which pay multi-millions, (check) Seven bowl tie ins (check).
BYU has chosen to let thier football program continue on its long slow decline, they may still get the occasional high star LDS athlete to play there and once every 3 or 4 years get a big win. The Des News will still try to convince everyone through thier propaganda that BYU is growing and relevent but they are on a steady decline none the less. All the while the guys up the street have been steadily rising. We invite you to come enjoy that which can only be found on the Hill.


Riverton Cougar said:

"NightOwlAmerica, you are a joke. I can't believe what you are saying. You continue to laugh at the fact that BYU isn't part of a BCS conference, despite two of them talking with BYU (and one of them even inviting BYU).....

BYU can make demands like that while Utah can't.....

Do you honestly think that if getting in a BCS conference was BYU's priority, that they wouldn't be in one right now? How naive! They found something that they like and want to stick with it.

They have 40 more years of legacy and distinguished football awards than the your beloved Utes."

Here we go again. Someone that does not understand what invite means, and dictating terms no less.
Nobody cares about your WAC legacy other than the Sun Belt Conference. The past 40 years prove that.
Utah got in to a power conference first, get over it.

The Big Least and Big 12 don't want you. They need you to keep their conference together with AQ status.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

True....BYU does still have a contract with ESPN...but c'mon Cougar fans, how many times can you watch BYU v. Idaho State, BYU v. San Jose St., BYU v. Montana before it gets really really old. Face it...this is the first year of Independence and already the vast majority of your fans are bored out of their minds. The Big East was not the best of all worlds, but beggars can't really be choosers. To avoid becoming irrelevant, BYU should have jumped on the Big East opportunity and waited around for a better invite in a year or two. Now, there is little chance that any major conference will come courting. Honestly, I feel a little bad for the once good program.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Now the real reason comes out - "It was all about the money!" Finally the real reason we see has nothing to do with football or exposure. Now, don't get me wrong, this is not a bad thing just a real thing. From this point forward I don't want to hear about exposure or what independence can bring. This was all about the money from the start. For you ESPN fans, did you take a look at the game last week? The stands were fairly empty. The game started late and with all of the other key games of the day, no one was watching. I am ok with the money thing, just don't try and tell everyone else that there is something more in this. We see it now for what it is - business! Not a bad thing just a business issue. Exposure and independence was just a smoke screen. This is plain and simple - it makes business sense$$$$$.

Springville, UT


Nervous about what? Seriously?

Why would I or anyone else be concerned about this? BYU would like better BCS access but as the BCS discussion has been lately... it probably won't make any difference at all.

Patience is all anyone has but I understand you bandwagon types, when Wynn went down and U lost 4 games. Talk about panic, that was hilarious and several of U lambasting poor Hays for his first feeble efforts. Yep, that's the ol' Ute bandwagon spirit many of us have come to recognize.

Not true for Cougar fans.

The path is ahead and BYU is on it and not compromising anything.

I've said it before... who needs a stinkin' conference? All of the late chatter of these poor imploding conferences is that they wanted BYU. They certainly were not looking to steal the Utes or Colorado.

So BYU will just put the pedal to the metal on its HD truck and 60 million fans will watch a lot of ESPN as things evolve. We knew this first season was anemic for competition, 2012 is better, and 2013? Yeah baby!

Yep, I'm really nervous about this . Any other moronic questions or statements?

Nice try.

Fresno, CA

Robert Johnson

I dunno. How many times can you continue to troll a team that you claim is irrelevant?

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Mcallen, TX

I like the word Independence.

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

New Ute Troll talking points:

Pride, greed, missed the boat, irrelevant.

Please be sure to use these as much and as often as you can on every BYU article.
Old talking points:

Big Least, not invited, not wanted, games only on weekday nights.

These are now not to be used.


Ute Troll Headquarters.

Sandy, UT

Yes, Independence and the ESPN contract was 10X better than the MWC/TV deal, but it has done more to hurt BYU than anything else the past 40 years! Now BYU thinks its so great that they turned their nose up as the Big 12 and Big East so all their fans have to look forward EVERY year is the Bo Diddily Bowl that nobody cares about. Big 12 AND Big East would have had very solid bowls even for the 2nd/3rd/4th place teams etc! Something to actually play for at the end of the year not to mention the occasional hope of a BCS game!

If not for ESPN, BYU would have went running to the Big 12 under any scenario. Now they look like elitists who won't work with anybody! So long to any potential future conference invites EVER! Unless BYU specifically has inside info that the Big 12 will invite them in 2013 when it expands to 12 teams, (and tell your fans this) you deserve to lose many of your fans, season ticket holders and club donations! Your fans are TICKED OFF!

Big J
Bountiful, UT

In Stitches

Do you really think this was a good move?

All my BYU friends are boiling mad about this latest error in judgement.

Glad I'm a Ute Fan. Go Utes!

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